Part 1: The Meeting

I enter the room and pause a moment to look around. There are many people here that I know, but no one catches my eye at the moment. I spot an empty private booth at the back of the room and make my way to it. The only light in this part of the club comes from the single candle placed in the center of each table. I finally reach the booth after stopping on the way to say hello to a few people I know and asking the waitress to bring me a drink, where I sit, making sure that I am facing the room. From this spot I can see the entire room.

I watch the people dancing for a while, and others standing around talking with each other. People I know stop to talk for a moment as they walk by but no one stays. I look up toward the door and my heart stops. Standing there is a breath-takingly handsome man, tall, dark skinned, black wavy hair slicked back, reaching down past his collar. I can see his muscular body through the white long sleeved silk shirt, his powerful legs accentuated by the black slacks covering them. His piercing brown eyes look my way and my skin burns under his gaze. My breathing becomes ragged as he starts walking in my direction and I quietly gasp as he reaches my table. A small moan escapes my lips as he sits beside me, the power of his presence almost overwhelming. When the waitress arrives with my drink he stops her, hands her a card, and orders a drink for himself, asking if I have enough or if I want another. We talk for a while, mostly small talk, as I sip my drink.

He asks me to dance. Almost in a trance, I follow him to the dance floor. By the time we get there the song playing is a slow, romantic one, I reluctantly let him pull me out onto the floor and we dance for a few songs. Many songs later we make our way back to our table, almost collapsing into the seat for it has been a long time since I have danced. A few drinks, a few more dances, and much conversation later he asks me if I would like to go for a drive. I figure why not, my car will be safe in the parking lot until I come back. We end up at the beach. He just happens to have a blanket in his trunk. I smile; leave it to him to be prepared for anything. He spreads it out on the sand and we sit back, talking more.

Slowly he reaches over to stroke my thigh. As his soft fingertips touch my flesh I inhale sharply, distracted momentarily from the conversation by the warmth and gentleness of his touch. He asks me to finish what I was saying and our conversation continues. He smiles, such an alluring smile, warm, tender, like his touch. His touch, his hand slowly caresses the length of my soft, smooth leg, then moves to the other. He moves closer to me for a better reach. I feel the warmth of his skin, see the ripple of the muscles in his arms and chest under that white shirt. I am startled at my own thoughts, wanting only to rip the shirt off. But I resist. I will not give into the passion I feel growing in the pit of my stomach, at the core of my being.

His lips softly touch mine, interrupting me, begging for attention. His tongue lightly caresses my lips, wanting entrance to my mouth. Slowly I part my lips, his tongue darting in, seeking almost desperately for my tongue. Our tongues meet and begin to dance to a music only lovers hear. My breath catches in my throat as his hand seeks the buttons of my shirt and begins to slowly undo them. My heartbeat speeds slightly as he slowly pushes my shirt down my shoulders, his hands urging my arms out of the sleeves one at a time. As a light summer breeze passes us by, my nipples harden under the lace of my bra.

He reaches his arm around me and pulls me close, until my body stops shaking from the chill of the breeze. Slowly I begin to unbutton his shirt, wanting to feel his skin against mine, our eyes locked, not a word exchanged between us. As I reach the last button and begin to pull his shirt from the waist of his pants, he pulls me close, his lips caress mine, his tongue once again seeking out my tongue to resume their dance. Breathing becomes very difficult as I feel his skin against mine. His hand slowly makes its way up my inner thigh, inching higher with each breath. He pauses long enough to look at me with surprise in his eyes as he feels the smoothness awaiting him under my skirt. He smiles, whispering in my ear that he likes the smoothness and lack of panties. I can only moan softly as his finger slips into the wetness there between my legs, his tongue seeking out mine with more passion than before, refusing to part as I struggle for breath. My desire grows even stronger with each stroke of his fingers between my thighs, one finger reaching in for the depths of my treasure, his other arm caressing my back, searching for the release to the lace covering my ample cleavage. After what seems an eternity, they are finally released, his hand quickly depositing the lace on the slowly growing pile of discarded clothing on the corner of the blanket.

My hands reach for his chest, slowly caressing softly against his smooth skin. His breath catches as my soft fingertips pass over his suddenly hard nipples, mine stiffening in response. He chuckles at my reaction, a low rumble in his chest. His mouth begins to slowly move from mine, across my jaw to my neck, then my ears. His tongue caresses my jaw line, moving slowly down my neck to my heaving breasts. My breathing becomes erratic, coming in short gasps as be reaches my nipple. My heart skips a beat as his tongue flicks across my nipple, one hand still between my thighs, the other reaching up to cup my other breast. His fingers lightly pinch my nipple, causing it to harden, the fingers of his other hand steadily stroking the inner depths of my warm pussy. I lean back, gasping desperately for air, placing my hands on the blanket behind me for support, arching my back to force my breast against his eager lips as the sparks of pleasure course through my body.

