Red: 2. A Little Test

Angel’s Gym was not only the gym which the company used, it also happened to be her first security assignment. Dante had called her earlier in the morning and told her of the assignment and when she needed to be there. He advised her that since she now worked for the company, she was welcome to show up early and work out if she wanted, mentioning that he was curious to see her in the ring. With a small smile she considered granting that wish as she checked her watch, dressed and grabbed her gym bag on the way out the door. Once at the gym, she parked and went inside.

Several of the men there sneered at her as she approached the ring in her tank, sorts and high top sneakers, all black against her lightly tanned white skin. She reached up and pulled her fiery hair into a ponytail as she circled the ring, watching the two sparing inside, coming to a stop next to Dante. “Anyone good,” she asked him quietly, her Irish accent thick today in her excitement.
Dante gave her a sideways glance, though his eyes stayed on the ring as he answered. “They are all good fighters, just some better than others. We’ll start you off with Sugah there,” he said as he nodded to the bigger man in the ring.

Red almost laughed out loud. She knew it was a test, to see if she scared easily. She didn’t. With a nod and a smile to Dante, she stepped into the ring, nodding to the big black man standing across the ring from her. Yeah, this is going to be fun, she thought. A good warm up then let’s see who she could get a workout from. Red danced and stretched, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she watched her opponent, waiting for him to make the first move. “Seems she’s a little afraid of me, Dante,” the man said as she stepped away from him when he approached. “Get me someone in here who can fight, man!” He advanced on her again, and when she didn’t back away he threw a series of jabs. Left, left, left, right, left, right, right, left. She ducked and dodged, watching his shoulders, his body movements for any signs, watching for his tells. “Well, we can see she can avoid a hit, but can she take one?” Sugah asked. His movements became more aggressive, left, right, right, left, left. She dodged them all, still holding back from throwing punches of her own, still watching.

“Looks like ye will nae be able to find out if ye can’t throw better punches. Maybe we should see if ye can take a punch, Sugah.” Red waited for him to come in close as he threw a punch, ducked under it, and slammed him with a left hook. He stood there and stared at her, a grin slowly curving his lips as he chuckled. “Stop looking at me as a rookie who does nae know how tae fight. I grew up scrappin on the streets. Now fight me, damnit!” With that, she came at him again, landing several hits, right, right, left, right, upper-cut, right. All of them hit. The rest of the men in the gym began gathering around the ring to watch the firebrand who was kicking the ass of one of the best fighters in the city.

Sugah stepped back from her, a little unsteady on his feet for a moment, then looked at her, the look in his eyes a cross between bewilderment and amusement. Finally, someone who knew how to fight! He laughed and came at her again, this time with more zeal. Red danced and ducked again, but not all of them. Unseen from his office, Ty watched from behind the mirrored glass window. He stood emotionless, watching his man with the firebrand for the time being. A few moments more of sparing and Dante finally called a stop to the fight, before they beat each other to a bloody pulp. He told Sugah to go shower as he stepped into the ring. “You can hold your own against Angel’s second best fighter; let’s see how you do against me, little one.”

Little one? He dared call her little? She’d show him little! Someone offered her a towel from the side of the ring, which she took without hesitation to wipe the sweat from her face then tossed it back out and moved toward the center. Before they could start, however, Ty stepped from his office. “Dante. Step out.” Several low whistles were heard as Mr. Jackson walked across the gym, people moving out of the huge man’s way as he walked to the ring and stepped inside. Oh damn, why did this man have such an effect on her? As she watched him come closer, she felt the moistness begin between her legs and silently cursed herself. No man had ever had this effect on her, why this one?

The two spared for almost an hour before Ty finally called a stop. Red looked at her watch and cursed silently. Late on the first day. As she stepped out of the ring and headed towards the shower, Dante told her not to worry about the tardiness, to go shower and put her jeans back on and come see him in the office. Shit, she thought, fired on the first day. She shook her head and growled at herself, quickly changing, wondering where this sudden lack of self-confidence had come from. When she came to the office, Dante showed her around the rest of the gym, then to the security room where she would spend the better part of the shift watching the cameras.

Leilani and Johnny

Johnny had laid there for a few hours wide awake, watching her sleep. Sure they’d fucked at her studio after the dancing, but that was hardly enough for him. He had to have more; he never could get enough of her. He’d invited her back to his place where they ate, talked, had a good time… But he’d watched her move around all night long. Twisting, turning now in bed, he could only image what she was dreaming about, hoping it was him. He carefully and quietly lifted the sheet off of her hip, and looked at her body, the way the light hit each and every curve. Watched her eyes to make sure she was still asleep as he lightly touched it, running his hand smoothly over the curve of her hip in this spooning position. He kissed her neck, so softly that she wouldn’t feel it, caressed her breast and thumbed the nipple to a stand. With the drinking earlier, she’d not be comatose, but touch was dulled. He sighed against her neck, resting against her back while he stroked himself slowly teasing himself by touching her buttocks with the thick head, oops… She moved… He paused… Waiting… Good…She didn’t wake, but she’d stretched out smoothly onto her back now, breasts fallen to the side neatly, her thigh slightly parted. Almost silently inviting him in… And he tried…without waking her, but even the slightest of brushed against her folds sent chills down his back… He instead chose to slide up, straddle her, just over her breasts and continue the slow stroke.

