Sav’vannis’ 2019 BuJo Setup, part 2

Careful, y’all, there’s a LOT of pictures in this one!!

Oki, so… If I were to put all my daily pages in this journal, it wouldn’t last more than 2 months! Hmmm… How about I print them and put them in a separate journal, a binder? I have an old Day Runner that I haven’t used in a long time with my name on it, so I decided it would be perfect! So my Daily pages look a little something like this:

Sav's daily page

(Click on the image to see the full size version open in a new tab! And yes, feel free to download the image and use it for your own journal!!)

Ok, with that out of the way, it’s time to start working on what order I want stuff in my journal! The easiest idea I’ve found is to take each item and put it on a Post-It so you can re-arrange them as you need until you’re happy before you put everything in… So, I did just that! I pulled a Post-It pad out of my desk and started writing each item from the Yearly, Monthly and Weekly columns and putting them on my desk so I could see them all — well, mostly! With that many items and the size of work space on my desk, I needed to overlap a lot.

So, armed with a pile of Post-it’s containing all the pages I wanted to have in my BuJo…

I broke it down into yearly pages…

And monthly pages…

With my cover page for 2019 starting the Journal.

I’ve got my index pages… I know I’m going to have a lot in my book, so I planned 2 pages for it. Take a look in the bottom corners and you’ll notice I numbered my pages.

And my ‘Year-at-a-Glance’ for those major things that aren’t birthdays or major USA holidays.

I want to do a ‘reflection’ page at the end of the year, to see the changes I’ve made.  Well, to do that, we have to have a starting point.  So, “About me” at the beginning of the year.

My Wheel of the Year.  Shows the Pagan Holidays that I celebrate.

Birthdays and Anniversaries, because I can never remember everyone’s, and the 2019 major holidays.

My goal(s) for 2019. I’m still looking for how exactly I want to write this out other than “lose weight!”

My yearly zodiac. It is actually a zodiac and an astrology bit.

There are just so many things I wanted in my BuJo…

I want to include my birth star chart this year. Something I’ve never done, though always been interested in.

“18 Things Mentally Strong People Do” … A reminder.

So at the beginning of 2019 I am currently 90 pounds over weight. I need to lose as much of that as possible and have several new things I’m going to try

. Until I quite smoking a year ago, I used to walk every day. It is a little over 2 miles around my neighborhood. Time to start this habit again.

“10 Rules to Live By For A Positive Life” and “Satan’s Waterfall”… another positive reminder I thought would pair nicely with my period tracker.

Another positive reminder.

Things I’m thankful for… With my BiPolar and Anxiety, a lot of times I need positive reminders to fight the depression. “The STOP Method” is something I found wandering Pinterest to help with panic/anxiety attacks.

I don’t watch TV, as I’m usually busy working on SOMETHING on the computer. But, I do still like to catch certain shows and listen to them in the background while I’m working.

For those who don’t know, I’m a website designer. What I know, I have taught myself over the years. I’m not great by any means, but I’m getting better. I’ve never had the money to go to a traditional college, so I find ways to learn without having to spend obsene amounts of money. StackSkills is one of those places.

The beginning of my monthly pages!

I spend more nights laying awake for 2+ hours trying to fall asleep than I spend crawling into bed and going right to sleep. I’m trying to figure out what causes most of my problems as I change the way I do a lot of things.

I have a really bad habit of not checking my emails for weeks at a time… Hopefully this will help with that. The TDK Posts are the posts here on this site. I am determined to start working on the site a lot more, but most of the time I have no clue what to post!


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