Raven and Barca

The tattoo parlor is located in a mansion on the outskirts of Rosenberg. There is a small gravel parking lot in the front of the building, room enough for maybe half a dozen vehicles, with a large field off to the side for a dozen more. The building was in the style of an old, large ranch house, reminiscent of the times of the cattle barons of the early years of the previous century when the land was first being developed. A wide wooden porch wrapped around the visible portion of the mansion.

As one steps into the house, they find themselves in a large foyer, with rooms off to each side and a hall in front of them. Both rooms are wallpapered with hundreds of pages of possible tattoos on display. The room to the left holds several couches for waiting customers, a coffee table and several end tables with lamps set atop them, along with a long counter along the back wall, several binders lay atop the counter, open to show even more tattoos, both hand drawn possibilities and pictures of work that has already been done by the artists in the parlor.

The room to the right is a bit more sparse in its furnishings, with only a tall table or two accompanied by several bar stools around them. Upon the table is a single lamp with a binder of yet more pictures of work that has been done by the artists. There is a counter along the back wall of this room as well, containing displays of a massive variety of jewelry, mostly for one of the many varieties of piercings that the parlor can do.

It was late when he entered. The behemoth ducked the doorway to the parlor, far too wide to just pass on through he simply adjusted as was necessary to do so. The dark Adonis was draped in a black short furred leather 3/4 coat, with his immense figure displayed beneath. No shirt, just a pair of black leather pants and boots that covered the rest of his impressive physique. His heavy footfalls sounded his approach and from within the hood he looked over those who might have been present… With him came a feeling of raw power and aggression, Rage.

There were few patrons inside at this hour, most being up in the rooms of the second floor, or have left after getting their tattoos done. A young girl stands behind a counter just inside and to the left of the door, apparently doing the nightly paperwork, checking receipts and such. She shoves a stack of money into a drawer under the counter as he enters, and looks up at him, the automatic smile she wears quickly turning into a look of fear as she locks the drawer and heads for the back with a quick “One moment, Sir” spoken over her shoulder as she leaves. A few moments later, a tall woman in her mid-twenties comes from the back, wearing a pair of skin tight dark blue jeans and a teal bikini top barely covering her breasts under an open black cotton duster type jacket. Her ice blue eyes look him over once before speaking. “My apologies, Sir, Janet still isn’t quite used to all of my…” she pauses to tilt her head at him, “clientele. How may I help you?” She reached one hand up to push a wayward strand of her ankle length blue-black hair behind her ear as she watched him, exposing the studs that lined her ear from the lobe all the way to around the curve, as well as several tribal tattoos.

His tone was fitting: deep and dark, like himself. It issued forth from the shadowed hood, where his cold hard gaze fell upon the face before him He’d watched the meal run off to fetch its master. The impossibly broad individual regarded Raven with a nod. “Your pets are getting smaller and smaller each night. Have you anything to share with me. I hunger. Perhaps the one who scurried off like a small lamb, ignorant of its place in the world, ignorant of its cause, to be slaughtered…?”

She blinked at him and raised an eyebrow, looking over her shoulder to where ‘Janet’ had run off, then turned her ice blue eyes on him. “I have… others. Most of them are in chambers upstairs. If you wish a meal, that can be arranged. Unless you have other business here?” She turned and headed for the hallway leading to the stairs, looking over her shoulder to see how the behemoth would handle the not overly wide hallway. Her bare feet made no sound as she walked across the hardwood floors, her hips swaying in the most tantalizing ways, almost inviting him… almost. Something in her look dared him, and warned him all at the same time.

“Always. Such is the nature of the night. Dark is its business until thwarted by the arrival of the sun’s revealing rays.” He watched her step away, took predatory note the way in which her body moved. There was a flash of its impending use, and how he would fill it that lit up the dark chambers of his mind. And along with it the scent of mortal blood within the room gave rise to the beast’s hunger biting at the walls of his control. He followed suit, nowhere near as quiet in his heavy step. As he viewed the rest of the parlor he spoke. “You’ve done well with your business, I admit, but it isn’t to see just how well you’ve come along that brings me here, but how good have you been instead.”

She chuckled, softly at first, then a little louder as she shook her head slightly. “Oh, I’ve been so good, it will amaze even you, Sir.” With that she led the way up the stairs, past a few rooms, and down the first hall, turning to the left at the end and stopping at a door on the right. As they walked down the hall, the house seemed eerily quiet, as if empty, though his nose and taste buds would tell him it was anything but. Even his heightened hearing would hear nothing. She looked at him, one hand on the door knob (sorry, mail just got here, and I’m the only one who can walk to the mailbox and back without falling over) as she watched him, waiting for him.

He followed, watching her move. She may have caught the strike of his tongue tip against his fangs if she ever looked back. It wasn’t a long stroke, but an advertisement of his predatory self. What remained still was to be seen, as clearly she had something to show him. “We shall see…” He stepped up behind her as she took the doorknob, resting his massive hand against the door itself. The other hand fell atop her shoulder grasping the back of her neck gently but with measured control even in that glimpse of a touch she could feel monument amounts of Potence in restraint. “Show me, how good. Words are but the spread of a fine meal’s presentation. But the consumption, therein lies the true worth of its substance. Flesh willing, flesh resisting, taken and consumed. Dominated.”

She chuckled at his words, her eyes narrowing to slits for a few moments as she looked up at him — or attempted to. She’d turn the knob fully, letting the pressure of his hand on the door push it open to reveal the room within. It was dark overall, both in look and feel, with walls covered in a paper of dark blue, with a darker, almost black, damask pattern in a sort of fuzzy material. In the center of the rather large room was a king sized bed set upon a foot and a half high dais. The bed frame was of a black walnut wood, posted, with bars making a frame at the top. Two more bars ran parallel to the head and foot, evenly spaced in the middle, with several chains hanging from multiple places. Lying in the middle of the bed, a young woman in her late twenties, fully exposed and staring at them as the door opened, wide eyed and eager.

“Trained to accept then?” He raised a curious brow, now pressing forward into the room. He stopped to take in the structure and set up. “Lavish decor, ripe for the darkening with the blood of the weak. Show me here, what it is you do here Raven when you are all alone. How does the bird of prey descend upon its meal?”

The slight smile that barely curved Raven’s lips as they had come upstairs now slowly turned into a wide grin, a twinkle coming to her icy eyes. A nagging within her told her she should not show emotions, but at the moment she chose to ignore that nagging, choosing instead to indulge herself. She closed and locked the door once they were both inside, latching two chains towards the top, more for the prevention of the mortal escaping than anything else, as she or her guest could easily break them with the yank of the door. She tilted her head slightly to the side as she approached the bed, her jacket dropping from her shoulders to slide down her arms, left in a pile on the floor as she stopped at the foot of the bed. The mortal crawled across the mattress to her mistress, coming up fully on her knees, which she kept spread at shoulder width as she knelt, her arms reaching up for the bar above her head. Raven licked her lips, tilting her head to the other side, as if considering just how much she wanted to play with her meal tonight.

Raven stepped to the foot of the bed in front of the mortal and watched her for a moment. With one hand, she stroked the woman’s face as she tilted her head to the side, the other hand slowly slid down her stomach with a teasingly light touch, until she reached her freshly shaved, completely smooth mound. The young woman began to shiver at Raven’s touch, to which Raven shook her head and paused in her caress. As soon as the girl stopped moving, Raven continued with her caress, slowly moving her hand further down to slide first one, then a second finger within her treasure trove, her eyes daring the girl to move or moan.

Watching them both the fire began to build up within his eyes. As from the days and nights of old there were just some things that did not die. Some fires remained, desires lusts satisfactions to be had. The behemoth took up enough of the room just by standing there, let alone the latent rage that began seeking escape within him. His immense frame tensed, muscles flexing beneath the skin. Large, calloused hands clenching into fists that could batter down steel reinforced walls, and much more with ease. He licked his fangs, watching the two at play here, as ideas began to develop, his gaze fell over the natural shape of Raven’s body.

Her eyes flickered for the briefest of moments to the ‘swing’ in the far left corner of the room before she brought her full attention to the nubile young thing in front of her. Raven walked around to the head of the bed, the young mortal turning as she did, watching, waiting for her mistress’ instructions. As she reached the head, Raven reached a hand up for one of the chains, a wrist cuff of steel 3 inches wide attached to the end. Her other hand reached out for the girl, who immediately crawled across the bed to her mistress and offered her wrist for the cuff. Once that one was locked, Raven reached for a matching one a few feet away and locked that one around the girl’s other wrist. A few moments more and both feet were locked in matching leg cuffs at the foot of the bed, leaving the girl suspended a couple feet off the mattress face down. Raven looked to him for a moment, licked her lips as she walked around the bed full circle, inspecting the girl. Once satisfied, she grabbed her jacket off the floor where she left it, stepped to a corner of the room where a single recliner rested, laid her jacket neatly over the back and slowly stripped off her jeans. After a moment, she turned her back to him, She stood there in her teal silk bikini for a few moments, watching his reaction, before stripping that off as well. She stood there a moment before turning a slow circle for his inspection. Silently she stepped to the foot of the bed, between it and him, presenting him with her back side before bending over to crawl up between the girl’s legs, leaving herself fully exposed to his eyes, and his attentions. The girl began to shake slightly, making the chains hanging rattle, giving off a barely audible jingle. She shook in a mix of fear, which could be smelled in the air, and anticipation.

“Your pick of the litter is…..petite. She would likely break if a monster such as I were to put member to her. It is hungry for not death, but abuse. Something that is capable of withstanding its punishment. Something that will bruise but not quite break.” Barca watched on as Raven toyed with her property. He reached out and caressed the buttocks of Raven, encouraging her as he spoke on his intentions for her. He guided her down with the press of his hand not even applying effort. He caressed the round of her cheek as he referred most to the thing that could handle his abuse. While doing so, kneading, massaging, he took a handful of hair and pulled her back and up to him, grasping her hip and lower back with such large a hand to force her back into an arc and press his girth against her behind. “While you satisfied your little one, tending to her tender petals with your tongue, I will take your ass and you will satisfy me. Let your hunger for me shine through in your effort. You have no shame for you are indeed mine my Raven. Allow me to fill you with my hunger too. Coax from me the very seed your body craves. Your beast prays for. The colossus upon which your ass will clench around in protest as each violent orgasm will rock the very fiber of your being.”

Red: A Reunion

They say that when your life is coming to an end, memories of days past easily come to mind, reminding you of things you will miss, times you screwed up, but also of times you did damned good. This night was no different for Red as she remembered many nights so long ago. She had been back in Magid for over a month and had yet to get a chance to spend any time with her Sire.

