Sav’vannis’ 2019 BuJo Setup, part 3

After many changes and revisions and re-arrangements, here’s what I ended up with on New Year’s Morning:

Welcome 2019! The year of Possibilities!  The lettering turned out pretty okay for my first time ever! Oh! And I started using tabs! Ignore the red flag one, though, that just tells me where my next blank page is.

The first pages of my index Only into January and Already so much used! I might have to thread some extra Index pages! LOL! I’ve already had to thread the Movies! Check out The Fledgling’s Hacks and Hints page for more on Threading.

    I don’t have anything in my Year-at-a-Glance yet, other than get the stickers stuck on the pages, but will shortly!

The one on the left is from Amy Cesari’s Coloring Book of Shadows: Book of Spells. The one on the right is from her Coloring Book of Shadows. They are from copyrighted sources, so I can only share the link to the books with you.

The Dates to Remember I still need to put in all the birthdays, and will probably use the outer edge of the Holidays page for further notes, dates I forgot, what have you.

The Zodiac is from Amy Cesari’s Coloring Book of Shadows: Book of Spells. The Astrology is from her Coloring Book of Shadows. Again, they are from copyrighted sources, so I can only share the link to the books with you.

I went hunting online for a place to get my Birth Star Chart done, and of a dozen places, I have found this to be the most accurate. The right hand is an “astrology for beginners” thing I found that helps explains the signs and their positions in your star chart. There’s still a lot to this that I’m learning, and I’m really looking forward to the journey!

A small reminder of some of the changes I still need to make within myself. Can you tell that I really like my colors?!

My first weight goal is going to be to get back to 200lbs where I was a little over a year ago when I quit smoking. After that, my goal is to get to 170lbs, where I was when I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son. I’ll make the one for getting from 170 to 150 (my end goal and maintenance weight) later! I’m hoping this will help me keep track and keep inspired better.

I really need to get back to walking every day. I have 2 different steps trackers, one from Styr Labs, and the one that came on my new iPhone (after 15 years, I finally got one!). Honestly, I’m liking the iPhone better. I don’t know how many petals there are, I just filled the page with flowers!!

Like most women, I really hate that time of the month. And as I start to hit menopause, I need to start being more mindful of the patterns. I figured a couple reminders for keeping positive would be a good pair for the waterfall.

Yeah… I haven’t decided on New Year’s Resolutions, we’ll see how that page goes…

With all the shows having started back in September, I figured when I transfered to the new year, I didn’t need to have all the extras, we’ll just go from the current episode. It’s a little easier to set up with everything in winter break.

A few reminders and helps to keep me going this year… Lots of changes planned, lots of growing to do still.

Movies I Want. Look down in the bottom right corner. See the 2nd number there? That’s called “threading”. That means that the list continues on page 57.

I haven’t added my books yet, I have so many that I want to read that I’m thinking of making this a list of what I have read throughout the year.

StackSkills is a wonderful place to find some good online courses. Looking through there, it looks expensive. However, a lot of the times you can catch bundles of courses for as low as $10, like I did. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t me going to school!!

Again, motivation. I’m always trying to find reasons to keep motivated and not be so damned lazy!

LOL!! I guess one of my “bad Habits to Break” should be to “FINISH WHAT I START!“! Good pairing next to things I need to stop doing so I will hopefully be more successful in life. Never too late to grow!

Hello January! I thought the door to Moria would be a good Hello for my January, with my goal of opening new door for myself this coming year. The pic on the right is just because I do have a macabre side to me and this spoke to that side.

I know, even at this size it’s difficult to read… that was done on purpose, really. My daily routine tracking and my daily email checks tracking. Speaking of… I probably should check my email when I’m done here! LOL!

I’m still trying to figure out what my goal for the month should be…. and there’s my running list of things to do this month!

How to Sleep Faster… Funny thing is, I already do all of that and still takes me 2 hours some nights to fall asleep! So, we’re going to try to see about other things that are effecting my sleep… Thus the quality and the how many times I got up to pee tracking. LOL

I still haven’t come up with any interesting ideas for here for y’all! As for my moods, this one is an experiment for me this time, as I don’t usually check my mood more than twice a day, if that often!

I decided that, since my mother and I are always seeing new recipes we want to try then losing the recipe, I’d try to keep track of some of them.

To finish out January, at least for now, I have an attempt to see how some things regarding my mental health are going. Stressors and triggers will be logged in another journal. And, as you can see, there’s the continuation of the movies that are coming out in 2019 that I want! Threading! It’s a wonderful thing! And not difficult at all!!

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