Damian, Lani and The Manor

Since coming to the city several years ago, the Mage first established his true home. The city building and residence was merely a front for his activities, it kept him close to the others like him in the city, and practically next door to the Nephandus he’d been tracking down, and eventually eliminating. Here, out in the middle of nowhere, he paid off with contract monies, the land for a training sanctuary. Once the home to ascetics, who now serve the mage’s cause… Damian pulled up in the Humvee and parked it just outside in the home’s semi circle lot.

She had ridden in the passenger seat next to him in silence, watching the scenery for the most part, curious as to what he had in store for her. It was good not to have to dance for a living anymore, being his secretary for him for these last few months had opened more doors for her than dancing ever would have. But there was still something that kept nagging her in the back of her mind that she couldn’t quite get a handle on. The night he asked her to keep watch at the dead woman’s apartment kept haunting her. She knew she could talk to him about it, but wasn’t sure how to approach him. Lani looked at him for a moment, then back out the window, lost in thought.

“It isn’t very pleasant out here, but it is comfortable. It’s secluded and really only used by those faces you’ll see at the business.” Two hooded figures descended the staircase, a wide hemisphere about eighty feet at its base that was made of worked stone. The slight layer of dew gave the old stone structure a fresh look. They stood by quietly, as if on call, as Damian walked around to open her door. “You can forget about most of the outside world when you’re here. It’s certainly easy for it to forget us.” The smell of the grounds was fairly clean, fresh, but still worldly. None of the decay of the city, but of nature. The place was old.

Lani stepped out of the vehicle, looking at him for a moment, then around the grounds, almost as if she didn’t want to look into his eyes right now. “Seclusion can be good sometimes. I think it’s beautiful out here.” She followed him, her attention still more on the surroundings than on him. She glanced at the two coming down the stairs, then up to Damian, her eyes full of questions, though she remained silent, thoughtful.

His eyes were lensed still, as always, and the impeccable black attire, though military in cut, was grim and impossibly black. He would be a shadow, lost to the night, or to the low hanging fog if he chose to be. Yes, it can be. It’s why I was here in Magid to begin with. Your bags will be brought up, don’t worry about them. As I have said, a few of the staff come out here to enable us to work and study. I only ask that you keep the firearm I gave you on yourself as much as humanly possible.” He stepped aside enough to let her out, then led the way up the staircase. If she were vigilant enough, she would notice that the robed figures here carried some kind of armament beneath their humble garments.

The phrasing ‘as humanly possible’ bothered her for a moment, but that, too, she pushed to the back of her mind to ponder later, along with the shapes under the robes. The place seemed well protected, as she came to learn, any place that Damian owned always would be. That was just the way he was. A small smile formed on her lips for a moment, only to be dropped as she felt him looking at her, her expression going back to that thoughtful look as she followed him. Lani glanced back over her shoulder, watching the two retrieve things from the Humvee as she fought the urge to grab her bags herself. She adjusted the strap of her purse on her shoulder, unconsciously pulling it closer in front of her and hanging on to it as though someone would try to take it from her. After a few steps, she seemed to realize what she was doing and relaxed, remembering that Damian would never let anything happen to her. She still couldn’t figure out if her reactions were because he had saved her life that night, or if it was something more. Yet another thing she would tuck neatly into the back of her mind to ponder later.

He led her to a lengthy, dark stone hallway, smooth cut and simple grey, lit by torch sconces. He brought them through an antechamber, round and guarded, to the kitchen. The work he had started long ago had been finished, finally, and it had been one of the few rooms in the fortress that were ‘up to date’. “Is Little Johnny fine?” Damian turned in the kitchen, stopping short of one of the doors that led out of it, opposite the one they entered through.