Through the earpiece Red heard Ty’s voice, “Red better show her Sire that ass soon!” Red turned to him with a knowing glance, silently promising him soon. As Erris got into the Escalade, Red told Jessica to go with her, that she needed to speak with Ty and would get a ride home with him. As she spoke to her sister, Ty looked to the four, nodding for them to take off, see the ladies home and he would follow soon enough. When the tail lights had faded into the distance, Red turned her back to Ty and wiggled her ass at him, smiling at him mischievously over her shoulder. In an instant he was against Red, roughly taking her by the arm and pushing her down the deserted alley in front of him. Red pulled away from him and turned, reaching up both gloved hands to push back the hood to rest her shoulders, letting him see the lust in her eyes. A moment later she turned her back to him, dropped her pants and pulled the tails of her duster aside. “You mean this ass, m’love?” Red asked him as she wiggled it in front of him.

“Exactly… It’s been a long time gorgeous.” His deep voice, though low, reverberated off the walls around them, making Red quiver as she became instantly wet in anticipation.

She looked over her shoulder at him and frowned. “And whose fault is that?” she asked him, raising an eyebrow.

“My own, I know.” Ty rubbed one smooth, nicely rounded cheek lovingly. “I have lost time to make up for.”

Red smiled over her shoulder at him, teasingly wiggling her bottom in front of him. “Yes, you do, love…”

Ty smacked one side, the sound echoing through the alley, exciting Red even more. “And you remember just how I like it…” He threw the duster over her back, leaning back a little to admire what she offered him. Red giggled – a rare sound from her that only Ty could coax from her – and wiggled a little more. “Miss me?” he asked as he stood behind her, bumping a bit, teasing her.

Red bit her bottom lip and nodded, “you know I did. No one else touches me the way you do.”

“I think I have someone who wants to say hello.”

Red gave him an innocent look. “Really? Who?”

Ty unzipped his pants as they spoke, pressed the badboy tip against her exposed folds, teased her. “Hmm… no, not there…” He slowly, teasingly moved the thick shaft up between her spread cheeks she offered him. “Maybe there… if you ask nicely.”

She moaned softly, shaking with anticipation, her knees weak with desire. “Pleeeeease,” she begged as she wiggled against him and bent over slightly to give him better access to wherever he wished.

“That’s my girl… always…” He took a slow pressing trip, teasing at first with the thick blunt tip against her buttocks, a teasing smack with his girth against her cheek before slowly working his way into her tight home.

Red relaxed completely as she pressed back against him, urging him deeper within her, moaning her pleasure. Her eyes closed lazily as her passion is expressed in her features, her pleasure clearly seen on her face, in the curve of her full luscious lips as they parted slightly and her tongue slowly moved across them, moistening them to match the wetness between her thighs.

“Who’s ass is this?” Ty smacked the right side, then braced her for the hardest slam of his cock he’d ever given her. Absence does make something grow fonder. He watched the pleasurable ride on her expression. Ty cared not who watched in this darkened alley, just the sounds of his flesh on hers, the groan of indulgence and the feeling of his weighty cock shod deep in her tight little ass.

Red reached back one hand to grip his wrist, trying to keep from becoming off balance as he slammed into her, shifting her weight slightly for a moment as she moved her legs further apart to keep balance. “Yours! This ass is all yours!” She moaned loudly, wiggled that ass of hers for him just as she knew he liked it… all just for him. No one had touched her since she had been with him last, over a year ago, and none ever would. No one could love her the way he did, and that thought heightened her pleasure even more. She curved her back and went up on her toes as she bent over further to place her hands on the ground in front of her… she loved how limber she stayed and knew that he did too. Yeah… he could get good and deep now, and slam all he wanted… and she would stay right there and take all he could give her.

It could have been frustration, or anger, or lust, or a combination of all three wrapped into one, but when she bent over completely it was like an open invitation, which he took, and wouldn’t stop as he took out all of his emotion on her ass. “Goddamned right it is… And I’m going to fill it with so much fucking cum!” He reached forward and held her hips like controls as he grudge fucked her hard with each unbalanced heavy thrust that sent him deepest into her each time. Her flesh rebounding with each drive only encouraged him more and the familiar red of her hair that caught his eye the first time only urged the groan and near growls of pleasure from him. It would take all of her resiliency to walk this off in the end, and the first wave of his heat came rushing out, trying its best to escape her bottom, his girth only made it slicker.

The knee length fiery braids that was her hair fell to the side when she bent over and swung side to side as he slammed into her again and again and she pushed back against him each time, her passion growing with every vengeful thrust as she bounced back against him, wiggling her ass just for him, begging him not to stop, begged him to give her every bit of him that she had so sorely missed. As her own orgasm slammed through her body her muscles convulsed in ripples, tightening and relaxing in rhythmic waves, her knees almost buckling beneath her and her love as she locked them to keep from falling, her voice filling the area around them as she screamed out her passion. She continued to push against him, continued to beg him to fill her with more, not wanting him to stop.

“Good… good… Welcome home. I never properly did that. I’m glad I waited.” The powerful strokes continued, didn’t slow down as he did this to her in the alley. Theirs would always be strange, but it was what it was. When he did finally withdraw from her, the excess dribbled down her thigh and he watched it with some sadistic fascination.

Red didn’t bother to clean up the excess that ran between her cheeks and down her slit, merely reached to pull up her pants, knowing she would do straight to the shower when she got home. Yes, their time together, the places they chose to express their passion for each other, had always been what most would consider to be strange, but it had become the norm for them. The rush of excitement that someone might walk by and see them was still there, but no longer did she worry about it as she once had. She had come to accept that her lover would take her where and when he chose, and she loved him all the more for his spontaneity. She turned and licked her lips, her lust and desire for him still shining in her eyes as she reached a hand up to push her braids back over her shoulder to fall down her back, wondering if he had gotten his fill for now or if he wanted more before she buttoned the fly of her hip-huggers.

Red: 6. A Reward

They went on like this for almost an hour before he called a stop to the spar. She ignored him, hitting him again with a roundhouse kick then a backhanded hit both aimed at his jaw. Before she could step out of his reach, he snatched her up by her waist, tossing her over his shoulder. “I said that was enough,” he said as his open hand came down on her ass hard. She squealed, begging for more, and he chuckled as he walked out of the gym, headed for the stairs. “You little nymph. You could be broken and bruised, on your death bed, and still want to fuck, couldn’t you? Vixen!” JoJo watched from the hallway, his lips curved into a smirk. As they passed him, she flipped him off and stuck her pierced tongue out at him, letting him know that she was right where she wanted to be.

“JoJo, I know that you are watching around the corner, see that no one disturbs us… for the rest of the week.” Ty climbed the stairs, easily taking them two at a time, even with her over his shoulder. At the top, he turned left and walked down the hallway. Opening the last door, he stepped into his huge bedroom and across the room to the bed, where he threw her down. The mattress was soft, cushioning her fall easily so as to not hurt her. She squirmed around for a minute, checking to make sure her dress was not harmed. “Remove it if you are so worried about it.” He stepped back to the door to close it, then turned back to face her. His eyes bore into her with a lust that matched her own as she slid off the bed to stand beside it.

“Is this what ye want?” She reached up, unfastened the collar of the dress then reached behind her to undo the short zipper and let the dress fall to the floor. He stepped closer to her, and she met him halfway across the room. His arms came up around her waist gently as he lowered his head to kiss her. His lips were soft against hers, and his kiss passionate.

“Red, it’s not about what I want right now. Is it what you want? To never be able to see the sun, never have any more children, having to survive by drinking the blood of others and most of all to never be able to see what remains of your family again? Could you stand to leave your daughter, you sister and your brothers behind? Is that worth the strength you will gain, the ability to heal, the time? Think very carefully, Red. Could you handle having to consume a mortal’s blood to survive?”

“Do ye think I have nae thought about it? Why did ye give me the books then? Why have ye been teaching me about these things? It’s like dangling the most luscious fruit in front of a man and telling him he can never have it. It’s cruel, Ty, and one thing I have learned about ye is that though ye may be heartless at times, ye are not cruel, not to me. Yes, I want it. I told ye before I could never say no to ye. Ye have already had me drinking blood for weeks now, at least this way I will be in control of it.”

A moment later, he released her, telling her to wait here as he walked out the door, locking it behind him. She stood there in stunned silence, unable to believe he would just walk out on her like that. Never before had he been able to resist her when she had been completely naked in front of him. What the hell was going on? Was he going to turn her? Or was he going to kill her? Even after that short conversation, she feared that she had let him down in some way. That thought made her fall to her knees and cry until she could cry no more. Somewhere in the midst of all her doubt, a thought slowly surfaced. He had said, “never have any more children”, that she would have to leave her daughter. How had he known? They were supposed to be well hidden, no one was supposed to even know about Lily.

She sat there, patiently waiting for him, wearing nothing at all. She wiped her eyes, and looked around the room she had come to know as if it was her own. Her fiery red hair fell down across her back to her ankles, and her eyes took in the details of the room. Lit only by the light coming from the huge fireplace, she could see that it was sparsely furnished. He had redecorated it since she was last here a few days ago. The bed and two chairs that she could see, along with the desk across the room, with its chair, all looked to be in superb condition. As she looked to the walls, she could see that he had added several paintings and tapestries, and there was no doubt in her mind that every one of them was an original masterpiece. On the floor in front of the fireplace was a large fur rug, no doubt some poor creature or two gave their life to make it, with a few blankets and pillows piled on and around it. Not wanting to detract from the beauty of the furniture, even though he had already thrown her on the bed earlier, she decided to rest on the rug, watching the flames of the fire dance as she waited.

A movement caught her eye, and as she turned to see what it was, her heart skipped a beat. He stepped into the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. The stark white of the towel contrasted with his ebony skin, making him all the more handsome. Her breath caught in her throat as he stepped closer to her, asking if she was sure about her decision. She nodded, only once, her eyes locked on his. He reached out to her, and as she took his hand he gently helped her to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her lower back, just above her hips, and a soft moan escaped her throat. She brought her hands up around his neck for a moment before sliding them down across his chest, under his arms and across his ribs to rest them around his waist. She laid her head on his bare chest, breathing in the scent of him.

Slowly he brought one hand up under her chin, gently lifting it. She raised her head and looked at him. He softly brushed his lips against hers, teasing her for a moment. His hands began to caress the soft, smooth skin of her back as his kiss became more passionate. After a few more long moments, he parts his lips slightly, his tongue brushing across her lips, seeking entrance. Slowly she parted her lips and his tongue urgently sought hers out as they began a passionate dance of their own. They stood there in the firelight, drinking in the pleasure of each other’s touch. He let his fingertips lightly explore every bit of flesh he could reach. His touch sent chills through her, which caused her nipples to harden almost painfully. He brought his hands up over her with a gentleness she did not expect, slowly sliding his hands up her body.