She sighed softly in her sleep, having the most wonderful dreams of him, as she always did when she dreamed. She had danced for him, moved her body so sensually as she thought of the things they would do when they couldn’t stand the teasing any longer. She loved dancing for him, when she was on stage, dancing in front of others, she would close her eyes and see only him in the audience, making it that much more exciting. They had gone to his place, where he wore her out long before dawn. She happily fell asleep in his arms, her favorite place to be, dreaming the most erotic dreams she had had in a long time. She moaned softly in her sleep, dreaming of his hands on her, caressing her gently as only he could. He was kissing her neck, leaving a trail to her shoulder, so sensual, so tender. Her dreams were so vivid she would have sworn he was caressing her now… At least, she hoped he was. As she dreamed, she rolled slightly, spreading her legs invitingly, imagining his hand caressing her most inner self as only he could. His hand moved over her hip, caressing her thigh lightly, slowly moving toward her moist lips, sliding first one, then a second finger deep inside of her. She moaned again, still caught up in her dreams of him, her legs spreading a little more, her hand slowly moving toward one breast as her breathing became ragged. It wasn’t the first time her hand slowly made its way down her lithe body to slip her own finger inside, stroking deep to caress her g-spot as she dreamed.

He continued only long enough, slipped backward a bit to near her mouth, he could feel her breath on his lips as she reached higher levels of arousal. He was positioning himself between her legs, moving down her body as she toyed with herself. He struck his tongue against her breast, her nipple, engulfing it to suckle at wetting the tip to its stand. As he whispered, “it’s just Johnny… I want to make you come,” he watched her toy and feed herself fingers, continued to whisper as she did, and helped her at times. He stroked himself against her below, let his thick tip touch her still wet walls from her own teasing when he could… sneaking in between the plunging of her fingers.

At the feel of his mouth on her nipple she moaned in her sleep, arching her back up against him, crying out with her passion as her nipple hardened. She heard his whispered words in her dream, murmuring softly incoherently in reply. She’d moan again, feeling him against her, arching her back up slightly to meet his stroke. Her hand moved to caress his hip, her legs spread to accommodate him, wrapping them around his waist to pull him closer. She never could get enough of him, never would. She moved slightly, pulling the dream version of him closer against her as she slept. “Never get enough,” she murmured softly.

“Never” He said, leaning in, and in that sweet, wet, but slow moment, he pressed himself through, settled in atop her and sighed into her mouth into a forceful kiss as he felt her wet walls give way to his girth and length, pushing to its end, to full hilt. He didn’t slow, or pause; it was hard pussy he was after. And his hungry hips rocked into hers hard as he gripped the bed edge behind her head and let it begin.

When she felt him fully enter her, she woke, knowing she was no longer dreaming, an enjoying every second of it. She returned the forceful kiss, matching his passion. Her hands came up, wrapping around his neck, her nails lightly digging into the back of his shoulders. She cried out again, his mouth on hers swallowing her cry of passion. One hand came up to push against the wall behind her head, keeping her from moving so much on the bed, forcing him deeper into her as she curved her back and brought her knees closer to her sides, granting him deeper penetration. Yeah, that’s what she loved the most about him, long, hard deep thrusts that made her scream loudly.

In the height of her passion, she pushed against him, forcing him off of her long enough to flip over under him, offering her ass to him, her legs spread enough to allow him easy re-entry into her depths. She turned her head to look at him, her eyes glazed over with lust. “Take whichever you wish, my love,” she told him, her voice thick with desire.

“You don’t want that…” he said, crawling over her like a spider, filling her pussy again sweetly, cupping her chin up by the throat as he continued the raw pound of her depths. “Or do you? One of them…is getting the load of its life…” he whispered into her ear as he breathed into it, kissed and licked the lobe.

“You should know better than to ask me that, lover,” she told him as she turned her head to give him better access to her ear, her eyes closing as she put her head back against him. She arched her back, pushing her buttocks against him, giving herself to him fully, encouraging him. It didn’t matter to her where he gave her his load; she just wanted all of him that he would give her. She pushed back against him, rising up on her knees more as she lowered her chest to the bed, her arms coming out in front of her to push against the wall, her fingers digging into the wall as her passions rose.

“That’s it…” he murmured, sliding up with her. Taking firm grasp of her hips… he held her in position to hammer her from behind. Getting her walls nice and wet, so much in fact he’d slide in so easily… he reached down grasping a handful of hair, pulling back so her ass angled up to him, withdrew, and with silent anticipation teased it. He then played his thick head around the tight rim, walked her forcibly forward to the headboard. “Grab it!” then whether she had or not, worked his way into that tight ass of hers, groaning a passionable sound as he filled it with his thick cock head throbbing as it passed inches into it to the hilt.

She grabbed the headboard, knowing that he would pound her hard enough that if she didn’t her head would soon be bouncing off it. Her cries of passion filled the air as he entered her, growing louder the further he pushed in. Somewhere in the cries she would scream a single word, “yes!” Keeping her hands on the headboard in front of her she lowered her upper body to the bed, giving him better access to pound as deep as he could get into her willing ass. She’d wiggle it for him, just the way that she knew he loved so much, teasing him, encouraging him. This was what she loved so much about him, what she craved night after night, what she dreamed of when she slept. This was what she enjoyed most, when he took her hard and deep in her ass, filling her, stretching her. She would try not to scream with pleasure, always failing, her voice filling the air loudly, echoing off the walls as he pounded her. “Fuck me hard, my Darling,” she would beg him. Her back arched even more, her agile dancer’s figure twisting beneath him, wiggling to tease him to do as she begged.

With one hand he braced himself against the headboard, locking fingers with hers, but his on top of the back of her hand, her bent perfectly beneath him, the swell of her ass taking in his girth fully each time and the rebound of her buttocks from such tremendous attack. He held her in place with the other hand, aiming his thorough penetration right into that voluptuous ass. “Fuuuck” it felt good, taking her in such a way, a way he hadn’t in some time. He straddled it, keeping her ass just the heart-shape captured between his legs. “Uh…” he released her hips, swatting her ass over and over, knowing that when he’d grasped her hips again after kneading her cheeks, and leaving his heavy fingertip marks, he’d be coming soon.