She stopped for a moment and closed her eyes, concentrating on Johnny Jr., then nodded and opened her eyes to finally take a look around the kitchen. “He’s fine. He’s getting strong, like his father. He’s starting to talk and get into everything, like every child his age.” She didn’t like to cook often, but thought it sure as hell would be nice to have a kitchen like this to cook in instead of the tiny one she had in her apartment. Walking around the kitchen slowly, she began to commit to memory where everything was, from the dishes to the silverware to the cups, making note of anything that could be used for a weapon if need be for later. She paused, wondering why she would think of something like that. She knew she was safe here, there was no need to think of weapons, yet she did. Yet another thing to file away and think about later.

“Yes, as they tend to do. You know, you’re more than welcome to bring him here if need be. I can also arrange to bring your sitter. It’s really not a problem,” he told her as he watched her quietly pace the kitchen.

She thought about it for a few moments, then nodded as she looked up at him. “I think… I think I would be much more comfortable with that. I haven’t been away from him for more than a night since he was born. Never been able to afford to, actually. At least with him here, I would be able to check in on him. Thank you, Mr. Black.” Even here she wasn’t sure whether to call him by his first name.

“You’re fine. As I said, if need be we can have him brought here. The facilities here are accommodating enough for ten families.”

An arched eyebrow went up. “Ten? I didn’t realize that many men on the teams had families.”

“Those whom you will see here, do not. I merely said the space… at any rate, what you’ll be getting into, to start, is the field. Your dancing has you at a distinct advantage when it comes to breathing, but there’s a few other lessons you’ll have to learn in order to fully clear your mind.

She merely nodded at him. “And when are we going to start?”

“Your things should be in your room, so go get into something comfortable for a run.”

“Um…” She looks around, a little lost. “And my rooms would be where, exactly?”

“I have a task for you. Go ahead and take a look around. Feel your way to it. You’ll get started after you figure it out.”

A small smile forms on her lips as she tilts her head for a moment, considering. Still smiling, she passes Damian and walks through the door, adding a little extra sway to her hips as she lets her mind wander a little. It was almost like finding her keys when she had lost them. Remembering that, she remembered that her favorite ring was in one of her bags and her smile grew. She pictured her ring, remembered placing it in the bag, then felt for the warmth of the ring. It took her a few frustrating minutes before she sat on the floor with a huff and crossed her legs. Her grandfather’s voice came to her mind, “Nothing is impossible… Just breathe deep and feel your way. Feel the energy around you. Follow the energy.” Follow the energy. She cleared her mind, ignoring the uncomfortable feel of the people she did not know, and followed the energy of the ring. As she wandered, she’d open doors if she could, poking her head into rooms to see what was there, making a mental note of what was where. After the third or fourth room, she stopped ignoring the tingly feeling in the back of her mind and started to remember the feel of the room as well as what was in it. A voice inside her head kept asking, “Where would Damian put me?”

Leilani and Johnny

Johnny had laid there for a few hours wide awake, watching her sleep. Sure they’d fucked at her studio after the dancing, but that was hardly enough for him. He had to have more; he never could get enough of her. He’d invited her back to his place where they ate, talked, had a good time… But he’d watched her move around all night long. Twisting, turning now in bed, he could only image what she was dreaming about, hoping it was him. He carefully and quietly lifted the sheet off of her hip, and looked at her body, the way the light hit each and every curve. Watched her eyes to make sure she was still asleep as he lightly touched it, running his hand smoothly over the curve of her hip in this spooning position. He kissed her neck, so softly that she wouldn’t feel it, caressed her breast and thumbed the nipple to a stand. With the drinking earlier, she’d not be comatose, but touch was dulled. He sighed against her neck, resting against her back while he stroked himself slowly teasing himself by touching her buttocks with the thick head, oops… She moved… He paused… Waiting… Good…She didn’t wake, but she’d stretched out smoothly onto her back now, breasts fallen to the side neatly, her thigh slightly parted. Almost silently inviting him in… And he tried…without waking her, but even the slightest of brushed against her folds sent chills down his back… He instead chose to slide up, straddle her, just over her breasts and continue the slow stroke.