He stepped away from her, and she stood there, completely exposed to him as his eyes drank in the full length of her naked body. He took another step back, and with one swift movement loosened the towel from around his waist and tossed it to the couch. Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes feast on the beauty of his well-muscled, and now completely naked, body. He stepped forward, once again wrapping his arms around her waist, at the same time her arms come around his. The feel of his bare skin against hers a slight shock, for it was warmer than she expected. He began to slowly run his hands across her back, lightly caressing her skin. She arched her back, inhaling sharply at the feel of his body against hers, and her hands pulled him closer. She brought her hands across his buttocks and down the top of his thigh, left them there a moment before she brought them back up, the very tips of her fingernails barely brushed across his skin as she did. A smile forms on her lips as she heard him moan softly.

As he lowered his head and began kissing her again, his fingertips continue caressing her back and hips. He teasingly brought his hand up her back, across her ribs and down her stomach before moving it back over her hip to rest it on her lower back. Without breaking the kiss, he eased her back to the floor to rest on the fur rug and blankets, resting beside her. Gently he took both her hands and brought them up over her head, breaking the kiss for only a moment as he did so, placing both her hands in the hand of the arm he was using to support himself. With his free hand, he began to slowly caress her skin, his fingertips barely brushing across her flesh. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply as his fingers brush close to her nipple, causing it to harden again. She let her breath out in a low moan as he continued down her body, across her ribs to her stomach, causing her muscles to tighten. He spent over an hour caressing and exploring every inch of her body that he could touch, and she was amazed at the tenderness and patience he was using.

His touch, barely felt, sent chills all through her, causing her nipples to stiffen painfully, and to remain in that state. His hand moved with agonizing slowness, torturing, teasing with every second. He brought his mouth down to lightly brush his lips across hers for a moment before moving slowly down her body to her throat, above her rapidly beating heart, then to her nipple. She inhaled sharply, arching her back, as his tongue flicked across her nipple for a moment before his mouth completely engulfed it. He began to suckle her nipple lightly, and her breathing became quickened and ragged.

After a few moments, he brought his hand down her ribs, across her stomach, and down her thigh. His tongue resumed flicking across her nipple as he began alternating between flicking it and suckling it. He moved his hand up her inner thigh, her mind reeling at where it was headed. He slowly moved it toward the bare treasure nestled between her thighs, his fingertips brushed past it and she moaned softly, spreading her legs slightly in invitation. When his hand continued to her stomach, she mumbled about him being a tease and he raised his head for a moment, chuckling softly. “Patience, my love, we have an eternity. I want this night to burn in your memory forever,” he whispered.

He released her hands, bringing his hand up her arm, lightly caressing her skin as he reached for her wrist, gently guiding her arm to rest beside her body between them. He lightly placed a kiss on her shoulder before slowly moving further down to her breast, once again flicking her nipple with his tongue. Slowly, teasingly, he brings his hand back down, caressing her shoulder, her breast, across her ribs, until he stopped at her stomach. He rested his hand flat on her stomach, just at her naval, for a few moments as his tongue, and mouth, devoured her nipple. Slowly he moved his hand down across her thigh, bringing it back up her other side, stopping just above the treasure between them. She held her breath for a moment, waiting for his next movement, not realizing that his mouth had released her nipple until she heard him whisper for her to breathe. As his hand comes down searching for her cunt, she let her breath out in a loud moan, parting her legs further as he finds it. He began caressing it, softly at first, then slowly adding a slight bit more pressure. After a few moments he stops, this earning him a slight throaty growl from her, before he resumes his attentions with his thumb instead of his finger. Slowly he slid a finger deep inside her, and began stroking in and out, adding another finger after a few minutes and yet a third a few minutes later. He asks if he was hurting her and a chuckle escapes her. He knew she could handle more than what he was giving her. She begins to purr, deep in her throat, in her chest. He slid a finger out, leaving just the two inside her, his fingers and thumb keeping a steady rhythm.

She felt him bring his head down, brushing his lips across her neck softly, sending chills through her. He nibbled her ear gently, whispering for her to relax and enjoy herself before moving his mouth back down to her neck. Her breathing quickened slightly and she moaned again. He moved his mouth slowly to her nipple, once again flicking his tongue across it, sending her to new heights of pleasure. Just as she began to think she can’t take anymore, he slowly slid another finger in to join the other two, never losing his rhythm. She screamed with pleasure as he began to nibble softly on her nipple, the combination of sensations bringing her to the edge of ecstasy. Slowly he moved his mouth back up to her neck, kissing it once before moving to nibble once more on her ear, then whispering encouragements to let herself go, before nibbling on her ear a little more.

Suddenly he stopped, flipped her over onto her stomach, and slid himself deep inside her in one fluid motion, another scream of pleasure echoed throughout the room as he did. He pulled out slightly, only to slam deep within her again. With one hand he pressed down between her shoulders, forcing her upper body down onto the soft rug, while his other hand came around her hip, between her legs to massage her clit. A few moments later, he brought his hands to her hips, pulling her back against him as he pounded into her harder and harder. The room echoed with her begging him for more, her screams of ecstasy and the slapping of skin against skin as his hand came down hard against her bare ass every few thrusts.

Closing her eyes for a few moments, she concentrated on the vitae running through her veins, using the strength it gave her as she suddenly pushed back against him, pushing him off her. Grinning at his surprised look in his eyes, she turned on him, pushing him again, causing him to fall back on the blankets around them. The hunger in her eyes burned fiercely as she descended on him, straddling him. She reached down between them to grasp his throbbing hardness. He raised his hips as she brought it close to her, trying to get her to bury it deep within her once again. Instead of letting him, she raised up enough that he wouldn’t touch her sweetness, her grin spreading as she heard his tortured groan. “Not there,” she whispered to him, and the lust in his eyes burned brighter as he realized what she was up to.

Slowly she lowered herself down, guiding his hard cock as she let it slid in her ass. A low moan of pleasure escaped her throat as the head of his throbbing prick slid inside her. She slowly lowered herself further down on his prick until all of it was buried deep within her tight ass. He had been the only man she had ever given the pleasure of being there, and now that she was his completely, no one else would ever know the pleasure she was giving him at that moment. She stayed there for a few moments, letting her body get accustomed to the feel of his huge cock before she started to rock forward a little, letting him slide out until just the head was within her. The feel of him in her ass was exquisite, and almost made her cum. Not wanting to end the pleasure just yet, she moved back against him, burying him in her once again, and rested there. She lowered her upper body, wanting to feel his bare skin against her tits. He wrapped his arms around her and started slowly moving his hips under her. The feel of him moving deep within her brought her to the edge and she asked him to stop. “Not yet,” she breathed in his ear before kissing him. He ignored her pleas as he sat up, allowing him deeper access to her. It was enough to send her tumbling over the edge to a long, hard orgasm.

Her breathing quickened, coming in short gasps now, every muscle in her body tightening as the waves of orgasm began to hit her. She felt his teeth sink into the flesh of her breast, and a scream of pure ecstasy escaped her as she felt him drink her life’s blood until she was on the brink of death. Slowly he removed himself from between her legs and brought his hand up in front of her. Weakly she watched in rapt fascination as he used his fingernail to make a cut from his wrist up his arm about two inches, along the vain. He brought his cut wrist to her mouth, telling her to drink. She did, eagerly and without hesitation. The sweet taste fills her mouth as her body died and was reborn again, the pain of which causing her to release him. She screamed again, partly in ecstasy, mostly in pure pain. The feeling was exquisite as she lay there on the blankets writhing in pain and pleasure for several hours.

Red: 5. A Revelation

Memories of another night so long ago flooded her thoughts as she walked up the stairs to the gym. It seemed a lifetime ago. It was a little over six months after they had met and she had started working for him. She had started to spend more and more time with him outside of work, and falling for him. They were supposed to meet for dinner that night, and she had planned to tell him how she felt. She was his now, and because of that, if he wanted her to continue working for him she had no choice. But being so close to him, not telling him how she felt, not knowing if he felt the same, was torture to her. Would he laugh at her and turn her away, or did he feel the same? The question nagged at her and she was determined to get that answer tonight. Her dress was laid across the bed, and she debated on wearing it or her usual tight black jeans and black turtleneck pull over that he had given her so long ago. The dress was black silk, accentuating her tanned skin, red hair, and piercing emerald eyes. The hem of the dress came to her slender ankles, with a split on each side that came up to her hip, showing off the well-toned muscles of her legs, and the curves of her body. The rest of the dress hugged her slim upper body but left her strong arms and her back uncovered, coming up from the front to a strip of fabric an inch wide that went around her neck. The low cut of the front showed off her ample firm breasts tastefully. She looked in the mirror again as she stood there completely nude, contemplating which would look better on her lithe form, before heading to the bed to pick up the dress. There would not be much left to the imagination in this, not that he didn’t know every inch of her body already, but she wanted to show it all off for him tonight. She wanted him to know her intentions just by looking at her. She wanted more than that, though, and she had every intention of getting what she wanted, one way or another.

She walked into the bathroom to turn the shower on, and as she turned to gather her hair up and out of the way, she looked into the mirror and froze. For a brief second she could have sworn that she saw him standing behind her. But when she turned to look, there was no one there. She shook her head and stepped into the now steaming shower. The hot water felt good cascading down her lithe frame as she stood there for a few moments letting the feel of the water wash over her like a rainstorm. Her thoughts wandered to him, again, and she could almost feel him standing behind her, caressing her skin. Startled she opened her eyes and quickly turned around, only to find she was indeed alone. It was strange. She had never felt anything like she did with him, had never before been able to feel someone there when they were not. Was it love? Or was it merely infatuation? Did he feel the same for her as she did for him? Well, she was determined to find out tonight.

Reaching for the shampoo off the shelf, she quickly washed and rinsed her long, thick fiery red hair then pulled it back into a loose knot to keep it out of her way. She then reached for the shaving cream and lathered one leg before reaching for the razor. She took long even strokes up her leg to make sure it was completely smooth. Once done, she repeated the process with the other leg. Next, she reached for the shower-head and took it down as she sat on the custom seat in the corner, spreading her legs and aiming the water directly between them. Moaning softly, she sat back and let the pressure of the water hit her clit, bringing her close to orgasm within mere minutes. Reluctantly she moves the stream up slightly, and brings the razor to her mound. She slowly, carefully, began to shave herself completely smooth. She smiled to herself as she put the razor down and ran her hand across herself. Slipping two fingers inside, letting one slide across her clit as she made sure there were no remnants of hair left anywhere. Slowly she slid the other finger deep inside, letting the other one join it seconds later, sliding them in and out slowly. Soon she added a third as she let her thumb caress her clit. Her head eased back to relax against the wall and she moaned softly as she continued stroking herself, pulling her legs further apart, resting her heels on the edge of the tub. Her mind wandered to visions of him, of having his throbbing hard cock sliding deep within her, as she stroked deeper and harder. Seconds later, she lets the shower-head fall, bringing her hand up to caress her firm breast, pinching the nipple slightly. She moans again, slightly louder this time, as she quickly approaches release. Slowing her thrusts, she kept herself on the edge for a few moments longer, her thoughts of him vivid in her mind, so much so she can feel him there, stroking her thigh with his fingertips. She closed her eyes tighter, not wanting the fantasy to leave as she continued stroking, bringing herself closer to the edge. She could actually feel his tongue tasting her, caressing her as she moved her fingers away, hanging on to the fantasy as her orgasm slammed through her body so hard she almost fell off the seat, a scream of pleasure ripped thru the room as she tumbled over the edge to that hard orgasm.