“Yes!” The word came out as a growl as she reached down between her legs with one hand to caress her clit. “That’s it, Darling, fuck me hard!” She’d push back to meet each stroke, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room, only her cries were louder. A loud cry escaped her with each resounding slap, followed by a whimper filled with passion. She missed the hard fucks; though she loved it when he was gentle and loving, she enjoyed the hard pounding just as much. She could feel his hard thickness pulsing within her, ready to shoot his load deep within her. That, coupled with her own fingers stroking her clit, sliding in and out of her dripping wetness, she soon was on the edge of her own orgasm. A few more minutes, a few more slaps, and she would be tumbling over the edge herself. “Harder!” She practically screamed at him. “Fuck me harder, my love!” She knew if he would pull just a little hard on her hair, slam a little harder into her tight ass, just a few more strokes and she would be in that heavenly bliss of orgasm.

He pushed her forward, leaned in against her so she hear him at first. “I’m gonna cum…” he said as he continued to pump that ass full of his cock, he felt the wave riding at the tip starting it’s sensitive throb and the heat of her tight ass wrapped around his cock like a sheath encouraged just that. He exited once, so the tip teased its tight walls and then sank back in fully to deliver that hot heavy load of seed. Spurting heated waves in her ass over and over as he grunted and groaned them out and gripped her cheek like he’d held on for dear life.

“Aaaaaaaaah!!” She screamed as he came, her own orgasm hitting her hard, her muscles clenching, relaxing, spasming as she came, soaking her fingers, as she collapsed beneath him. When she could finally move, she pulled her hand out from beneath her, bringing it to her mouth to suck her juices off her fingers. “mmmm… tasty!” She smiled as she twisted her upper body to be able to look up at him.

Red: 1. An Introduction

A lone woman walked down the side of the lane, stopping often to look back over her shoulder. She pulled the dark cloak tighter around her shoulders, warding out the chill of the night, looked up to the now darkening sky, with its band of purple along the edge of the skyline before deepening into that almost oppressive black of the full sky. No moon shown tonight and the lanterns hanging on their posts were not yet lit along this portion of the lane. She moved further along, pausing again a few yards away to look back again, almost as if she expected someone, or something, to come out of the shadows cast by the three and four story buildings lining the lane. Satisfied that she was indeed alone, she continued along, not stopping again until she was before the library. Approaching the building she could tell that someone had extinguished the lanterns in front of the place purposely from the glass littering the gravel path. Her paranoia of the new surroundings made her pause again to peer into the darkness of every crevice and corner until she was satisfied that no one was hiding there, waiting for new prey. Pulling her cloak tighter around herself, she avoided the shattered glass to ascend the stairs slowly, cautiously. She was new to this city, but it was her nature not to trust anyone, not even at the library and especially not at night.

She stepped into the library slowly and looked around, taking note of everything she saw, from where the two exits were to the alcoves, even the handful of patrons and where each of them was. Her many years of training had turned this exercise in scouting into natural instinct. Slowly walking the perimeter of the first floor before moving on to the second, she glanced at the shelves, noting where the aisles were that contained the books she needed. A door in the back, by the restrooms, with a plaque glued to it stating only employees were allowed through it, caught her attention. She made a mental note of the door; she would ask one of the librarians about it later. For now, she made sure to keep an eye on who went near and through it. Finally, she chose a table in an alcove in the back of the second story of the library. She deposited her backpack on the table and started gathering books she would start with. Once satisfied with the large pile of books she had collected and placed on the table, she sat down facing the room, pulled out a notebook from her bag and started reading, taking notes here and there as she went. She looked up from her research occasionally to take note of the changes in her surroundings, or when someone walked by the alcove, then went back to reading. Thus became her routine over the years.

The library was nearly empty, as usual for this time of night, as Red looked around for a moment from where she sat at her regular table. From the alcove in the back of the second story, facing the rest of the library, she could see down the aisles of shelves, which blocked most of her view of the library, with the exception of the main doors; they were far enough away from her that no one would be able to sneak up on her. It was quiet and the air carried on it the faint scent of musk, the scent of things very old. The soft illumination inside the building came from the few light fixtures around the room, and a single light on each of the large tables. Around the outer walls of the library were small alcoves, each about twenty or so feet from the next, with shelves full of books between each one. Each alcove had a light in the back, casting just barely enough light to read by. There were no windows inside the library and every inch of the walls were lined with shelf upon shelf of books, each shelf almost overflowing as they were filled to capacity. The center of the room contained the two dozen tables that occupied the lower level of the library, with row after row of shelves arranged so that a person could see down each row from the Librarian’s station in the center of the tables. The center of the library above the tables was open to the second floor. When one walked up to the upper level and looked around they would find that there were only a dozen or so alcoves on this level, and even fewer tables, only one in each corner. There were, however, row upon row if shelves, with just enough room between them for a person to possibly squeeze by if there was another already in the row, but only if they were both thin as boards. Even the walls on this floor were covered with shelves almost overflowing with books. The library would need to be expanded if they acquired too many more books; there were now so many more books than when she first started coming here.

Red looked around once more before looking to the pile of books that she had in front of her. It was a large pile, covering most of the four-foot square oak table consuming most of the space in the little alcove. This night the pile included many books on the occult and the legends of vampires and ghouls, even books on Nostradamus and his prophesies, as well as a large stack of newspapers from cities worldwide for the last ten days. There had been some major events taking place in the world over the last week or so that she needed to check into for him, and she had always been one able to find information in not only what was written in the papers, but what was not written. One of the librarians was still bringing her books and another was bringing newspapers an hour later as she was reading them and setting aside the ones she did not want or need any longer. As quickly as she set them aside, they would be replaced with another as the librarians kept bringing her more books on the subjects she had requested. She had several books open and was looking through them all, back and forth between them and taking notes, and she soon found her thoughts drifting.

