How did you get into Web and Graphic Designs?

I think that is one of the easiest questions I have ever been asked…

Somewhere back in ’90 or ’91 I discovered the internet. Yahoo had come out with free emails and free homepage space to go with it. I started playing with building a personal site there and gradually expanded. I didn’t particularly care for the limitations that their web builder had and eventually found Adobe GoLive (Thank you, MaxDrago!). I loved that program!

I was having problems finding unique graphics to put on my site and was soon introduced to Adobe Photoshop (Again, thanks Max!!) and started playing with pictures. I’m not great with the program, but I’m still learning! And with all of the free brushes, textures, patterns and plug-ins that you can find on the internet these days, it’s so fun to learn how to make new images!

Now, I am learning to work with web languages such as PHP, SQL, XML, and CSS. It’s been an interesting experience. I’ve always loved learning new things and have taught myself HTML and everything else I know in regards to not only my web and graphic designs but also Wicca.