It took her several long moments before she recovered her senses, and when she did she carefully stood, replacing the shower head, and finished her shower. That nagging thought in the back of her mind came to life again as she washed off, yet still eluded her grasp. She wanted tonight to be very special. She reached for the sponge and the body wash, smelling the strong scent before pouring some of the soap on the sponge and setting the bottle down. Once she worked the soap to a lather, she slowly moved the sponge across her skin with enough pressure to get the dirt and grime of the day off, leaving the intoxicating scent of vanilla on her skin. She nodded to herself in satisfaction. She wanted tonight to be something special. She hoped that he felt the same. When she was done rinsing the soap off, she reached over to turn the water off and opened the door to the shower. Through the steam, she swore she saw him standing there against the closed door of the bathroom. She reached for her towel, stepping closer for a better look as she wrapped it around her, but when she got there, there was no one in the room with her. She opened the door and a draft of cool air greeted her, reminding her that if anyone else had opened the door she would have felt the same cool draft from the other room. She shook her head slightly, thinking she was going crazy. Something was definitely off, and that feeling in the back of her mind kept nagging at her, still eluding her as she tried to concentrate on it further. This wasn’t the first time she had this feeling either.

She pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind, since it seemed the feeling wanted to stay there anyways, and concentrated on getting ready. She secured the towel around her then reached for the knot in her hair, untying it easily. Grabbing the brush from the counter, she carefully pulled it through her hair to get all of the tangles. Once she was done, she stepped into the bedroom and finished drying herself. Stepping in front of the full-length mirror, she stood there for several long moments thinking about him as she admired the lithe frame that stared back at her. Yes, tonight is going to be special. The vanilla scented body spray sat on her dresser a few steps away, and after she sprayed a little on, she opened the top drawer considering whether or not to wear panties under the dress tonight. There were several pair in the drawer that would be good for the night, a high cut bikini and a string thong among them. In the end, she decided against the panties and turned to the bed with her dress laid out. With the high cut of the slits up the side, stockings would look tacky, and the last thing she wanted was to look like a cheap five-dollar whore. The front of the dress left no need for a bra, leaving her nothing under the dress. Perfect. She looked to the dress again and frowned; the dress had been moved from where she had laid it out yet there was no one else in the house. That damned nagging feeling bugged her again, still remaining just out of her grasp. She shook her head and began to dress. Maybe if she just forgot about it she would figure it out.

Within minutes, she had the dress on and was back in front of the mirror, admiring the way the dress complimented her muscular curves, and she knew that he would like it. She looked over at the clock to check the time before stepping back into the bathroom to arrange her hair. She had decided that tonight she would wear it down for him, as she had rarely done, and pulled only the sides up, leaving the majority of it loose. He always enjoyed being able to grab her hair in one hand and pull it, and she knew tonight was going to be no different. Once he saw her he would have trouble controlling the lust, and she was counting on that. She also hoped that it was more than just lust.

Minutes later, she walked back into the bedroom and put on the black five inch spiked heels that matched the dress perfectly. She did not plan to have them on long, much less standing in them, just long enough to have the desired effect. A smile formed on her red lips as she looked in the mirror one last time. He would be putty in her hands tonight, and that was a very intoxicating thought. She grabbed the shawl off the bed, wrapped it around her shoulders, and headed for the door. Her purse and keys waited for her by the front door, and she quickly retrieved them as she walked out the door, locking it behind her.

She had put the top up on her Jeep earlier that day, knowing that she would most likely be wearing her hair down, so that was not a concern as she carefully slid into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle. Within moments, she was on the road, headed to his home. It was not a long drive, and she quickly found herself pulling into the driveway leading past the gates to the house, where she sat waiting for a few minutes as she made sure everything was perfect. She was a few minutes early, and the night air felt good against her flesh, so she took her time carefully sliding out of the driver’s seat, straightening her dress as she stood. Tonight is going to be very special, she thought to herself as she slowly walked up the walk to the front door. Little did she know then just how special it really would be.

He greeted her at the door. Once again she found herself smiling at the effect she had on him. His usual emotionless features now looked at her with lust and admiration, and something else. She watched him as he lead the way to the living room, nodded when he offered her a drink, and sat carefully on the couch. They talked about small things for a little while, his schedule for the week, weaponry she still needed to acquire, the books he had given her to research, until one of his men stepped into the room and informed them that dinner was ready in the dining room. He stepped in front of her, offered his hand to help her stand, and escorted her to the dining room. As they sat, Dante entered the room, apologizing for the interruption. After a quick whispered conversation, Dante nodded and said good eve to them, and left them completely alone in the house.

“There is something I wanted to tell ye.” Her voice was low, but filled the room easily. He stood and stepped around the table towards her, and as he did, she almost lost her nerve. She took a deep breath and plunged ahead. “I have been thinking about how to say this for days, and now that I’ve got the chance, I’m not sure how to say it.” She paused a moment, looking up at him as he leaned against the table next to her. She pushed her plate back, sat back in her chair, and took another deep breath as he watched her patiently. “Either we have to stop seeing each other outside of work, or I have to quit working for ye.” As he raised an eyebrow, she continued. “I’m in love with ye. I have been for a long time now. I would die before I let anyone harm ye. But I don’t feel that I can effectively protect ye if I’m…” He cut her off with a kiss, and her resolve melted.

“Who better to protect me than one that I trust as I trust you. It is because of your love that you make the best person to protect me. That love makes you more vicious than Dante, JoJo or Sugar could ever be. I feel sorry for any fool who would dare come near me with you around.” He usually was not a man for many words, but tonight he said more than usual. “I see by the look in your eyes that you came here tonight to find out if I felt the same. I will say this much. I pity the man who dares harm you, for my wrath will make the worst tortures of hell seem like a pleasant vacation.” He looked at her and by the tone in his voice and the look in his eyes, she knew that he was not feeding her a line. He reached for her hand and pulled her to stand up as he pushed off the edge of the table. “I want to show you something.”

She stood when he pulled and followed him. Even with the extra height of the five inch heels, she was shorter than him. He led her to the gym in the back of the house for his private use. She smiled and raised an eyebrow at him as he led her through the door. “Have you been reading the books that I have been giving you?” She nodded, seeing no need to answer verbally. “And how much of what you have read do you believe is or could be true?”

Hesitating only a moment to gather her thoughts, she answered, “If you are asking if I believe in vampires…” Her voice trailed off and she stood there in silence for a few minutes, thinking. “I hadn’t really thought about it that much, to be honest. I suppose a part of me believes they exist, wishes they did. I mean, can you imagine being able to live forever? Or at least, as long as you wanted to, provided you took the proper precautions against the sun and didn’t piss off the wrong people… Not much different than the lives we lead now. To have all the time I wanted to learn everything I could.” There was a wistful tone to her voice now, as she was lost in thought, talking more to herself than to Ty now. She stepped over to the window, flexing her muscles as she stood there looking out it. “To be stronger than I am now, practically invulnerable. Hell, Ty, most fools wouldn’t be able to get through me to get to you! Unless they were vampires also. I mean, that is, if they were real. However, there is always someone stronger, someone better I suppose. But I would have decades, centuries – hell even millennia if I wanted – to learn more and perfect the skills that I have. I would be the best!” She slipped out of the heels as she stood there thinking aloud. He smiled as she turned to look at him, her eyes full of excitement at the thoughts. “I mean, shit Ty, if even half of what I have read from the books you have been giving me is true… It would be so awesome. The strength, the power, the ability to regenerate. To be practically invulnerable. Hell, the possibilities are endless.” She had only ever been talkative around him, and tonight, on this subject, her thoughts were spoken aloud almost as fast as she could think them.

“And what would you say if I could show you proof that they were real?” Her excited ramblings instantly turned to stunned silence as she stared at him. In the heartbeat that it took for her to turn around to completely face him, he had moved across the room from the door to stand less than a hand’s width away from her. No human could possibly move that fast, and she knew it. He held out his arm between them as he spoke. “I have given you my blood daily for a while now. Do you remember reading about ghouls?”

She nodded, taking a few moments to find her voice. “Ghouls are the blood bonded servants of the vampires, stronger than mortals, but not immortal as the vampires are. They are the daytime protectors of the vampires since the rift between werewolf and vampires had made them enemies. Ghouls could still walk in the daylight, have some of the healing abilities of the vampires, and some of their strengths like slowed aging, but required the blood of their master regularly or the slowed aging would catch up to them very quickly. For younger ghouls who had not been dependent on the blood of a master for long, this was not that dangerous, but for older ghouls, who had been with their master for more than a decade, it could be fatal, especially if their mortal age was past the normal aging for mortals. Regular feeding increases the blood to vitae ratio, and if fed nightly a ghoul will eventually assimilate enough vitae that nothing remains of the human blood. The bond is true love. The master is the most important person in the ghoul’s life…” His words suddenly hit her. That feeling in the back of her mind that kept nagging at her, eluding her as she tried to concentrate on it further, suddenly came to the forefront of her thoughts with such force that she nearly passed out from the shock. He had already made her a ghoul, without her knowledge. She was unsure if she was angry with him, or delighted. With the same speed that he had crossed the room, she reached up and slapped him, hard. The sound of her palm connecting with his cheek resounded ominously throughout the gym as he looked at her. Her voice was deathly cold as she spoke again. “You son of a bitch! You could have at least fucking asked me!”

“Would you have said no?” His eyes had grown dangerously void of emotion as he considered her. He took a half step back away from her.

“You know I can’t deny you anything. It’s a pretty low thing to do to a person to toy with their emotions.” She was practically screaming at him in anger as she stepped away from him, crossing the room to stand by another window, one away from him. The emotions she had been having were not real, but that realization did not make them any weaker.

“Think about it, Red. How long have you been in love with me? Weeks? Months? How long, Red?” He advanced on her again, grabbing her waist and throwing her to the center of the room. As she landed, she immediately dropped to a defensive crouch. Thanks to the slits up the sides of the dress, this maneuver left her legs completely exposed, and the lust in his eyes grew stronger. She learned a very long time ago to use a man’s emotions against him when she could, and if it came to a fight, she would do just that.

Slowly she stood, facing him. Dropping her defenses, she answered him. “I…I…I’m not sure. I can’t be sure. I have wanted you since the day I first saw you in the library. And after that first night in the gym I knew I couldn’t stand to be far away from you. The more I was around you, the stronger my feelings got. I didn’t want to be in love with you for so long because of our working relationship. It would be fatal for one or both of us if I were to get distracted by my love for you. Then when I finally admitted it to myself, I couldn’t say how long I had been in love with you; I couldn’t remember ever not loving you.” She had realized that even if it meant losing her life, she could not, would not, fight him. She would rather die than harm him.