A couple hours later, she looked up and stretched, deciding on a short break. She took a moment to look at her watch and when she looked up her eyes wandered to the door in the back before turning towards the front of the library. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart skipped a beat as she glanced towards the front doors. Walking into the library was the most awe inspiring man she had ever seen. He stood an inch under seven feet tall, wearing all black leather, from his steel plated combat boots to the three quarter length leather duster he wore with a hood pulled up covering most of his face but did nothing to conceal his massive muscles. He wore black leather pants, accentuating the rippling muscles of his long legs as he walked, and a black leather shirt clinging to his well-muscled chest. His hands were covered with black fingerless leather gloves, which left the backs of his hands bare from his knuckles to the strap at the wrist and had a row of spikes at the knuckles. He walked around the library, pausing in a few places looking at books on the shelf and Red found herself wondering how a man dressed as he was had not been considered to be out of place. After he had paused a third time she noted that he was stopping in the same places she had pulled books from. An eyebrow lifted as she considered whether this man could possibly be someone with whom she could study with or if he might know someone she could. Her head tilted to the left as she considered her last thought, wondering where it had come from. Why was she even thinking about anything to do with this man? The many patrons of the library quickly moved out of his way upon seeing him. Red smiled to herself as, several times, the shelves almost toppled over as he tried to step between the rows. The muscles of his legs rippled under the leather of his pants as she watched him ascend the stairs to the second story, taking the steps two at a time. After stopping to talk to one of the librarians for a moment, who motioned over toward her, he walked up to her table. She looked up at him and it took every ounce of control she had not to lose her composure.

“Interesting subjects you have there.” His voice resonated deep in his chest and made her quiver. He did not speak loudly, but his voice filled the small alcove easily. He was looking at her with dark brown, almost black, eyes that seemed to look into her very soul. As she watched him, he scanned the books in front of her, noting the subjects: several forms of martial arts, instruction in the use of several oriental weapons, the making of and use of pistols, rifles, and swords, as well as quite a few books on boxing and personal security. There were even a few of the different mercenary publications stacked on a corner of the table, most unusual for a woman to be reading them, even in this day and age. His hand went to the top one, moving it aside to see more of the same under it. A small warning went off in the back of her mind that she ignored as she looked at him. Before she could look away, his gaze caught hers and she felt as if her soul had been lost.

It had been like this between them for millennia. Every new town they moved to, she would see to the security of the new sanctuary while he met the new Prince of the region, and then he would introduce her and the rest of the family. While she waited for the meeting with the Prince, she would check the library. Once she was introduced and accepted, she would be free to move around within the city. This time, however, it was she who met the Prince first and had to introduce her family. Red had never been comfortable with being in the foreground of things, even as a child she preferred to stay out of sight, and this time was no exception. The Prince had asked her questions that she was sure Ty would not have wanted answered, and though she did her best not to offend the Prince by avoiding answering, she would never lie when asked a direct question; it was how she always got into trouble with Ty. He had warned her once, long ago, that her honesty would someday get them all into trouble, that day was not long ago.

With some effort, Red pulled her concentration back to his words, controlling her expression and her voice as she answered him. “Aye, ye know me, mo choroi, always something new tae be learned.” She smiled sweetly as she spoke, her thick Irish accent was more prominent than usual tonight. Perhaps it was her nervousness in the task that lay ahead of her in but an hour’s time, or perhaps it was his proximity, who knew? No one could really explain, not even Red, why her accent always went to the Irish when her emotions were heightened; they weren’t even a people when she was living. None the less, it never failed that when Ty was near or her emotions were strong, she would slip into the accent as if it was second nature to her, speaking their tongue more often than she spoke any of the other many languages she knew. “It be set for less than an hour from now. Are ye ready? Are the others?”

“They need but a moment’s notice and they will be there. Do you have a location for me?” His voice made her quiver. She had never acted the school girl, yet when he asked her if he could sit she could only smile and nod, not trusting her voice not to say the words that were in her mind. She had never had a problem controlling her emotions, not even when she was human, but when he was around, she found it difficult to control her desire and love for him. He had always told her this was not a bad thing, to use the emotions that raged within her to her advantage. It only took one time of losing that control for her to learn her lesson.

She controlled her expression, and her voice, as she answered him. The Prince’s sanctuary was not in the heart of downtown, where her sister had thought it would be, but rather just to the northwest of it, in the richest part of the city. This Prince was a vain man, always flaunting his money and power. It surprised Red and Jessica at first that he had never exposed their kind to the humans; they only knew him to be the grandson of some wealthy oil baron who settled in the city a little over a century ago. His real name was Baldessare though the humans knew him as Kenneth Lansing.

Part 3: The Shower

After a few hours of much needed rest, I slide out of bed and silently walk to the bathroom. I can feel his eyes on my back as I walk. I turn on the water for a shower and step over to the sink, leaving the shower to warm up. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I step into the shower. The hot water feels refreshing as I spend several moments just standing there, letting the water flow over my body. As I turn my back to the water, putting my head back to soak my hair, I hear him ask if I want company. I willingly invite him in, smiling at him as he joins me. He steps close, kissing me, and my tongue tells me that he also stopped to brush his teeth. Such a thoughtful man!

He reaches for the sponge and body wash, pouring a little on the sponge and working it to a good lather. I turn my back to him and pull my hair to the side, allowing him access to wash my back. He starts at my neck, slowly working his way across my shoulders, very slowly working his way down my back, teasing my skin with his touch as he goes. He works his way down my spine, slowly moving across my ribs on each side before moving further down, across my waist, moving across the small of my back to the other side, right across the top of my buttocks.

I reach out to place my hands on the wall in front of me for support, leaning forward slightly to let the water run down my back as he kneels down behind me. He moves the sponge across my buttocks and down the back of my thigh, across the back of my knee, down my calf to my ankle. I feel his lips on the small of my back and a low moan escapes my lips. He moves the soapy sponge up my shin, over my knee to my thigh, making sure every inch of my flesh is clean. He repeats his actions with my other leg, still placing kisses on my back, moving to the tops of my buttocks.

