Part 2: The Living Room

Once inside the door – it barely closed – we are trying to rip each other’s clothes off again. They end up about the floor and stairs between the front door and the bedroom. He looks at the huge waterbed and grins, looking back to me once more before looking over the balcony to living room; he says it would be a shame to mess up the bed. What? And it’s not going to get messed up when we actually fall asleep in it? We end up on the couch, our tongues once again entwined in their dance; our hands exploring each other’s now fully exposed bodies once again. He gently pushes me back, one hand spreading my legs to rest his body between them, against my bare body. I wrap my smooth legs around his waist, his cock throbbing against the smoothness of my pussy. His hand reaches down, his fingers slowly spreading the lips of my pussy to allow his cock access. I inhale sharply, my breath caught in my throat, my heart skipping a beat as his cock easily sheaths itself deep inside me, filling me completely. He has the same reaction. Slowly he begins to move his hips, the feeling of his throbbing rod sliding in and out of me is pure bliss. I pull my legs closer to my chest, my hips begin to move in steady time with his. He continues this slow pace for several long moments, our tongues entwined, his hands stroking my breast. Suddenly he stops. I moan its disappointment, but he only smiles at me, whispering that he has something else in mind.

He sits up, his back against the couch, and he pulls me into his lap, my back to him. As his hard cock slides deep within me, once again filling me, we both let out a moan of pleasure. I smile, for he is pleased with my body and the sensations we are sharing. This heightens my enjoyment. The feeling of his throbbing cock hitting the depths of my pussy in this position will soon have me reaching orgasm. As if reading my mind, he grabs my hips to slow me down. Reluctantly, I do as he wishes. He whispers that he is close and does not wish release quite yet. Does he enjoy torturing himself? Torturing me? He chuckles and whispers that he wants me to reach my ecstasy before he does, to make sure he does not leave me hanging. How thoughtful. I grin at him. We continue this slow pace for a while longer. Slowly, hesitantly, he begins slide a finger in my tight ass. A loud moan escapes my throat. He stops, asking if he is hurting me, concern in his voice. I assure him that he is not, telling him it feels exquisite, and he continues. I reach my hand down to play with my clit as his cock slides in and out of pussy, his finger matching pace in my ass. It feels so good as I get closer to reaching my orgasm. His pace quickens, becoming almost desperate. As the beginning waves of orgasm start to overwhelm me I arch my back, every muscle in my body tightening. My fingers quicken to a frantic pace, our breaths coming quicker and shallower, his cock ramming home with equal need. Moments later screams escape both our throats as we reach the heights of orgasm together. Our pace slows but continues for long moments after as we come down the out of clouds.

I lean back against his chest, needing rest, both of us trying to catch our breath. He nibbles on my ear for a moment, sending shivers of pleasure through my body, before whispering in my ear how good it was, asking for more. Finally, I have met a man with a desire to match my own! Slowly I stand and turn to face him, sitting in his lap once more with on leg on either side of him. We sit there for several long moments, our tongues entwined in their own dance, then ravaging each other’s ears and necks, our hands touching, caressing, every part of each other’s bodies that we can reach. We are just enjoying the feel of each other. His mouth eagerly seeking mine, his tongue now more demanding of mine. His hands seem to take on a life of their own in their need to touch me, still gently, passionate, but now more eager in their search to rediscover most sensitive spots. His arms encircle me, wrapping around my waist, urging me to rock in his lap. His cock slowly comes to life between us. A low moan escapes my lips as l stop him, untangling his arms from around me. I reach for a pillow off the couch as I start to stand. He tried to wrap his arms around my waist again, but I stop him. He starts to say something, but the words are lost as my mouth covers his. I drop pillow to the floor between his feet and slowly move to rest on my knees in front of him. He leans forward, not wanting to let my lips go. I place my hand on his chest and gently push him back, grinning as I reach for his hips to pull him forward on the couch a little. He opens his mouth again to say something, this time I quiet him with a finger to his lips, which he quickly begins to suck gently. Now kneeling in front of him, between his legs, I softly place my lips on his inner thigh, slowly working my way up his leg, bypassing his growing hardness.

My lips caress the sensitive spot just above his cock, then his stomach for a moment before slowly making their way down to his other thigh. I spend several long moments caressing both his inner thighs with my soft lips. I hear him moan softly and I can’t help but smile, I feel him arch his back, pushing his hips toward me, trying to urge me on. It doesn’t work. I pause in my attentions, forcing him to relax as I hear him groan is disappointment. I suppress a smile and a giggle. Then I gently wrap the fingers of one hand around his now throbbing hard shaft, moving it slightly to reveal the small treasure beneath it. My tongue darts out to caress the soft sensitive flesh, and he inhales sharply. My hand slowly strokes his stiff cock as I gently take one fragile oval in my mouth and begin to suckle it. His hand reaches for my head, but quickly moves to my shoulder. After many long enjoyable moments, I carefully release him from my mouth, moving for the other one. His grip on my shoulder tightens for a moment as I begin to swirl my tongue around the delicious treasure in my mouth. My hand continues to stroke his shaft. I continue to switch between the two oval goodies for what seems like forever, until he begins to beg me to take his cock into my mouth. For a few more moments I ignore his words, stroking his beautiful cock with my hand, swirling my tongue around each oval while softly suckling them.

His begging continues for many more long moments until I finally release him, slowly letting my tongue slide over the length of his cock, caressing it with my lips as well. I tease him with my tongue for several long moments before finally sliding the length of his throbbing shaft into my mouth, letting it tickle the back of my throat. I don’t move for several breaths, pushing against his hips to get him to relax on the couch again. Slowly I begin to slide his cock in and out of my eagerly suckling mouth, moving my tongue around the entire length of his delicious cock as I do. I reach for his hands, entwining my fingers in his and resting them on the couch to either side of his hips. He moans softly as I continue to let his cock slide out of my mouth, keeping only the tip in as I swirl my tongue around the sensitive mushroom, momentarily stopping my tongue as I once again take his shaft deep into my throat, swallowing all of it. Slowly I begin a steady pace of letting his cock slide in and out of my eagerly suckling mouth, occasionally pausing to let my tongue caress the length of his cock. Suddenly a thought comes to mind, I stop and he groans his protest I smile and tell hint to have patience. I pull his head to me so that our mouths meet. As they do, I curve my back enough that my breasts rest on his hard cock, causing him to moan. He wraps my breast around his cock and starts to throat slowly. I tilt my head down, taking the tip of his beautiful rod in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his head as he moves his cock in the valley of my cleavage. His movements become more urgent with each thrust of his hips. I reach my hand down to gently fondle his testicles as he approaches release. My tongue continues it ministrations on his cock, my mouth never releasing his cock, even as jet after powerful jet of his cream spurts forth running across my eager tongue to the back of my throat as I swallow every drop. Alter the last drop passes my lips, sliding down my throat, l continue to let his cock slide in and out of my warm moist mouth. He shudders, mumbling something about needing a moment’s rest.

I stand before him and he stares at me for a moment before reaching for my hand, pulling me to his lap. I straddle him once again, as he wraps his arms around me, pulling me close to him. His lips begin to caress my flesh once more, softly touching every spot on my body that he can reach from this position. Slowly he pulls my head down, his lips seeking mine. Our tongues start to dance once again, his hands caressing every inch of my body. I softly whisper in his ear that I want to enjoy the feel of his hands on my flesh for a while and he asks if I would be more comfortable in bed where we can lay in each other’s arms. I nod my head and lead the way, leaving our clothes where they are until later. Once in the bed we lay facing each other, caressing each other until later when he pulls me toward him to rest in his aims. After a few moments we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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