Part 3: The Shower

After a few hours of much needed rest, I slide out of bed and silently walk to the bathroom. I can feel his eyes on my back as I walk. I turn on the water for a shower and step over to the sink, leaving the shower to warm up. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I step into the shower. The hot water feels refreshing as I spend several moments just standing there, letting the water flow over my body. As I turn my back to the water, putting my head back to soak my hair, I hear him ask if I want company. I willingly invite him in, smiling at him as he joins me. He steps close, kissing me, and my tongue tells me that he also stopped to brush his teeth. Such a thoughtful man!

He reaches for the sponge and body wash, pouring a little on the sponge and working it to a good lather. I turn my back to him and pull my hair to the side, allowing him access to wash my back. He starts at my neck, slowly working his way across my shoulders, very slowly working his way down my back, teasing my skin with his touch as he goes. He works his way down my spine, slowly moving across my ribs on each side before moving further down, across my waist, moving across the small of my back to the other side, right across the top of my buttocks.

I reach out to place my hands on the wall in front of me for support, leaning forward slightly to let the water run down my back as he kneels down behind me. He moves the sponge across my buttocks and down the back of my thigh, across the back of my knee, down my calf to my ankle. I feel his lips on the small of my back and a low moan escapes my lips. He moves the soapy sponge up my shin, over my knee to my thigh, making sure every inch of my flesh is clean. He repeats his actions with my other leg, still placing kisses on my back, moving to the tops of my buttocks.

Once done with my legs he stands, leaning closer to whisper in my ear, his warm breath caressing my skin at he whispers for me to turn around, our lips meeting as I do. After a moment I lean my head back as he moves the sponge toward my neck. He moves it across my shoulders and down each arm, teasing me as he runs it across the top of my breasts as he moves from one arm to the other. He steps back a little to watch his hands as they move to my breast, one hand cupping one breast as the other hand moves the sponge over the other breast. He spends a moment teasing my nipple, which is standing out hard from his attentions. Another low moan escapes from my throat a feel him pinch my other nipple gently. Slowly he moves the sponge across the valley between my breasts as he switches hands to reverse his attention on my breasts.

I lean back slightly, allowing the water to cascade down the front of my body to rinse the soap off as his hands slowly move across my stomach to my waist. The sponge caresses one hip, cleaning it, before moving across the sensitive skin above my smooth mound to the other side. His lips gently caress my neck, slowly moving down to my breast, and as he begins to suckle on one now rinsed nipple I feel his hand come up to once again cup my breast. I reach for the sponge, taking it from him, and bringing it up across his stomach to his chest. I inhale sharply as I feel his now empty hand reaching my mound, a finger gently stroking the outer folds, seeking entrance. I step back, smiling at him, forcing him to let go. He groans in disappointment but I tell him first thing is first. He leans forward to kiss me as I return to washing him after getting more soap for the sponge. I ask him to turn around and he slowly obliges me. I make sure every inch of his back is clean then step back, asking him to do the same. Again he does as I ask, letting the water rinse the soap off.

He turns to face me once again. I wrap my arms around his waist, bringing the sponge across his buttocks. As I bring my hand back around be front of his body, he leans closer to me, pinning me against the wall as his lips meet mine, his tongue seeking mine. He places one hand on either side of me. I take advantage of this, running the sponge across his arms one at a time. He wants to distract me, but I don’t let him. I bring the sponge down to his stomach, pushing against him slightly to get him to step back. Once he does, I kneel down in front of him, the water now hitting him in the chest to run down the front of his body. As I kneel there, his cock throbbing in front of me, I look up at him, smiling slightly, and he smiles down at me. He knows what I have mind, and he hopes that I will. I bring both hands up to the back of his legs, resting one at the bottom of his buttocks as the fingers of my other hand gently wraps around his throbbing cock in front of me. He moans softly as I take his cock in my mouth, letting it slide all the way to the back of my throat. Slowly I let it slide back out, leaving only the head of his wonderful cock within my warm, moist mouth, my tongue doing its own dance across his flesh, tasting every bit of him that I can. I begin to move back and forth in front of him as I let his cock slide in and out of my mouth, gently suckling on it the further in it slides, moving my tongue all around it as it slide out enough for my tongue to move around it. I set a slow pace at my rocking in front of him, humming softly between purrs as his cock slides in and out of my mouth, occasionally swallowing as his cock reaches the back of my throat, allowing it deeper into my throat. He reaches for the wall with one hand, resting his other hand on my shoulder, clenching and releasing it as I continue, my fingers still wrapped around his beautiful cock, stroking it with a rhythm matching my mouth. Slowly I bring my hand from his buttocks to the jewels beneath his tasty cock, gently fondling them.

Several moments go by, the water still cascading down. He steps back, leaning against the wall for support, and I move with him, never hesitating, never losing pace. After a few more moments of my suckling on his cock, his grip on my shoulder tightens, almost painfully, as I taste the first drops of his sweet, creamy cum on my tongue. As powerful jets of his cum erupt from his cock, hitting the back of my throat I slide him out of my mouth, leaving only the head of his cock within, as I swallow every drop of his delicious juice. I remain kneeling in front of him for a few more moments, his cock still in my mouth and still hard. Slowly I release him from my mouth and stand, stepping close to kiss hit neck. I ask him if he wants the water. He looks in my eyes and merely nods. I step to the side, with my back to the cold wall, as he steps toward the front of the shower, stopping directly in front of me, facing me. He kisses me deeply, passionately, his tongue eagerly seeking mine as he places his hands on the wall, one on either side of me. He places one leg between mine, forcing me to adjust my stance to spread my legs.

With one hand he begins to caress my shoulder, slowly lowering his hand to my breast. He cups it gently, pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making me inhale sharply. Slowly he lowers his head slightly, bringing his lips to gently caress my neck for a moment before taking my earlobe into his mouth, gently biting it. His hand very slowly moves from my breast, down across my ribs, lightly caress my stomach before finally coming to my smooth pussy. He teases me for a moment then slowly moves his hand down my inner thighs, his fingertips so light on my flesh that it gives me chills, causing my nipples to become so hard they hurt. He teases me for a few moments more before bringing his hand back to my smooth pussy, his fingers seeking entrance to delve into me, with his thumb slowly stroking my clit. My breath catches in my throat, and after a few moments I hear him whisper a single word: breathe. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding, while my hands begin to caress his sides and lower back. He stops suddenly, both hands seeking mine, as he kisses me, his tongue seeking mine, which I gladly let him find. He raises both my hands above my bead, grasping both of mine with one of his as he lowers his other hand to continue its attention on my pussy.

He feels so good being this close to me. He continues to stroke deep inside me with two fingers, slowly adding a third as his thumb continues massaging my clit. I can feel my orgasm getting close; my breathing becomes faster and more ragged. He releases my hands and whispers for me to hold him for support. As I lower my hands to his shoulders he smiles, for he feels my orgasm approaching. His fingers continue stroking deep inside me as my juices drip into his hand, his thumb never slowing. A small scream escapes me as the beginning of my orgasm hits, waves of ecstasy flow through me as it takes its course, my hands gripping his shoulders tightly for support, my fingernails digging into his flesh. A few moments later I collapse against him, my arms wrapped around his neck. It takes a few moments before I can stand on my own again, and once I can he releases me. He reaches over to turn off the water as I grab the towels. I tell him that it is time to get something to eat, and he agrees that he is just as ravenous as I am.

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