Once done with my legs he stands, leaning closer to whisper in my ear, his warm breath caressing my skin at he whispers for me to turn around, our lips meeting as I do. After a moment I lean my head back as he moves the sponge toward my neck. He moves it across my shoulders and down each arm, teasing me as he runs it across the top of my breasts as he moves from one arm to the other. He steps back a little to watch his hands as they move to my breast, one hand cupping one breast as the other hand moves the sponge over the other breast. He spends a moment teasing my nipple, which is standing out hard from his attentions. Another low moan escapes from my throat a feel him pinch my other nipple gently. Slowly he moves the sponge across the valley between my breasts as he switches hands to reverse his attention on my breasts.

I lean back slightly, allowing the water to cascade down the front of my body to rinse the soap off as his hands slowly move across my stomach to my waist. The sponge caresses one hip, cleaning it, before moving across the sensitive skin above my smooth mound to the other side. His lips gently caress my neck, slowly moving down to my breast, and as he begins to suckle on one now rinsed nipple I feel his hand come up to once again cup my breast. I reach for the sponge, taking it from him, and bringing it up across his stomach to his chest. I inhale sharply as I feel his now empty hand reaching my mound, a finger gently stroking the outer folds, seeking entrance. I step back, smiling at him, forcing him to let go. He groans in disappointment but I tell him first thing is first. He leans forward to kiss me as I return to washing him after getting more soap for the sponge. I ask him to turn around and he slowly obliges me. I make sure every inch of his back is clean then step back, asking him to do the same. Again he does as I ask, letting the water rinse the soap off.

He turns to face me once again. I wrap my arms around his waist, bringing the sponge across his buttocks. As I bring my hand back around be front of his body, he leans closer to me, pinning me against the wall as his lips meet mine, his tongue seeking mine. He places one hand on either side of me. I take advantage of this, running the sponge across his arms one at a time. He wants to distract me, but I don’t let him. I bring the sponge down to his stomach, pushing against him slightly to get him to step back. Once he does, I kneel down in front of him, the water now hitting him in the chest to run down the front of his body. As I kneel there, his cock throbbing in front of me, I look up at him, smiling slightly, and he smiles down at me. He knows what I have mind, and he hopes that I will. I bring both hands up to the back of his legs, resting one at the bottom of his buttocks as the fingers of my other hand gently wraps around his throbbing cock in front of me. He moans softly as I take his cock in my mouth, letting it slide all the way to the back of my throat. Slowly I let it slide back out, leaving only the head of his wonderful cock within my warm, moist mouth, my tongue doing its own dance across his flesh, tasting every bit of him that I can. I begin to move back and forth in front of him as I let his cock slide in and out of my mouth, gently suckling on it the further in it slides, moving my tongue all around it as it slide out enough for my tongue to move around it. I set a slow pace at my rocking in front of him, humming softly between purrs as his cock slides in and out of my mouth, occasionally swallowing as his cock reaches the back of my throat, allowing it deeper into my throat. He reaches for the wall with one hand, resting his other hand on my shoulder, clenching and releasing it as I continue, my fingers still wrapped around his beautiful cock, stroking it with a rhythm matching my mouth. Slowly I bring my hand from his buttocks to the jewels beneath his tasty cock, gently fondling them.

Several moments go by, the water still cascading down. He steps back, leaning against the wall for support, and I move with him, never hesitating, never losing pace. After a few more moments of my suckling on his cock, his grip on my shoulder tightens, almost painfully, as I taste the first drops of his sweet, creamy cum on my tongue. As powerful jets of his cum erupt from his cock, hitting the back of my throat I slide him out of my mouth, leaving only the head of his cock within, as I swallow every drop of his delicious juice. I remain kneeling in front of him for a few more moments, his cock still in my mouth and still hard. Slowly I release him from my mouth and stand, stepping close to kiss hit neck. I ask him if he wants the water. He looks in my eyes and merely nods. I step to the side, with my back to the cold wall, as he steps toward the front of the shower, stopping directly in front of me, facing me. He kisses me deeply, passionately, his tongue eagerly seeking mine as he places his hands on the wall, one on either side of me. He places one leg between mine, forcing me to adjust my stance to spread my legs.

With one hand he begins to caress my shoulder, slowly lowering his hand to my breast. He cups it gently, pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making me inhale sharply. Slowly he lowers his head slightly, bringing his lips to gently caress my neck for a moment before taking my earlobe into his mouth, gently biting it. His hand very slowly moves from my breast, down across my ribs, lightly caress my stomach before finally coming to my smooth pussy. He teases me for a moment then slowly moves his hand down my inner thighs, his fingertips so light on my flesh that it gives me chills, causing my nipples to become so hard they hurt. He teases me for a few moments more before bringing his hand back to my smooth pussy, his fingers seeking entrance to delve into me, with his thumb slowly stroking my clit. My breath catches in my throat, and after a few moments I hear him whisper a single word: breathe. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding, while my hands begin to caress his sides and lower back. He stops suddenly, both hands seeking mine, as he kisses me, his tongue seeking mine, which I gladly let him find. He raises both my hands above my bead, grasping both of mine with one of his as he lowers his other hand to continue its attention on my pussy.

He feels so good being this close to me. He continues to stroke deep inside me with two fingers, slowly adding a third as his thumb continues massaging my clit. I can feel my orgasm getting close; my breathing becomes faster and more ragged. He releases my hands and whispers for me to hold him for support. As I lower my hands to his shoulders he smiles, for he feels my orgasm approaching. His fingers continue stroking deep inside me as my juices drip into his hand, his thumb never slowing. A small scream escapes me as the beginning of my orgasm hits, waves of ecstasy flow through me as it takes its course, my hands gripping his shoulders tightly for support, my fingernails digging into his flesh. A few moments later I collapse against him, my arms wrapped around his neck. It takes a few moments before I can stand on my own again, and once I can he releases me. He reaches over to turn off the water as I grab the towels. I tell him that it is time to get something to eat, and he agrees that he is just as ravenous as I am.