She sighed softly in her sleep, having the most wonderful dreams of him, as she always did when she dreamed. She had danced for him, moved her body so sensually as she thought of the things they would do when they couldn’t stand the teasing any longer. She loved dancing for him, when she was on stage, dancing in front of others, she would close her eyes and see only him in the audience, making it that much more exciting. They had gone to his place, where he wore her out long before dawn. She happily fell asleep in his arms, her favorite place to be, dreaming the most erotic dreams she had had in a long time. She moaned softly in her sleep, dreaming of his hands on her, caressing her gently as only he could. He was kissing her neck, leaving a trail to her shoulder, so sensual, so tender. Her dreams were so vivid she would have sworn he was caressing her now… At least, she hoped he was. As she dreamed, she rolled slightly, spreading her legs invitingly, imagining his hand caressing her most inner self as only he could. His hand moved over her hip, caressing her thigh lightly, slowly moving toward her moist lips, sliding first one, then a second finger deep inside of her. She moaned again, still caught up in her dreams of him, her legs spreading a little more, her hand slowly moving toward one breast as her breathing became ragged. It wasn’t the first time her hand slowly made its way down her lithe body to slip her own finger inside, stroking deep to caress her g-spot as she dreamed.

He continued only long enough, slipped backward a bit to near her mouth, he could feel her breath on his lips as she reached higher levels of arousal. He was positioning himself between her legs, moving down her body as she toyed with herself. He struck his tongue against her breast, her nipple, engulfing it to suckle at wetting the tip to its stand. As he whispered, “it’s just Johnny… I want to make you come,” he watched her toy and feed herself fingers, continued to whisper as she did, and helped her at times. He stroked himself against her below, let his thick tip touch her still wet walls from her own teasing when he could… sneaking in between the plunging of her fingers.

At the feel of his mouth on her nipple she moaned in her sleep, arching her back up against him, crying out with her passion as her nipple hardened. She heard his whispered words in her dream, murmuring softly incoherently in reply. She’d moan again, feeling him against her, arching her back up slightly to meet his stroke. Her hand moved to caress his hip, her legs spread to accommodate him, wrapping them around his waist to pull him closer. She never could get enough of him, never would. She moved slightly, pulling the dream version of him closer against her as she slept. “Never get enough,” she murmured softly.

“Never” He said, leaning in, and in that sweet, wet, but slow moment, he pressed himself through, settled in atop her and sighed into her mouth into a forceful kiss as he felt her wet walls give way to his girth and length, pushing to its end, to full hilt. He didn’t slow, or pause; it was hard pussy he was after. And his hungry hips rocked into hers hard as he gripped the bed edge behind her head and let it begin.

When she felt him fully enter her, she woke, knowing she was no longer dreaming, an enjoying every second of it. She returned the forceful kiss, matching his passion. Her hands came up, wrapping around his neck, her nails lightly digging into the back of his shoulders. She cried out again, his mouth on hers swallowing her cry of passion. One hand came up to push against the wall behind her head, keeping her from moving so much on the bed, forcing him deeper into her as she curved her back and brought her knees closer to her sides, granting him deeper penetration. Yeah, that’s what she loved the most about him, long, hard deep thrusts that made her scream loudly.

In the height of her passion, she pushed against him, forcing him off of her long enough to flip over under him, offering her ass to him, her legs spread enough to allow him easy re-entry into her depths. She turned her head to look at him, her eyes glazed over with lust. “Take whichever you wish, my love,” she told him, her voice thick with desire.

“You don’t want that…” he said, crawling over her like a spider, filling her pussy again sweetly, cupping her chin up by the throat as he continued the raw pound of her depths. “Or do you? One of them…is getting the load of its life…” he whispered into her ear as he breathed into it, kissed and licked the lobe.

“You should know better than to ask me that, lover,” she told him as she turned her head to give him better access to her ear, her eyes closing as she put her head back against him. She arched her back, pushing her buttocks against him, giving herself to him fully, encouraging him. It didn’t matter to her where he gave her his load; she just wanted all of him that he would give her. She pushed back against him, rising up on her knees more as she lowered her chest to the bed, her arms coming out in front of her to push against the wall, her fingers digging into the wall as her passions rose.