“Think about it. You have loved me for months. I have only been giving you my blood for a few weeks, a month at the most. Your bond to me is not the reason you love me. You were already in love with me.” His smile was enough to melt her heart and dissipate her anger. “I only made that love stronger. And I only did that because I care for you much more than any vampire should care for a mortal. It is because of how we feel for one another that I have given you this gift. I could no more stand to lose you than you could stand not to breathe. For a vampire in my position, that is deadly.” He took the steps across the room to stand before her, his wrist exposed between them again.

Suddenly the anger welled up inside of her again. “You still could have asked me, asshole!” She continued to rant at him, though she had unconsciously switched to screaming curses in the Irish Gaelic in her anger. When she was done, they stood there staring at each other for a few moments, him at her in confusion and her at him expecting an answer to what she had just asked him. Inhaling deeply, she looked away. “No, I probably would not have turned down the offer, but damnit! I deserve to have the chance to make that decision! Now you have my body so damned addicted to the blood that I have no choice!” Without warning, he kicked her. Hard. She fought back the scream that threatened to escape her lips as she felt the bones in her leg snap. Instead, she screamed words at him at she fought to remain standing. “Ye god damned son of a mother fucking cum swallowing gutter bitch!! How the fuck can ye say that ye care and then break me fucking leg less than a heartbeat later?” In her anger and pain her thick Irish accent came out in full force.

“Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones we have to hurt the worst.” His voice was still dead calm, and it was beginning to frighten her.

“So, because ye love me ye are going to kill me?” Emotions raged out of control. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched the man she had come to love. How could she have been so stupid, to trust him, to love him, only to be betrayed like this. The fear and hurt turned to anger and she tried to take a step before she realized she could not. Falling to her knees, she took a moment to look at her leg. The bone had snapped and ripped through the skin, leaving the jagged end of broken bone exposed to the air.

“That’s right, Red. Get angry with me. Hate me for all I care, but know that you are mine. Call me every name in the book if you want, but it is time for you to fucking learn to use the gift that I have given you! Learn to use that anger boiling in your blood. Concentrate on it, use the strength of the blood to heal the bone.” Placing one hand on either side of the break, she set her teeth against the pain and the scream she was sure would come even against her will. She had seen bones set before, had to set a couple herself, and with a sudden surge of energy she snapped the bone back into place. “That’s it. Set it, and heal it.” He watched her with cold, emotionless eyes as she glared at him. “I said to fucking concentrate. Now do it!”

Her eyes became just as cold as his as she felt the blood boiling in her veins. She concentrated on that warmth, directing it, willing it to her broken leg. “If this fucking scars, I’ll kick yer ass from here to hell and back, asshole!” She could feel the bones mending as she continued to set her will to the healing, the initial pain of it soon subsiding as the break healed, then the skin where the bones had come through. She concentrated more on the scar, willing it away to become perfect, unmarred, once again.

“If it leaves a scar, it will serve as a reminder to learn when to shut the fuck up and do as I tell you. Or shall I give you another lesson?” He raised his hand to strike her again, and by the time the blow aimed for her cheek fell, she stood fully to face him, resulting in him hitting her side instead. He smirked, knowing that she was capable of handling so much more than he had given her. “Damnit girl, I gave you this gift because I see the potential in you to strengthen the bloodline. And you are right, I cannot take it back now. The only way for you to end it is painfully, either by going through the withdrawals and hoping you survive, or by being killed. Is that what you want? Or, can you trust me that I know what the fuck I’m doing. You are worthy of so much more, and I can give it to you.”

As swiftly as his strike had hit her, she turned on him with a force that she never would have imagined she had before. The possibilities of what she could now do sprang to her mind with such vivid detail that an evil grin curved her luscious red lips, making her all the more attractive to him. He stood his ground, the emotionless expression in his eyes now replaced once again by the lust he had for only her. “I want more.” Her voice was amazingly calm compared to the frenzied pitch of anger just moments before, full of the same lust that he felt. Her eyes bore a fire in them that burned more intensely than a bonfire, and they showed him the passion that she felt inside.

“Good.” His lips curled into a truly vicious grin. “Because I plan on giving you more.” Without warning, he reached to strike her again, this time a blow that would have landed square on her jaw and most likely would have broken it if she had not dodged at the last moment, instead passed right by her head. He nodded, his eyes showing his approval. Within the span of three heartbeats they had exchanged a deadly combination of blows, some were avoided, some were not, and none of them did more damage than to leave the receiver with a painful reminder in the morning. The longer they went and the harder they fought, the brighter the lust and fire burned in her eyes. “Now do you understand what I have been trying to teach you, Firebrand? Use your anger, your hatred, all of your emotions. You know how to watch your opponent for any tells, any advantages you can use, now you will learn to use the strength and agility that comes with the rest of it. Why do you think I have had you fighting Dante and Sugah every night? Why do you think you are the best fighter in the rings? Have you not noticed that you have become quicker than them?” He continued to talk to her, to guide her as they sparred. Red soaked everything in like a sponge, putting most of it to practice almost immediately.

Red: 4. A Sparring Lesson…

He asked her if she was busy and if she could get out of here for a while. She was not sure what he had in mind, but she knew that she wanted to go with him. She was very attracted to him, and did not know why, but she would do everything she could to find out what the attraction was. She had no hesitations about being alone with him, and didn’t give it a second thought, until much later. She looked to the books for a minute, making a mental note of which ones she wanted to read again next time she was here. Apparently, he mistook her hesitation as he told her to grab a couple of them, he would make sure they were returned or replaced. After quickly picking out a couple of the more interesting ones and setting them aside, she quickly put on her knee length black soft leather jacket and grabbed the books, walking with him out of the library and to his Hummer. She looked to her vehicle for a moment, then decided it would be okay here for the time being, but quickly put her bag in it and hit the alarm pad to make sure it was set. She had worked hard to get her mint condition, antique Jeep, and did not want anyone messing with it. She apologized for keeping him waiting as she returned to him and the Hummer.

He took her to the boxing studio. She had been coming here before work since she started working for the man’s company several months ago, working out, making money from the guys who would bet they were better than her, earning the respect of most of the fighters that came through there. The lights were out and the place was deserted, but Ty unlocked the door and led the way inside, locking them back once they were inside. Looking around for a moment, taking in the enormous room, she was always impressed with the boxing ring and the amount of weight equipment around it, more than most gyms she had ever been to, and Red had been to quite a few. The ring was in the center of the place with several rows of folding chairs around it. Around those were placed the weight equipment. Impressed by the amount of money someone had spent on building this place, she raised an eyebrow and slowly walked around the place. Every weight-training machine imaginable was here, one for every muscle group in the body, along with ones for specific muscles. Yeah, this place had become like a second home to her since she started working here.

Pointing out a locker at the end of the wall, he told her there was a pair of gloves in there and asked her if she wanted to use them or bare handed, explaining that he wanted to show her a few new things, work with her more personally. It took her only a moment to walk across the room to the lockers, take her leather jacket off and put it in one of the lockers and a few moments more for her to consider whether she wanted to use them. She was used to fighting in her jeans and combat boots, but pulled her shirt off and put it in the locker, standing there in her sports bra and a tank top. She could feel his eyes upon her as she moved and it made her heart beat faster. She decided against the gloves, and told him bare handed as she walked back across the room to the ring where he stood.

A smile played across her lips as she felt him watching her, and that warm feeling began spreading through her again. It took most of her self-control to keep her mind on the task at hand as she silently cursed herself for letting him affect her this way. What was it about him that did this to her? Why was she so willing to give in to him, do anything he told her to, without question? She didn’t know, but she knew she had to find out. She knew the answers did not matter, but maybe they would help her to learn more about him, to understand him better. Why did she want to so badly though?

As she joined him in the ring, she pushed her troubling thoughts aside for the moment, concentrating on the task at hand. They had been sparring for almost a quarter of an hour when she realized that he was pulling his punches. Out of respect for him as a fellow fighter and an employer, she had not pulled hers, letting him see what she had and what she could do, what she had been learning from the other fighters. When she noticed that he was pulling his punches, it irritated her. He was making her work harder, pushing her on to show him not only her fighting skills and a little of her own style, but her self-control, her power and her determination. He pulled another punch, barely hitting her, pissing her off completely. She moved to the left, dropping her shoulder for a left hook, changing at the last moment to hit him with a right uppercut. The look of stunned amazement as he rubbed his jaw was priceless and she smiled at him.

“So you do have some fire in there. Good. Got anymore? Or is that it? Is that pretty red hair of yours all the fire you have, Firebrand?” He was goading her, and she played his game. He wanted fire, he got fire.

“I should ask ye the same thing. Ye have been pulling yer punches. Why? We have sparred for weeks now and suddenly ye are going easy, why? What are ye at, Mr. Jackson? Did ye all o’ a sudden have a change o’ heart fightin’ me? Ye know I can take a punch, so please stop trying ta insult me by pullin’ yer punches. If ye have something tae teach me, then show me, damnit!” He tried to take advantage of her talking to throw her off balance, and failed. She was used to fighting on the streets; she had made a living out of it. It was not so easy to distract her. She smiled. “It will take more than that to win, Mr. Jackson. Quit treatin’ me like a fragile piece o’ glass and fight me!” Her Irish accent became thicker, less covered, the more she spoke, her temper showing hotter with every word, every step in the dance of the fighters. “How am I tae show ye what I can do, what I have been learning, if ye are not going tae take me seriously? Or are ye afraid? Am I too much woman for ye all o’ a sudden, Mr. Jackson? Would ye prefer ta call someone else tae get into the ring with me?”

At that, he knocked her flat on her ass, and she sat there grinning up at him for a moment before laughing. She stood, nodding to him as they started to dance again. For the next hour they sparred, no more holding back, no more pulling punches. She would have bruises and sore muscles in the morning, but she would enjoy every moment of them! He instructed her in kick-boxing, showing her kicks and moves that she had only read about but not had the chance to practice. It was good to finally put theory to practice. She finally found someone who could keep up with her in the ring, someone who challenged her skill and knowledge, to help her learn more and perfect her skills. Now, if only she could get him to keep up with her in bed. As that thought invaded her concentration, he hit her solidly, and for a few moments she was afraid he had broken her jaw. They continued, her jaw aching badly, but since she could move it, she put the thought of broken bones aside and hit him with a renewed sense of wanton pleasure. A good fight, whether in the ring or out, had always made her hot, and this time was no different. The longer they went at it, the hornier she got. Something in the back of her mind told her that he could tell that her panties were wet and getting wetter with every hit, both taken and given.