Part 2: The Living Room

Once inside the door – it barely closed – we are trying to rip each other’s clothes off again. They end up about the floor and stairs between the front door and the bedroom. He looks at the huge waterbed and grins, looking back to me once more before looking over the balcony to living room; he says it would be a shame to mess up the bed. What? And it’s not going to get messed up when we actually fall asleep in it? We end up on the couch, our tongues once again entwined in their dance; our hands exploring each other’s now fully exposed bodies once again. He gently pushes me back, one hand spreading my legs to rest his body between them, against my bare body. I wrap my smooth legs around his waist, his cock throbbing against the smoothness of my pussy. His hand reaches down, his fingers slowly spreading the lips of my pussy to allow his cock access. I inhale sharply, my breath caught in my throat, my heart skipping a beat as his cock easily sheaths itself deep inside me, filling me completely. He has the same reaction. Slowly he begins to move his hips, the feeling of his throbbing rod sliding in and out of me is pure bliss. I pull my legs closer to my chest, my hips begin to move in steady time with his. He continues this slow pace for several long moments, our tongues entwined, his hands stroking my breast. Suddenly he stops. I moan its disappointment, but he only smiles at me, whispering that he has something else in mind.

He sits up, his back against the couch, and he pulls me into his lap, my back to him. As his hard cock slides deep within me, once again filling me, we both let out a moan of pleasure. I smile, for he is pleased with my body and the sensations we are sharing. This heightens my enjoyment. The feeling of his throbbing cock hitting the depths of my pussy in this position will soon have me reaching orgasm. As if reading my mind, he grabs my hips to slow me down. Reluctantly, I do as he wishes. He whispers that he is close and does not wish release quite yet. Does he enjoy torturing himself? Torturing me? He chuckles and whispers that he wants me to reach my ecstasy before he does, to make sure he does not leave me hanging. How thoughtful. I grin at him. We continue this slow pace for a while longer. Slowly, hesitantly, he begins slide a finger in my tight ass. A loud moan escapes my throat. He stops, asking if he is hurting me, concern in his voice. I assure him that he is not, telling him it feels exquisite, and he continues. I reach my hand down to play with my clit as his cock slides in and out of pussy, his finger matching pace in my ass. It feels so good as I get closer to reaching my orgasm. His pace quickens, becoming almost desperate. As the beginning waves of orgasm start to overwhelm me I arch my back, every muscle in my body tightening. My fingers quicken to a frantic pace, our breaths coming quicker and shallower, his cock ramming home with equal need. Moments later screams escape both our throats as we reach the heights of orgasm together. Our pace slows but continues for long moments after as we come down the out of clouds.

I lean back against his chest, needing rest, both of us trying to catch our breath. He nibbles on my ear for a moment, sending shivers of pleasure through my body, before whispering in my ear how good it was, asking for more. Finally, I have met a man with a desire to match my own! Slowly I stand and turn to face him, sitting in his lap once more with on leg on either side of him. We sit there for several long moments, our tongues entwined in their own dance, then ravaging each other’s ears and necks, our hands touching, caressing, every part of each other’s bodies that we can reach. We are just enjoying the feel of each other. His mouth eagerly seeking mine, his tongue now more demanding of mine. His hands seem to take on a life of their own in their need to touch me, still gently, passionate, but now more eager in their search to rediscover most sensitive spots. His arms encircle me, wrapping around my waist, urging me to rock in his lap. His cock slowly comes to life between us. A low moan escapes my lips as l stop him, untangling his arms from around me. I reach for a pillow off the couch as I start to stand. He tried to wrap his arms around my waist again, but I stop him. He starts to say something, but the words are lost as my mouth covers his. I drop pillow to the floor between his feet and slowly move to rest on my knees in front of him. He leans forward, not wanting to let my lips go. I place my hand on his chest and gently push him back, grinning as I reach for his hips to pull him forward on the couch a little. He opens his mouth again to say something, this time I quiet him with a finger to his lips, which he quickly begins to suck gently. Now kneeling in front of him, between his legs, I softly place my lips on his inner thigh, slowly working my way up his leg, bypassing his growing hardness.

My lips caress the sensitive spot just above his cock, then his stomach for a moment before slowly making their way down to his other thigh. I spend several long moments caressing both his inner thighs with my soft lips. I hear him moan softly and I can’t help but smile, I feel him arch his back, pushing his hips toward me, trying to urge me on. It doesn’t work. I pause in my attentions, forcing him to relax as I hear him groan is disappointment. I suppress a smile and a giggle. Then I gently wrap the fingers of one hand around his now throbbing hard shaft, moving it slightly to reveal the small treasure beneath it. My tongue darts out to caress the soft sensitive flesh, and he inhales sharply. My hand slowly strokes his stiff cock as I gently take one fragile oval in my mouth and begin to suckle it. His hand reaches for my head, but quickly moves to my shoulder. After many long enjoyable moments, I carefully release him from my mouth, moving for the other one. His grip on my shoulder tightens for a moment as I begin to swirl my tongue around the delicious treasure in my mouth. My hand continues to stroke his shaft. I continue to switch between the two oval goodies for what seems like forever, until he begins to beg me to take his cock into my mouth. For a few more moments I ignore his words, stroking his beautiful cock with my hand, swirling my tongue around each oval while softly suckling them.