He gently pushes me back on the blanket, stopping the attention he it giving me long enough to remove my skirt, adding it to the pile on the corner, leaving me completely exposed to the night air. He whispers that I look so beautiful under the moonlight as he gazes upon my flesh. Suddenly I feel my cheeks burning as I lay there, no part of my body hidden from his piercing gaze. He smiles as he resumes his attentions, his mouth seeking the opposite nipple, pausing only for a moment to flick his tongue teasingly across it before pulling it full into his eager mouth. His fingers once again seek out the inner depths of my pussy and I part my legs allowing him to reach the full depth of my passion. His mouth slowly releases my breast. His lips begin to slowly caress their way down my body. My breathing becomes even more ragged, my gasps for air more desperate as my mind reels, realizing what he is about to do. A moan escapes my lips as his mouth reaches my naval, he pauses there a moment, letting me catch my breath. Another moan escapes my lips as he reaches his destination. His tongue caressing the outer folds of my smooth skin, seeking entrance to the sweat treasure held within. I part my legs further. He reaches a hand up to caress my breast, pinching my nipple softly as his tongue finds what it was seeking. With his free hand he parts the lips of my pussy and I gasp loudly as his tongue slides inside my pussy to caress my clit, stroking it slowly for a moment before flicking across it rapidly, then stroking it slowly again. A sigh escapes me as his tongue softly caresses my pussy, only to be caught in a sharp inhale as his finger slides deep with me, his tongue never missing a stroke. His fingers begin to stroke in and out of me, matching the pace of his tongue on my clit. I begin to moan and squirm on the blanket uncontrollably. Before I can reach the peak of my ecstasy, I stop him. He looks up at me, confused for a moment, before lowering his head once again. His lips make their way back up my body as an antagonizing slow pace, stopping once again at my naval and each breast before making their way to my neck, across my jaw line, finally reaching my lips, I can taste my own sweet nectar on his lips and tongue, my own tongue seeking his eagerly.

My hands reach for the belt at his waist. Once I have that undone his pants come off easily, the button and zipper taking me only seconds. He smiles at me as he sees the lust in my eyes. Seconds later his pants are added to the pile. I reach for his last remaining piece of clothing, his thong, and I hesitate. He looks so good in it, I just want to burn that picture into my mind for later. I am almost sad to see it removed until I see what it was holding, and a few heartbeats later it too is added to the pile on the corner. His throbbing cock stands there at attention, waiting for me, his tongue once again seeking mine. I gently pull away from him. It’s my turn to push him back, and he willingly goes, propping himself on his elbows. I allow my lips to slowly make their way down his body, slower than he went with me. My mouth stops momentarily at each nipple, flicking my tongue across them teasingly, his hard cock bouncing in response. I look up at him watching me as I gently wrap my hand around his cock, his hands not knowing where to rest; his cock feels so good to my touch. I gather my chestnut hair in one hand, whispering him to hold it back. He smiles as he obliges me. I hear a soft moan as I drop my head back down to his body, letting my mouth lightly caress his skin as I make my way across his ribs, down his abdomen, to his hips, then his legs, my hand stroking his cock the entire time. I avoid his cock totally for a few moments, caressing and licking his thighs and the lower portion of his stomach until he moans that he can’t stand it any longer. I stop above his navel, my breath held as I look into his eyes. They beg me not to as I hover there a moment. We both chuckle as I slowly release my held breath. I smile, and continue my ministrations on his thighs for a few more moments before finally kissing the tip of his throbbing cock, my hand still slowly stroking it. He inhales sharply as I take the majority of his length into my mouth. I pull back to where just the tip is held within the warmth of my mouth and slowly begin to move my tongue around, tasting every bit of him. Slowly I begin to move my tongue around the tip, causing him to moan louder. His grip on my hair tightens slightly as I slowly begin to move his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking gently on his shaft as you would a lolli-pop. Slowly, over the next long moments, I begin to pick up speed with my mouth and my tongue. I settle on a steady pace for both, his moaning almost unheard as his breath quickens and he begins to thrust his hips. Suddenly he stops me. I look at him, confused. He whispers that he doesn’t want release until after I have reached my peak, not like this, not here. Not here? I look around. The beach is beautiful, secluded, and the sun is preparing to rise. He suggests we snuggle and watch the sun make appearance before retreating to the privacy of one of our homes. He pulls me close to him, making it difficult with the warmth of his skin against mine. We watch the sun come up, caressing each other, our tongues seeking each other in their own dance once again.

Slowly we put our clothes back on, hesitantly, torn between the strong desire to please each other and the need for privacy from the sun and soon to be crowded beach. Once again clothed, we stand to fold the blanket and return it to the trunk of his car. It ends up in the back seat. On the way back to my car we agree that we would meet at my place; it’s closer and we agree that our passion cannot wait.

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