“That’s it…” he murmured, sliding up with her. Taking firm grasp of her hips… he held her in position to hammer her from behind. Getting her walls nice and wet, so much in fact he’d slide in so easily… he reached down grasping a handful of hair, pulling back so her ass angled up to him, withdrew, and with silent anticipation teased it. He then played his thick head around the tight rim, walked her forcibly forward to the headboard. “Grab it!” then whether she had or not, worked his way into that tight ass of hers, groaning a passionable sound as he filled it with his thick cock head throbbing as it passed inches into it to the hilt.

She grabbed the headboard, knowing that he would pound her hard enough that if she didn’t her head would soon be bouncing off it. Her cries of passion filled the air as he entered her, growing louder the further he pushed in. Somewhere in the cries she would scream a single word, “yes!” Keeping her hands on the headboard in front of her she lowered her upper body to the bed, giving him better access to pound as deep as he could get into her willing ass. She’d wiggle it for him, just the way that she knew he loved so much, teasing him, encouraging him. This was what she loved so much about him, what she craved night after night, what she dreamed of when she slept. This was what she enjoyed most, when he took her hard and deep in her ass, filling her, stretching her. She would try not to scream with pleasure, always failing, her voice filling the air loudly, echoing off the walls as he pounded her. “Fuck me hard, my Darling,” she would beg him. Her back arched even more, her agile dancer’s figure twisting beneath him, wiggling to tease him to do as she begged.

With one hand he braced himself against the headboard, locking fingers with hers, but his on top of the back of her hand, her bent perfectly beneath him, the swell of her ass taking in his girth fully each time and the rebound of her buttocks from such tremendous attack. He held her in place with the other hand, aiming his thorough penetration right into that voluptuous ass. “Fuuuck” it felt good, taking her in such a way, a way he hadn’t in some time. He straddled it, keeping her ass just the heart-shape captured between his legs. “Uh…” he released her hips, swatting her ass over and over, knowing that when he’d grasped her hips again after kneading her cheeks, and leaving his heavy fingertip marks, he’d be coming soon.

“Yes!” The word came out as a growl as she reached down between her legs with one hand to caress her clit. “That’s it, Darling, fuck me hard!” She’d push back to meet each stroke, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room, only her cries were louder. A loud cry escaped her with each resounding slap, followed by a whimper filled with passion. She missed the hard fucks; though she loved it when he was gentle and loving, she enjoyed the hard pounding just as much. She could feel his hard thickness pulsing within her, ready to shoot his load deep within her. That, coupled with her own fingers stroking her clit, sliding in and out of her dripping wetness, she soon was on the edge of her own orgasm. A few more minutes, a few more slaps, and she would be tumbling over the edge herself. “Harder!” She practically screamed at him. “Fuck me harder, my love!” She knew if he would pull just a little hard on her hair, slam a little harder into her tight ass, just a few more strokes and she would be in that heavenly bliss of orgasm.

He pushed her forward, leaned in against her so she hear him at first. “I’m gonna cum…” he said as he continued to pump that ass full of his cock, he felt the wave riding at the tip starting it’s sensitive throb and the heat of her tight ass wrapped around his cock like a sheath encouraged just that. He exited once, so the tip teased its tight walls and then sank back in fully to deliver that hot heavy load of seed. Spurting heated waves in her ass over and over as he grunted and groaned them out and gripped her cheek like he’d held on for dear life.

“Aaaaaaaaah!!” She screamed as he came, her own orgasm hitting her hard, her muscles clenching, relaxing, spasming as she came, soaking her fingers, as she collapsed beneath him. When she could finally move, she pulled her hand out from beneath her, bringing it to her mouth to suck her juices off her fingers. “mmmm… tasty!” She smiled as she twisted her upper body to be able to look up at him.