After almost two hours, when she had worked up a good sweat and her panties were thoroughly soaked, he called an end to the session, complimenting her and showing her to the showers, and a clean change of clothes. How the hell did he know her size? She eyed the black turtleneck sweater as she reached for the black silk long sleeved shirt that lay on the bench next to it. She looked up to where he stood in the doorway almost twenty feet away. His expression told her nothing, his eyes were blank, but as she thanked him, a slight smile curved his lips. Next to the shirt was a pair of black jeans. She looked at the size and smirked. They would be tight on her, but she would be able to wear them. Something in the back of her mind told her that he wanted them tight, and the thought made her smile. Laid on top of the sweater was a set of black lace and silk bra and matching panties.

As she showered, she could feel his eyes upon her, and she wished he would join her. The hot water cascaded down her back, her eyes closed as she stepped into it and let it hit her face. The tiled wall was cool to the touch even with the steam in the room as she put her hands out in front of her, leaning forward slightly as she relaxed and let the hard pulse of the water massage her lithe muscular frame, slowly working out the beginnings of knots and bruises she knew she would have in the morning. The scent of the soap still lingered, but there was something else as well, something she had only smelled once before. Turning in the direction of the scent, she opened her eyes to see him standing directly in front of her and her heart leapt to her throat. It surprised and concerned her that he had gotten this close to her without her sensing him there. Not that she minded him being within arm’s reach, she liked that part. And the fact that he stood there in nothing but what the goddess had put him on this earth wearing was all the better.

The muscles she had seen threatening to rip his clothes apart looked even better without the clothes covering them. Tentatively she reached out her hand toward him, looking up into his eyes for approval. The slight curve of his lips was inviting as she placed her hand against his chest, feeling the taunt pectoral muscles flex at her light touch. The coolness of his skin slightly startled her and she pulled her hand back for a moment. He brought his hand up, taking hers in his, and placed her hand back on his chest above his heart. With eyes wide she looked up at him when she didn’t feel a heartbeat. What kind of man was he to have no heartbeat? Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, remembering the books he had given her to read which led her to further research. Could they be real? Could he be one? Why had she not noticed last time they were together? Had she been that wrapped up in the ecstasy at the time? Tentatively she began to caress the skin of his chest, slowly moving her hand down to his stomach as she looked up into his eyes to watch his reaction to her touch.

The hunger in her eyes burned brightly as she watched her hand caressing his ebony skin, and even though hers was darkly tanned it contrasted against his like a beacon lit on a dark night. Without further hesitation she slowly stepped around him, her fingers lightly caressing his skin as she moved them across his abdomen, over his ribs and up across his back to his shoulders. The all too familiar look of lust in his eyes as he turned his head and watched her told her he wanted more than the touch of her fingers, and she was more than willing to give it to him… in time. She was enjoying teasing him and was going to make him pay for teasing her for so long in the ring. The look in his eyes told her that he knew the effect he had on her and he was taking full advantage of it.

A small smile formed on her lips as she leaned closer to him and lightly brushed her lips across his back. She was amazed at his self-control as he stood there unmoving as her hands gently massaged his shoulders for a moment before moving them across his bare flesh. Across his back they slid, down to his waist and around to the front to lightly caress the hard muscles of his abdomen. He felt so good to her touch; she wanted to stand there and tease him for hours, but she was unsure when someone would walk in on them. The thought suddenly excited her more than she had been before as she curled her fingers slightly, her nails digging into his flesh. She heard his soft moan and smiled. So he likes the pain does he? Well, I’ll just have to accommodate him. She smiled as she trailed kisses across his back, over his upper arm, and across his chest as she slowly moved to stand in front of him again.

As she stepped in front of him, he brought one powerful arm up to wrap around her waist, pulling her against him roughly. Her breath caught in her throat as his lips came down on hers gently. With the lust that had shown in his eyes and how forcefully he pulled her to him, she had not expected him to be so gentle when he kissed her. When his tongue lightly brushed against her lips, she willingly parted them, his tongue finding hers a willing partner in their own silent dance. He picked her up, gently guiding her legs to wrap around his waist and she surrendered completely to him. He stepped to the wall, pinning her against it and she inhaled sharply at the shock of the cold wall against her warm back, letting her breath out in a low moan of pleasure as she felt his hand begin to caress her leg.

His hand moved with agonizing slowness as he caressed her hip. As he did, she brought her hands up along his sides, moving them as best she could between them considering he was pressing against her, pinning her to the wall with his full body, his other hand against the wall beside her head. She moved her hands slowly across his ribs to his chest as his hand moved from her hip along her body to her firm breast. She moaned again as she felt his fingers gently caressing her soft skin, her hands moved upwards more to wrap around his neck, pulling him closer to him, urging him on with her tongue, her hands and her body. His body felt so good and she wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside of her. She had already surrendered herself completely to him.

They were completely oblivious to the water cascading down against them as they stood there, lost in each other’s touch. He slowly released her tongue, pulling his head back slightly as he trailed kisses down her neck. She thought nothing of the fact that he seemed to hesitate as he came close to her jugular. As he moved further down her neck and across her shoulder, her heartbeat quickened, sounding like thunder in her own ears. She fought hard to control her breathing in the steam-filled room, but his tongue flicked across her already stiff nipple, making it even harder under his ministrations. She moaned again as she arched her back slightly, pressing her breast against his mouth. Closing her eyes again, she laid her head back against the wall as his mouth engulfed her nipple, sucking on it gently. With another sharp inhale of her breath, her legs tightened around his waist as her nipple was caught between his teeth, gently at first then slowly becoming harder until he almost drew blood. The harder he bit, the tighter her legs got around his waist and the closer to orgasm she came. He keeps that up and he’ll have me cumming all over him soon!

Almost as if sensing how close she was, he slowly began trailing kisses from one firm breast to the other, letting his tongue taste her flesh as he slowly moved from one side to the other. A few agonizing moments later his tongue slid across her nipple, only to pull away suddenly. A soft groan escaped her as he stopped, turning into a scream of pleasure halfway through as he suddenly bit her nipple viciously, drawing blood. She sighed softly as his mouth remained there for a few very long moments drinking from her. He brought his hand along her leg to her knee for a moment, and then slowly moved it back toward her hip, caressing her skin lightly. He continued to move his hand beyond to her buttocks, grabbing one cheek firmly and pulling her even closer to him. She could feel his throbbing manhood against her flesh, and she wanted it. He brought his other hand down to her buttocks and began massaging them gently as he continued to suckle her breast. Slowly he moved one hand from her ass, lightly running his fingers across her hip, then her upper thigh. Hesitating only a moment, his fingers slowly moved between their bodies to caress the well-trimmed triangle at the top of her mound for a few minutes.

As he continued to suckle her nipple, biting it savagely every few minutes, he brought his hands along each leg to her ankles behind him. With a light pressure on her ankles, he told her to release him and let them drop to the floor as his mouth came back up to hers. Their tongues entwined again for a brief moment before he forcefully turned her around, grabbing her by the waist as he did. With his other hand he began to lightly caress her back, from her neck to her waist along the spine as he bent her over at the waist, her long fiery mane falling to the side. She put her hands against the cool wall in front of her for support as she felt his throbbing cock against her. With one hand, he pulled one leg up, giving him better access to her as he pushed against her gently. He pressed in fully, filling her up more completely than she had ever been. A smile formed on her lips as she sighed with pleasure. They stood there a moment as he let her get used to him, his hands moving across every inch of her flesh that he could reach. Suddenly he pulled his hand back, bringing it down sharply against one ass cheek hard, leaving a bright red handprint on her tanned flesh. A small exclamation of surprise issued forth from her throat as she turned her head slightly to smile at him, her eyes twinkling with excitement as she looked at him.

Minutes passed and he still had not moved. She moved forward slightly, letting him slide out of her until he was barely inside of her before she moved back against him again, a loud moan of pleasure escaping her as he hit the depths of her once again. Slowly she began moving back and forth against him, and he let her set the slow steady pace, resting his hands on her hips as she moved against him. Letting her head loll back, she moaned softly as she rode him, a small smile coming to her lips as she heard him mutter something about how tight she was. She tightened her muscles, enjoying the reaction from him. He groaned loudly. She looked over her shoulder to him, and the look in his eyes told her that he was definitely enjoying himself. She rocked back against him with a bit more force, slamming him deep within her walls. Picking up on her desire, he slowly pulled out then slammed back against her, causing her to yelp in surprise, her next breath coming out as a moan of pleasure as he slammed into her again. With one hand on her hip, he reached his other hand up to bury his fingers in the hair at the base of her neck, entwining them in her hair as he grabbed a handful and pulled back hard. A surge of excitement ran through her, bringing her that much closer to her release.

As if being driven by some unseen force, he continued to slam into her again and again. Each time he started to pull out, she tightened her muscles around him. When he thrust into her again, she relaxed. She soon had him on the verge of exploding, and the more he pounded into her, the closer she got. She reached one hand down and began stroking her clit. Seconds later, she screamed loudly with pure pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard. At the same moment, she felt him give one final hard thrust deep within her as he erupted deep inside of her. She continued to rock against him, making her own orgasm last a few moments more before she started coming down. Panting hard, her legs shaking as she stood there, she leaned back against him, his flesh still cool to the touch. He wrapped both arms around her waist, holding her, as he kissed her neck gently, whispering in her ear that he had enjoyed himself immensely. He slowly brought one hand up along her abdomen to her breast and began to lightly caress her skin, letting one finger trace around her nipple before taking it between his index and middle finger and pinching it. She smiled and chuckled softly, saying that she wanted more. He squeezed her gently, saying that it was getting late and that more would have to wait until next time, they needed to get dressed and ready to leave before the morning crews got here, if they had not already. He told her to go ahead and get cleaned up and he would meet her back in the main room. She sighed softly. She did not care if there was anyone else here—she wanted more. However, she respected his request and stepped fully under the stream of the shower. They had now been together twice and she was damned sure going to make sure it was not going to be the last.

As she stepped out of the shower, she reached for the towel lying on a bench and wrapped it around her then she stepped over to the clothes. The silk and lace of the bra felt good to her touch. It had been a long time since she had reason to wear something this sensual for someone. She let the towel drop and slowly put the panties on, looking around, hoping he was watching. After putting the bra on, she walked the length of the room and back, enjoying the feel of the air on her flesh. As she looked up again, she saw him standing in the doorway, watching her. The expression on his face told her that he was enjoying what he saw. He was already changed, and rather than making a gentleman wait, she quickly finished dressing. The jeans were tight, but they felt good. The lust in his eyes as he looked at her told her that the slight bit of discomfort was well worth it.