His begging continues for many more long moments until I finally release him, slowly letting my tongue slide over the length of his cock, caressing it with my lips as well. I tease him with my tongue for several long moments before finally sliding the length of his throbbing shaft into my mouth, letting it tickle the back of my throat. I don’t move for several breaths, pushing against his hips to get him to relax on the couch again. Slowly I begin to slide his cock in and out of my eagerly suckling mouth, moving my tongue around the entire length of his delicious cock as I do. I reach for his hands, entwining my fingers in his and resting them on the couch to either side of his hips. He moans softly as I continue to let his cock slide out of my mouth, keeping only the tip in as I swirl my tongue around the sensitive mushroom, momentarily stopping my tongue as I once again take his shaft deep into my throat, swallowing all of it. Slowly I begin a steady pace of letting his cock slide in and out of my eagerly suckling mouth, occasionally pausing to let my tongue caress the length of his cock. Suddenly a thought comes to mind, I stop and he groans his protest I smile and tell hint to have patience. I pull his head to me so that our mouths meet. As they do, I curve my back enough that my breasts rest on his hard cock, causing him to moan. He wraps my breast around his cock and starts to throat slowly. I tilt my head down, taking the tip of his beautiful rod in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his head as he moves his cock in the valley of my cleavage. His movements become more urgent with each thrust of his hips. I reach my hand down to gently fondle his testicles as he approaches release. My tongue continues it ministrations on his cock, my mouth never releasing his cock, even as jet after powerful jet of his cream spurts forth running across my eager tongue to the back of my throat as I swallow every drop. Alter the last drop passes my lips, sliding down my throat, l continue to let his cock slide in and out of my warm moist mouth. He shudders, mumbling something about needing a moment’s rest.

I stand before him and he stares at me for a moment before reaching for my hand, pulling me to his lap. I straddle him once again, as he wraps his arms around me, pulling me close to him. His lips begin to caress my flesh once more, softly touching every spot on my body that he can reach from this position. Slowly he pulls my head down, his lips seeking mine. Our tongues start to dance once again, his hands caressing every inch of my body. I softly whisper in his ear that I want to enjoy the feel of his hands on my flesh for a while and he asks if I would be more comfortable in bed where we can lay in each other’s arms. I nod my head and lead the way, leaving our clothes where they are until later. Once in the bed we lay facing each other, caressing each other until later when he pulls me toward him to rest in his aims. After a few moments we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Part 1: The Meeting

I enter the room and pause a moment to look around. There are many people here that I know, but no one catches my eye at the moment. I spot an empty private booth at the back of the room and make my way to it. The only light in this part of the club comes from the single candle placed in the center of each table. I finally reach the booth after stopping on the way to say hello to a few people I know and asking the waitress to bring me a drink, where I sit, making sure that I am facing the room. From this spot I can see the entire room.

I watch the people dancing for a while, and others standing around talking with each other. People I know stop to talk for a moment as they walk by but no one stays. I look up toward the door and my heart stops. Standing there is a breath-takingly handsome man, tall, dark skinned, black wavy hair slicked back, reaching down past his collar. I can see his muscular body through the white long sleeved silk shirt, his powerful legs accentuated by the black slacks covering them. His piercing brown eyes look my way and my skin burns under his gaze. My breathing becomes ragged as he starts walking in my direction and I quietly gasp as he reaches my table. A small moan escapes my lips as he sits beside me, the power of his presence almost overwhelming. When the waitress arrives with my drink he stops her, hands her a card, and orders a drink for himself, asking if I have enough or if I want another. We talk for a while, mostly small talk, as I sip my drink.

He asks me to dance. Almost in a trance, I follow him to the dance floor. By the time we get there the song playing is a slow, romantic one, I reluctantly let him pull me out onto the floor and we dance for a few songs. Many songs later we make our way back to our table, almost collapsing into the seat for it has been a long time since I have danced. A few drinks, a few more dances, and much conversation later he asks me if I would like to go for a drive. I figure why not, my car will be safe in the parking lot until I come back. We end up at the beach. He just happens to have a blanket in his trunk. I smile; leave it to him to be prepared for anything. He spreads it out on the sand and we sit back, talking more.

Slowly he reaches over to stroke my thigh. As his soft fingertips touch my flesh I inhale sharply, distracted momentarily from the conversation by the warmth and gentleness of his touch. He asks me to finish what I was saying and our conversation continues. He smiles, such an alluring smile, warm, tender, like his touch. His touch, his hand slowly caresses the length of my soft, smooth leg, then moves to the other. He moves closer to me for a better reach. I feel the warmth of his skin, see the ripple of the muscles in his arms and chest under that white shirt. I am startled at my own thoughts, wanting only to rip the shirt off. But I resist. I will not give into the passion I feel growing in the pit of my stomach, at the core of my being.

His lips softly touch mine, interrupting me, begging for attention. His tongue lightly caresses my lips, wanting entrance to my mouth. Slowly I part my lips, his tongue darting in, seeking almost desperately for my tongue. Our tongues meet and begin to dance to a music only lovers hear. My breath catches in my throat as his hand seeks the buttons of my shirt and begins to slowly undo them. My heartbeat speeds slightly as he slowly pushes my shirt down my shoulders, his hands urging my arms out of the sleeves one at a time. As a light summer breeze passes us by, my nipples harden under the lace of my bra.

He reaches his arm around me and pulls me close, until my body stops shaking from the chill of the breeze. Slowly I begin to unbutton his shirt, wanting to feel his skin against mine, our eyes locked, not a word exchanged between us. As I reach the last button and begin to pull his shirt from the waist of his pants, he pulls me close, his lips caress mine, his tongue once again seeking out my tongue to resume their dance. Breathing becomes very difficult as I feel his skin against mine. His hand slowly makes its way up my inner thigh, inching higher with each breath. He pauses long enough to look at me with surprise in his eyes as he feels the smoothness awaiting him under my skirt. He smiles, whispering in my ear that he likes the smoothness and lack of panties. I can only moan softly as his finger slips into the wetness there between my legs, his tongue seeking out mine with more passion than before, refusing to part as I struggle for breath. My desire grows even stronger with each stroke of his fingers between my thighs, one finger reaching in for the depths of my treasure, his other arm caressing my back, searching for the release to the lace covering my ample cleavage. After what seems an eternity, they are finally released, his hand quickly depositing the lace on the slowly growing pile of discarded clothing on the corner of the blanket.

