Practical Laws

The Practical Laws of Magick state:

1. Never practice a magical application or system that you don’t fully understand. That includes the use of any magical symbol, too. If you don’t fully understand the potential and power of what it can invoke, then do not mess with it. An adept practitioner is an informed practitioner.

2. Do not set a price on magical work, and do not accept “dirty” money. You can ask for reimbursement for supplies and a fair fee for your time, but do not get greedy. Any monies that has been gained by illegal means, whether by the person giving it to you, or by the person who gave it to them, will still have a psychic slime left on it that would take more than a mere cleansing and consecration could exorcise. It is best not to accept this money at all.

3. Know that thoughts are things, and what you create in thought may manifest in reality.

4. Never, ever, lie to yourself. It is the epitome of deceit.

5. Do not lend your Book of Shadows to anyone. You can let others copy the information with your guidance, but never let your book out of your sight. You can never know if the person you lend it to will have relatives that don’t understand or accept Witchcraft who will destroy your hard work.

6. Injuries, poverty, sickness, and/or accidents often result from low self-esteem or negative programming — NOT bad mojo.

7. There is one that I will use the exact wording of Lady Galadriel because there is no better way to say it: “Do nothing that will endanger anyone in the Craft, or which will bring then into conflict with the law of the land, or any of our persecutors. In this regard, it is NEVER permissible, in any dispute involving the Craft, to invoke any laws other than those of the Craft, nor may any tribunals be held other than one consisting of the High Priestess, the High Priest, and the elders.” In other words, do not call child protective services on the Witch across the street because they practice different than you. It does not mean that you cannot call the cops on a wife-beater just because he is a Witch, though. Know the laws, and use the knowledge wisely.

8. Property owned by Crafters should be guarded both mundanely and spiritually by the Witch.

9. As long as you are acting in accordance with a positive belief system, don’t worry about what others think of you. Those people are just showing poor self-esteem or fear and you should not waste your time or energy on them.

10. A Witch’s power grows in direct relation to their level of wisdom. Therefore, if someone is threatening you with magic, know they are without wisdom and an idiot, and their power comes only from your fear.

11. Always do your best. You do not have to be perfect, that is impossible. As long as you do the best you have the ability to do, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the outcome.

12. Do not use your personal power in malice. You may, by all means, defend yourself, and you may ask the universe to formulate justice in a manner most befitting the attack.

13.Never use you magical abilities to show off, for most likely you will fall flat on your face.

14. This law has come about in the nineties: do not sleep with your students. That does not mean that you cannot teach your life partner. Some teachers in the past extorted sex for magical information. Very bad. This just is not done in the nineties, nor in the new century. Witches are proud of their sexuality, and have matured enough to realize they don’t have to prove it.

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