When she was done and dressed, she joined him back in the main room of the gym, where he led her back outside and to his Hummer once again, opening the door for her so she could get in. They talked more, and he complimented her again on her control and technique as he drove her back to the library and her Jeep. The slight smile that played on his lips when he looked at her told her that he was talking about more than just in the ring. When they arrived at the library, he parked next to her Jeep and again walked around the Hummer to open her door, letting her out. He asked her if he could find her here later. She said she would be here, and if she was not then he could call her on her cell phone if need be as she wrote it on a piece of paper from her notebook and handed it to him. He smiled slightly and thanked her for it as he opened her door for her, closing it carefully once she was in. Surprisingly, he moved close to her and kissed her passionately for several long moments before he took a step back. He stood there waiting as she started the engine, letting it warm up for a few moments before she put it in gear and drove off. Looking back as she left the parking lot, she saw him walking to his Hummer and getting in before she turned her attention to the drive home. She was slightly surprised when her phone rang as she turned the corner and smiled when she saw his number on the ID as she answered it. He told her to drive safe and that he would see her again soon. He really was a gentleman when it came to her.

Red: 3. A Chance Encounter… Or Was It A Dream?

The next several weeks became the same routine, workout in the ring with Sugah or Dante before a shower and work, another workout with Mr. Jackson himself, then one last check on the cameras before locking up and going home to toss and turn in bed with fantasies of him. Tonight was different. She skipped the second shower after her workout with him and went straight for the security room, suddenly very glad she did.

The muscles across his chest rippled as he flexed them. The workout was over, or so he thought! She had been watching. She squirmed in her seat as the camera zoomed out to a full shot of his form from head to toe. This man was powerfully built, he knew it, and was damned proud of it, but there was no arrogance in his pride. She, on the other hand, was arrogant, mainly because her first boyfriend had refused her advances. This had put her off for years. She was 5’7”, and being a bodyguard, was built like an Amazon princess. Except for that hair. It was long, red, and slightly wavy. It hung down to her knees when braided and all the way to her ankles when it was loose.

He walked out of the weight room and in to the locker room, he had no idea that he was being watched or that he had been watched nearly every day that he had stayed late to work out and close up. She clicked a couple of keys on the video controller and grabbed the joystick, camera #14 swung around to get a shot of him and her eyes lit up. There he was in all his glory, already completely undressed. He had broken his usual routine; all the outside doors were already locked except the locker room emergency door, which he headed to with the chain in hand. Suddenly the chain hit the floor and he bent over to pick it up. She almost fell out of her chair. By the time she regained her composure he had finished locking the door and was headed for the shower.

He was tired, but a good hot shower always invigorated him. He didn’t notice that cameras #19 and 23 were trained on him as he dialed the water temperature. The water streamed into the shower area as he stepped in from the men’s locker room and into the hot stream of water. She usually quit watching at this point, but this time she was determined to see what she was missing when the camera lenses fogged up. Before she realized it she was standing in the doorway from the women’s locker room that led down the short tunnel into the coed showers. He could not have been more oblivious to her voyeurism then he was right now. She almost couldn’t believe her eyes. He was only twenty “little” feet away. She wanted so badly to go down that little tunnel and have some exotic adventure with him, but she was too chicken. The man was her boss!

He was thinking about the possibility that one day she might happen to join him in a hot shower after their workout. He felt a tightening of the perineum as his heart rate increased. The inevitable process had begun. He felt the tightening of the skin as he began to swell. The change from the downward pointing, limp organ to a hard, upward, rigid, rod-like manly erection took only seconds and she marveled. She had to have him, she had waited long enough. She started down the tunnel, pieces of clothing landing as she went. Her hands slid up her thighs where they found her French-cut panties, bright red tonight, like her hair, and already damp. A quick rip and they fell to the floor, a shredded mass of silk.

He felt a presence in the shower with him. He opened his eyes and there she stood, wearing only a Red ribbon around her throat. He blinked and rubbed his eyes… I must be dreaming, he thought… her hot little hand reached out for his erection. She knew the changes she was going through all too well. Her nipples, fully erect, stood out, obvious against the flushed skin of her breasts. Her neck, chest and face all had a reddish rash-like tint to them. Her vulva was swollen and she was wet, her outer lips glistening in the harsh light. Her heart pumped hard and fast and she was breathing heavily. The expression on her face led him to believe that she was ready for anything. He tensed as her strong little hand gripped him, he reached out and his hands found her willing breasts and supported them gingerly. Then with blinding fury they embraced passionately, throwing their tongues down each other’s throats.

Whirling around, she now stood with her back against the warm tile wall, as his kiss trailed down her steaming body. First kissing each nipple then slowly, meticulously, sucking each nipple into his mouth, he trailed on, slowly licking the soft underside of first one breast then the other. His tongue ran back and forth along the crease below her left breast as she squirmed against the hot tile. His lips and tongue continued down her body until it reached her waist, where it slowed to an almost mind-numbingly slow pace. Following her treasure trail to its hot and inviting treasure, he ran his fingertips up the back of her legs, causing her to shudder. His tongue swabbed the widening pink gash with a practiced skill that had her squirming with ecstasy.

She clutched his shoulders as he made a frenzied attack on her clit, his long probing tongue worked diligently as his hands again found her ripe nipples. He caressed, he fondled, he did whatever came to mind while continuing to work on her sensitive clit. Her body heaved as she became prisoner to his oral technique. Her muscles tightened, her back arched and a long squealing moan issued forth from her lips. He stopped immediately as her pelvic muscles contracted strongly and rhythmically throwing her whole being into involuntary spasms. As she sank to the floor, worn out by an intense orgasm, she felt him penetrate her. She now sat straddling his lap as he knelt on the shower room floor. Slowly he entered her and she put up no resistance, unable to stop as her body recovered from its ordeal.

He was so hard that it hurt but he was determined to have her, pain or no pain. He was a fighter. No pain, no gain. There was definitely pain, and she was one hell of a gain. The pain would subside, and some serious work would be done, no doubt… His powerful arms pulled her close as her flexible body clung to him like a custom tailored suit. She spread her legs widely across his hips as he began a slow thrusting motion. He leaned her back so that they could both see him entering her. She placed one hand behind his neck and caressed him gingerly with her other hand. She began her own slow bucking motion to swallow his full erection even more deeply into her love canal. She wanted all of him, mind, body, soul, everything. She felt impaled, filled to her limits every time she met his thrusts.

Their motions increased and they bucked faster and faster. They stared into each other’s eyes, their bodies in perfect synchronization. Her pelvic muscles again began their contractions, tightening up around him to the point that she had to force herself down onto his erection the last time. He forced himself deeper into her as he came, hard. She hugged him tightly as his hands pulled down on her shoulders, keeping his erection buried deep inside her. He felt spent as his balls hung like molten golf balls, ultra-sensitive to the touch. She rolled off his lap, literally dragging her lips off of him. She seated herself on the floor directly below the unending stream of water, completely satisfied. He fought his way to his feet, never before having been a double hitter, he still felt ready for more. Lifting her from the floor, he walked to the center of the room. There he found the “drying bench”, towels laid out six deep, the perfect cushioned surface. He sat her down on the end of the bench and she lay back, exhausted. He then lifted her legs and put her knees over his shoulders then placed his head between her legs, with her rear right on the edge of the bench it was an easy task.

Nuzzling into her vulva and kissing the area at and around her mound, he went to work on her again. He ran his tongue lightly all over the area to tease and further arouse her anticipation of what was to “cum” again. Kissing her lips and taking each lip into his mouth one at a time, then running his tongue down the inside face of each in turn, starting at the top and sliding down, sucking the small lips and then running his tongue and lips up and down them. Furiously lapping, he ran his tongue around the opening, pushing firmly in and then going back to nudge his tongue in and out of her in the most teasing of ways. Her arched body lifts her pelvis to meet his tongue as if it were her savior. Moving back to the clitoris, which was still quite sensitive, gently licking and kissing all around it, he pushed her to “Big O” number three. Carefully his tongue moved, guided by the physical response as evident in her leg muscles and the ever present tug on his disheveled hair. Sliding two fingers in her, her caressed her “G” spot deliberately and sensually as his other hand caressed her breasts.

“Fuck me,” she said. He knew she didn’t talk much, so when she asked for something, she got it. He pulled away from her and raised himself with her ankles locked around his neck. She squirmed, but smiled up at him. Reaching down, she gripped his rear as he spread her thighs to thrust. The look of utter bliss on her face and the physical tightening said she was on the verge of orgasm number three. He grimaced and continued to thrust, pulling out all the way to the head and then thrusting back in until they met pelvis to pelvis. He ignored her ever tightening muscles. All through her orgasm he kept on at his task. This one lasted a good two and a half minutes before it began to subside. Moving her hands to her thighs she used the tips of her fingers to spread her lips even further while playing with her clit at the same time. He continued, the sight of her playing with herself bringing him closer. She reached up and grabbed the backs of her knees as she took her ankles from around his neck. He got into a semi kneeling position, at which point their only contact was his cock in her cunt and his lips on her nipple.

Orgasm number four for her and two for him hit at the same time. He lifted her rear off of the bench and fed his entire hard member into her as deep as it would go. She moaned loudly, uncontrollably, gripping his butt, trying to pull him deeper. Their orgasms subsided slowly and as they talked about what her future with his company might be, they semi dressed each other then went out to the main room for a short break, and a drink. Almost two hours of conversation later, Red looked at her watch and shook her head. She needed sleep. The sun would be up soon and she was exhausted. She said goodnight to Ty and headed out.

Red: 2. A Little Test

Angel’s Gym was not only the gym which the company used, it also happened to be her first security assignment. Dante had called her earlier in the morning and told her of the assignment and when she needed to be there. He advised her that since she now worked for the company, she was welcome to show up early and work out if she wanted, mentioning that he was curious to see her in the ring. With a small smile she considered granting that wish as she checked her watch, dressed and grabbed her gym bag on the way out the door. Once at the gym, she parked and went inside.

Several of the men there sneered at her as she approached the ring in her tank, sorts and high top sneakers, all black against her lightly tanned white skin. She reached up and pulled her fiery hair into a ponytail as she circled the ring, watching the two sparing inside, coming to a stop next to Dante. “Anyone good,” she asked him quietly, her Irish accent thick today in her excitement.
Dante gave her a sideways glance, though his eyes stayed on the ring as he answered. “They are all good fighters, just some better than others. We’ll start you off with Sugah there,” he said as he nodded to the bigger man in the ring.

Red almost laughed out loud. She knew it was a test, to see if she scared easily. She didn’t. With a nod and a smile to Dante, she stepped into the ring, nodding to the big black man standing across the ring from her. Yeah, this is going to be fun, she thought. A good warm up then let’s see who she could get a workout from. Red danced and stretched, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she watched her opponent, waiting for him to make the first move. “Seems she’s a little afraid of me, Dante,” the man said as she stepped away from him when he approached. “Get me someone in here who can fight, man!” He advanced on her again, and when she didn’t back away he threw a series of jabs. Left, left, left, right, left, right, right, left. She ducked and dodged, watching his shoulders, his body movements for any signs, watching for his tells. “Well, we can see she can avoid a hit, but can she take one?” Sugah asked. His movements became more aggressive, left, right, right, left, left. She dodged them all, still holding back from throwing punches of her own, still watching.