My hands reach for his chest, slowly caressing softly against his smooth skin. His breath catches as my soft fingertips pass over his suddenly hard nipples, mine stiffening in response. He chuckles at my reaction, a low rumble in his chest. His mouth begins to slowly move from mine, across my jaw to my neck, then my ears. His tongue caresses my jaw line, moving slowly down my neck to my heaving breasts. My breathing becomes erratic, coming in short gasps as be reaches my nipple. My heart skips a beat as his tongue flicks across my nipple, one hand still between my thighs, the other reaching up to cup my other breast. His fingers lightly pinch my nipple, causing it to harden, the fingers of his other hand steadily stroking the inner depths of my warm pussy. I lean back, gasping desperately for air, placing my hands on the blanket behind me for support, arching my back to force my breast against his eager lips as the sparks of pleasure course through my body.

He gently pushes me back on the blanket, stopping the attention he it giving me long enough to remove my skirt, adding it to the pile on the corner, leaving me completely exposed to the night air. He whispers that I look so beautiful under the moonlight as he gazes upon my flesh. Suddenly I feel my cheeks burning as I lay there, no part of my body hidden from his piercing gaze. He smiles as he resumes his attentions, his mouth seeking the opposite nipple, pausing only for a moment to flick his tongue teasingly across it before pulling it full into his eager mouth. His fingers once again seek out the inner depths of my pussy and I part my legs allowing him to reach the full depth of my passion. His mouth slowly releases my breast. His lips begin to slowly caress their way down my body. My breathing becomes even more ragged, my gasps for air more desperate as my mind reels, realizing what he is about to do. A moan escapes my lips as his mouth reaches my naval, he pauses there a moment, letting me catch my breath. Another moan escapes my lips as he reaches his destination. His tongue caressing the outer folds of my smooth skin, seeking entrance to the sweat treasure held within. I part my legs further. He reaches a hand up to caress my breast, pinching my nipple softly as his tongue finds what it was seeking. With his free hand he parts the lips of my pussy and I gasp loudly as his tongue slides inside my pussy to caress my clit, stroking it slowly for a moment before flicking across it rapidly, then stroking it slowly again. A sigh escapes me as his tongue softly caresses my pussy, only to be caught in a sharp inhale as his finger slides deep with me, his tongue never missing a stroke. His fingers begin to stroke in and out of me, matching the pace of his tongue on my clit. I begin to moan and squirm on the blanket uncontrollably. Before I can reach the peak of my ecstasy, I stop him. He looks up at me, confused for a moment, before lowering his head once again. His lips make their way back up my body as an antagonizing slow pace, stopping once again at my naval and each breast before making their way to my neck, across my jaw line, finally reaching my lips, I can taste my own sweet nectar on his lips and tongue, my own tongue seeking his eagerly.

My hands reach for the belt at his waist. Once I have that undone his pants come off easily, the button and zipper taking me only seconds. He smiles at me as he sees the lust in my eyes. Seconds later his pants are added to the pile. I reach for his last remaining piece of clothing, his thong, and I hesitate. He looks so good in it, I just want to burn that picture into my mind for later. I am almost sad to see it removed until I see what it was holding, and a few heartbeats later it too is added to the pile on the corner. His throbbing cock stands there at attention, waiting for me, his tongue once again seeking mine. I gently pull away from him. It’s my turn to push him back, and he willingly goes, propping himself on his elbows. I allow my lips to slowly make their way down his body, slower than he went with me. My mouth stops momentarily at each nipple, flicking my tongue across them teasingly, his hard cock bouncing in response. I look up at him watching me as I gently wrap my hand around his cock, his hands not knowing where to rest; his cock feels so good to my touch. I gather my chestnut hair in one hand, whispering him to hold it back. He smiles as he obliges me. I hear a soft moan as I drop my head back down to his body, letting my mouth lightly caress his skin as I make my way across his ribs, down his abdomen, to his hips, then his legs, my hand stroking his cock the entire time. I avoid his cock totally for a few moments, caressing and licking his thighs and the lower portion of his stomach until he moans that he can’t stand it any longer. I stop above his navel, my breath held as I look into his eyes. They beg me not to as I hover there a moment. We both chuckle as I slowly release my held breath. I smile, and continue my ministrations on his thighs for a few more moments before finally kissing the tip of his throbbing cock, my hand still slowly stroking it. He inhales sharply as I take the majority of his length into my mouth. I pull back to where just the tip is held within the warmth of my mouth and slowly begin to move my tongue around, tasting every bit of him. Slowly I begin to move my tongue around the tip, causing him to moan louder. His grip on my hair tightens slightly as I slowly begin to move his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking gently on his shaft as you would a lolli-pop. Slowly, over the next long moments, I begin to pick up speed with my mouth and my tongue. I settle on a steady pace for both, his moaning almost unheard as his breath quickens and he begins to thrust his hips. Suddenly he stops me. I look at him, confused. He whispers that he doesn’t want release until after I have reached my peak, not like this, not here. Not here? I look around. The beach is beautiful, secluded, and the sun is preparing to rise. He suggests we snuggle and watch the sun make appearance before retreating to the privacy of one of our homes. He pulls me close to him, making it difficult with the warmth of his skin against mine. We watch the sun come up, caressing each other, our tongues seeking each other in their own dance once again.

Slowly we put our clothes back on, hesitantly, torn between the strong desire to please each other and the need for privacy from the sun and soon to be crowded beach. Once again clothed, we stand to fold the blanket and return it to the trunk of his car. It ends up in the back seat. On the way back to my car we agree that we would meet at my place; it’s closer and we agree that our passion cannot wait.