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The DreamWeaver

Why people insist on knowing who the DreamWeaver am still bugs me, I never know what to say.

I am very into herbalism (healing with herbs instead of pharmaceuticals) and teaching my family what I know while continuing my research. I am working on an herbal section to be included on this website. I prefer to find a natural remedy rather than the conventional medications that most doctors prescribe for illnesses. I believe that if you eat right and take the proper combination of natural herbs, whether cooked in your meal or brewed in a tea, or even with vitamin supplements, then you will be healthier by far. And by healthier, I do not necessarily mean skinny and/or muscular; I mean healthy as in not getting sick very often. The only unhealthy thing I do is smoke my cigarettes.

I am not religious, but am spiritual. I am not Catholic, Christian, or any denomination thereof. I do believe in one supreme all mighty, though my view of them is different than most. Religion is not something big in my house, but spirituality is. I will not push my spirituality on you and try to change yours, please do not try to change mine. Honesty is huge though. If you cannot be honest with me, don’t talk to me, please. I don’t play games, I don’t lie, I don’t steal, and I don’t cheat. I ask the same from others in my life. I believe that everyone is allowed a few dozen mistakes a day, I know I will make my fair share and don’t hold it against you when you make yours. Learn from your mistakes, even if it takes a couple repetitions of the lesson.

I’m not the smartest apple on the tree, but I do know quite a lot. I am an avid reader and spend most of my time on the internet researching and learning about all kinds of things when I am not designing website templates. Just because I could not afford to go to college does not mean that I couldn’t have gone. Yes, I should have when I had the chance, but we all make mistakes that we regret.

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