“Looks like ye will nae be able to find out if ye can’t throw better punches. Maybe we should see if ye can take a punch, Sugah.” Red waited for him to come in close as he threw a punch, ducked under it, and slammed him with a left hook. He stood there and stared at her, a grin slowly curving his lips as he chuckled. “Stop looking at me as a rookie who does nae know how tae fight. I grew up scrappin on the streets. Now fight me, damnit!” With that, she came at him again, landing several hits, right, right, left, right, upper-cut, right. All of them hit. The rest of the men in the gym began gathering around the ring to watch the firebrand who was kicking the ass of one of the best fighters in the city.

Sugah stepped back from her, a little unsteady on his feet for a moment, then looked at her, the look in his eyes a cross between bewilderment and amusement. Finally, someone who knew how to fight! He laughed and came at her again, this time with more zeal. Red danced and ducked again, but not all of them. Unseen from his office, Ty watched from behind the mirrored glass window. He stood emotionless, watching his man with the firebrand for the time being. A few moments more of sparing and Dante finally called a stop to the fight, before they beat each other to a bloody pulp. He told Sugah to go shower as he stepped into the ring. “You can hold your own against Angel’s second best fighter; let’s see how you do against me, little one.”

Little one? He dared call her little? She’d show him little! Someone offered her a towel from the side of the ring, which she took without hesitation to wipe the sweat from her face then tossed it back out and moved toward the center. Before they could start, however, Ty stepped from his office. “Dante. Step out.” Several low whistles were heard as Mr. Jackson walked across the gym, people moving out of the huge man’s way as he walked to the ring and stepped inside. Oh damn, why did this man have such an effect on her? As she watched him come closer, she felt the moistness begin between her legs and silently cursed herself. No man had ever had this effect on her, why this one?

The two spared for almost an hour before Ty finally called a stop. Red looked at her watch and cursed silently. Late on the first day. As she stepped out of the ring and headed towards the shower, Dante told her not to worry about the tardiness, to go shower and put her jeans back on and come see him in the office. Shit, she thought, fired on the first day. She shook her head and growled at herself, quickly changing, wondering where this sudden lack of self-confidence had come from. When she came to the office, Dante showed her around the rest of the gym, then to the security room where she would spend the better part of the shift watching the cameras.

Red: 1. An Introduction

A lone woman walked down the side of the lane, stopping often to look back over her shoulder. She pulled the dark cloak tighter around her shoulders, warding out the chill of the night, looked up to the now darkening sky, with its band of purple along the edge of the skyline before deepening into that almost oppressive black of the full sky. No moon shown tonight and the lanterns hanging on their posts were not yet lit along this portion of the lane. She moved further along, pausing again a few yards away to look back again, almost as if she expected someone, or something, to come out of the shadows cast by the three and four story buildings lining the lane. Satisfied that she was indeed alone, she continued along, not stopping again until she was before the library. Approaching the building she could tell that someone had extinguished the lanterns in front of the place purposely from the glass littering the gravel path. Her paranoia of the new surroundings made her pause again to peer into the darkness of every crevice and corner until she was satisfied that no one was hiding there, waiting for new prey. Pulling her cloak tighter around herself, she avoided the shattered glass to ascend the stairs slowly, cautiously. She was new to this city, but it was her nature not to trust anyone, not even at the library and especially not at night.

She stepped into the library slowly and looked around, taking note of everything she saw, from where the two exits were to the alcoves, even the handful of patrons and where each of them was. Her many years of training had turned this exercise in scouting into natural instinct. Slowly walking the perimeter of the first floor before moving on to the second, she glanced at the shelves, noting where the aisles were that contained the books she needed. A door in the back, by the restrooms, with a plaque glued to it stating only employees were allowed through it, caught her attention. She made a mental note of the door; she would ask one of the librarians about it later. For now, she made sure to keep an eye on who went near and through it. Finally, she chose a table in an alcove in the back of the second story of the library. She deposited her backpack on the table and started gathering books she would start with. Once satisfied with the large pile of books she had collected and placed on the table, she sat down facing the room, pulled out a notebook from her bag and started reading, taking notes here and there as she went. She looked up from her research occasionally to take note of the changes in her surroundings, or when someone walked by the alcove, then went back to reading. Thus became her routine over the years.

The library was nearly empty, as usual for this time of night, as Red looked around for a moment from where she sat at her regular table. From the alcove in the back of the second story, facing the rest of the library, she could see down the aisles of shelves, which blocked most of her view of the library, with the exception of the main doors; they were far enough away from her that no one would be able to sneak up on her. It was quiet and the air carried on it the faint scent of musk, the scent of things very old. The soft illumination inside the building came from the few light fixtures around the room, and a single light on each of the large tables. Around the outer walls of the library were small alcoves, each about twenty or so feet from the next, with shelves full of books between each one. Each alcove had a light in the back, casting just barely enough light to read by. There were no windows inside the library and every inch of the walls were lined with shelf upon shelf of books, each shelf almost overflowing as they were filled to capacity. The center of the room contained the two dozen tables that occupied the lower level of the library, with row after row of shelves arranged so that a person could see down each row from the Librarian’s station in the center of the tables. The center of the library above the tables was open to the second floor. When one walked up to the upper level and looked around they would find that there were only a dozen or so alcoves on this level, and even fewer tables, only one in each corner. There were, however, row upon row if shelves, with just enough room between them for a person to possibly squeeze by if there was another already in the row, but only if they were both thin as boards. Even the walls on this floor were covered with shelves almost overflowing with books. The library would need to be expanded if they acquired too many more books; there were now so many more books than when she first started coming here.

Red looked around once more before looking to the pile of books that she had in front of her. It was a large pile, covering most of the four-foot square oak table consuming most of the space in the little alcove. This night the pile included many books on the occult and the legends of vampires and ghouls, even books on Nostradamus and his prophesies, as well as a large stack of newspapers from cities worldwide for the last ten days. There had been some major events taking place in the world over the last week or so that she needed to check into for him, and she had always been one able to find information in not only what was written in the papers, but what was not written. One of the librarians was still bringing her books and another was bringing newspapers an hour later as she was reading them and setting aside the ones she did not want or need any longer. As quickly as she set them aside, they would be replaced with another as the librarians kept bringing her more books on the subjects she had requested. She had several books open and was looking through them all, back and forth between them and taking notes, and she soon found her thoughts drifting.

A couple hours later, she looked up and stretched, deciding on a short break. She took a moment to look at her watch and when she looked up her eyes wandered to the door in the back before turning towards the front of the library. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart skipped a beat as she glanced towards the front doors. Walking into the library was the most awe inspiring man she had ever seen. He stood an inch under seven feet tall, wearing all black leather, from his steel plated combat boots to the three quarter length leather duster he wore with a hood pulled up covering most of his face but did nothing to conceal his massive muscles. He wore black leather pants, accentuating the rippling muscles of his long legs as he walked, and a black leather shirt clinging to his well-muscled chest. His hands were covered with black fingerless leather gloves, which left the backs of his hands bare from his knuckles to the strap at the wrist and had a row of spikes at the knuckles. He walked around the library, pausing in a few places looking at books on the shelf and Red found herself wondering how a man dressed as he was had not been considered to be out of place. After he had paused a third time she noted that he was stopping in the same places she had pulled books from. An eyebrow lifted as she considered whether this man could possibly be someone with whom she could study with or if he might know someone she could. Her head tilted to the left as she considered her last thought, wondering where it had come from. Why was she even thinking about anything to do with this man? The many patrons of the library quickly moved out of his way upon seeing him. Red smiled to herself as, several times, the shelves almost toppled over as he tried to step between the rows. The muscles of his legs rippled under the leather of his pants as she watched him ascend the stairs to the second story, taking the steps two at a time. After stopping to talk to one of the librarians for a moment, who motioned over toward her, he walked up to her table. She looked up at him and it took every ounce of control she had not to lose her composure.

“Interesting subjects you have there.” His voice resonated deep in his chest and made her quiver. He did not speak loudly, but his voice filled the small alcove easily. He was looking at her with dark brown, almost black, eyes that seemed to look into her very soul. As she watched him, he scanned the books in front of her, noting the subjects: several forms of martial arts, instruction in the use of several oriental weapons, the making of and use of pistols, rifles, and swords, as well as quite a few books on boxing and personal security. There were even a few of the different mercenary publications stacked on a corner of the table, most unusual for a woman to be reading them, even in this day and age. His hand went to the top one, moving it aside to see more of the same under it. A small warning went off in the back of her mind that she ignored as she looked at him. Before she could look away, his gaze caught hers and she felt as if her soul had been lost.

It had been like this between them for millennia. Every new town they moved to, she would see to the security of the new sanctuary while he met the new Prince of the region, and then he would introduce her and the rest of the family. While she waited for the meeting with the Prince, she would check the library. Once she was introduced and accepted, she would be free to move around within the city. This time, however, it was she who met the Prince first and had to introduce her family. Red had never been comfortable with being in the foreground of things, even as a child she preferred to stay out of sight, and this time was no exception. The Prince had asked her questions that she was sure Ty would not have wanted answered, and though she did her best not to offend the Prince by avoiding answering, she would never lie when asked a direct question; it was how she always got into trouble with Ty. He had warned her once, long ago, that her honesty would someday get them all into trouble, that day was not long ago.

With some effort, Red pulled her concentration back to his words, controlling her expression and her voice as she answered him. “Aye, ye know me, mo choroi, always something new tae be learned.” She smiled sweetly as she spoke, her thick Irish accent was more prominent than usual tonight. Perhaps it was her nervousness in the task that lay ahead of her in but an hour’s time, or perhaps it was his proximity, who knew? No one could really explain, not even Red, why her accent always went to the Irish when her emotions were heightened; they weren’t even a people when she was living. None the less, it never failed that when Ty was near or her emotions were strong, she would slip into the accent as if it was second nature to her, speaking their tongue more often than she spoke any of the other many languages she knew. “It be set for less than an hour from now. Are ye ready? Are the others?”

“They need but a moment’s notice and they will be there. Do you have a location for me?” His voice made her quiver. She had never acted the school girl, yet when he asked her if he could sit she could only smile and nod, not trusting her voice not to say the words that were in her mind. She had never had a problem controlling her emotions, not even when she was human, but when he was around, she found it difficult to control her desire and love for him. He had always told her this was not a bad thing, to use the emotions that raged within her to her advantage. It only took one time of losing that control for her to learn her lesson.

She controlled her expression, and her voice, as she answered him. The Prince’s sanctuary was not in the heart of downtown, where her sister had thought it would be, but rather just to the northwest of it, in the richest part of the city. This Prince was a vain man, always flaunting his money and power. It surprised Red and Jessica at first that he had never exposed their kind to the humans; they only knew him to be the grandson of some wealthy oil baron who settled in the city a little over a century ago. His real name was Baldessare though the humans knew him as Kenneth Lansing.