Raven and Barca

The tattoo parlor is located in a mansion on the outskirts of Rosenberg. There is a small gravel parking lot in the front of the building, room enough for maybe half a dozen vehicles, with a large field off to the side for a dozen more. The building was in the style of an old, large ranch house, reminiscent of the times of the cattle barons of the early years of the previous century when the land was first being developed. A wide wooden porch wrapped around the visible portion of the mansion.

As one steps into the house, they find themselves in a large foyer, with rooms off to each side and a hall in front of them. Both rooms are wallpapered with hundreds of pages of possible tattoos on display. The room to the left holds several couches for waiting customers, a coffee table and several end tables with lamps set atop them, along with a long counter along the back wall, several binders lay atop the counter, open to show even more tattoos, both hand drawn possibilities and pictures of work that has already been done by the artists in the parlor.

The room to the right is a bit more sparse in its furnishings, with only a tall table or two accompanied by several bar stools around them. Upon the table is a single lamp with a binder of yet more pictures of work that has been done by the artists. There is a counter along the back wall of this room as well, containing displays of a massive variety of jewelry, mostly for one of the many varieties of piercings that the parlor can do.

It was late when he entered. The behemoth ducked the doorway to the parlor, far too wide to just pass on through he simply adjusted as was necessary to do so. The dark Adonis was draped in a black short furred leather 3/4 coat, with his immense figure displayed beneath. No shirt, just a pair of black leather pants and boots that covered the rest of his impressive physique. His heavy footfalls sounded his approach and from within the hood he looked over those who might have been present… With him came a feeling of raw power and aggression, Rage.

There were few patrons inside at this hour, most being up in the rooms of the second floor, or have left after getting their tattoos done. A young girl stands behind a counter just inside and to the left of the door, apparently doing the nightly paperwork, checking receipts and such. She shoves a stack of money into a drawer under the counter as he enters, and looks up at him, the automatic smile she wears quickly turning into a look of fear as she locks the drawer and heads for the back with a quick “One moment, Sir” spoken over her shoulder as she leaves. A few moments later, a tall woman in her mid-twenties comes from the back, wearing a pair of skin tight dark blue jeans and a teal bikini top barely covering her breasts under an open black cotton duster type jacket. Her ice blue eyes look him over once before speaking. “My apologies, Sir, Janet still isn’t quite used to all of my…” she pauses to tilt her head at him, “clientele. How may I help you?” She reached one hand up to push a wayward strand of her ankle length blue-black hair behind her ear as she watched him, exposing the studs that lined her ear from the lobe all the way to around the curve, as well as several tribal tattoos.

His tone was fitting: deep and dark, like himself. It issued forth from the shadowed hood, where his cold hard gaze fell upon the face before him He’d watched the meal run off to fetch its master. The impossibly broad individual regarded Raven with a nod. “Your pets are getting smaller and smaller each night. Have you anything to share with me. I hunger. Perhaps the one who scurried off like a small lamb, ignorant of its place in the world, ignorant of its cause, to be slaughtered…?”

She blinked at him and raised an eyebrow, looking over her shoulder to where ‘Janet’ had run off, then turned her ice blue eyes on him. “I have… others. Most of them are in chambers upstairs. If you wish a meal, that can be arranged. Unless you have other business here?” She turned and headed for the hallway leading to the stairs, looking over her shoulder to see how the behemoth would handle the not overly wide hallway. Her bare feet made no sound as she walked across the hardwood floors, her hips swaying in the most tantalizing ways, almost inviting him… almost. Something in her look dared him, and warned him all at the same time.

“Always. Such is the nature of the night. Dark is its business until thwarted by the arrival of the sun’s revealing rays.” He watched her step away, took predatory note the way in which her body moved. There was a flash of its impending use, and how he would fill it that lit up the dark chambers of his mind. And along with it the scent of mortal blood within the room gave rise to the beast’s hunger biting at the walls of his control. He followed suit, nowhere near as quiet in his heavy step. As he viewed the rest of the parlor he spoke. “You’ve done well with your business, I admit, but it isn’t to see just how well you’ve come along that brings me here, but how good have you been instead.”

She chuckled, softly at first, then a little louder as she shook her head slightly. “Oh, I’ve been so good, it will amaze even you, Sir.” With that she led the way up the stairs, past a few rooms, and down the first hall, turning to the left at the end and stopping at a door on the right. As they walked down the hall, the house seemed eerily quiet, as if empty, though his nose and taste buds would tell him it was anything but. Even his heightened hearing would hear nothing. She looked at him, one hand on the door knob (sorry, mail just got here, and I’m the only one who can walk to the mailbox and back without falling over) as she watched him, waiting for him.

He followed, watching her move. She may have caught the strike of his tongue tip against his fangs if she ever looked back. It wasn’t a long stroke, but an advertisement of his predatory self. What remained still was to be seen, as clearly she had something to show him. “We shall see…” He stepped up behind her as she took the doorknob, resting his massive hand against the door itself. The other hand fell atop her shoulder grasping the back of her neck gently but with measured control even in that glimpse of a touch she could feel monument amounts of Potence in restraint. “Show me, how good. Words are but the spread of a fine meal’s presentation. But the consumption, therein lies the true worth of its substance. Flesh willing, flesh resisting, taken and consumed. Dominated.”

She chuckled at his words, her eyes narrowing to slits for a few moments as she looked up at him — or attempted to. She’d turn the knob fully, letting the pressure of his hand on the door push it open to reveal the room within. It was dark overall, both in look and feel, with walls covered in a paper of dark blue, with a darker, almost black, damask pattern in a sort of fuzzy material. In the center of the rather large room was a king sized bed set upon a foot and a half high dais. The bed frame was of a black walnut wood, posted, with bars making a frame at the top. Two more bars ran parallel to the head and foot, evenly spaced in the middle, with several chains hanging from multiple places. Lying in the middle of the bed, a young woman in her late twenties, fully exposed and staring at them as the door opened, wide eyed and eager.

“Trained to accept then?” He raised a curious brow, now pressing forward into the room. He stopped to take in the structure and set up. “Lavish decor, ripe for the darkening with the blood of the weak. Show me here, what it is you do here Raven when you are all alone. How does the bird of prey descend upon its meal?”

The slight smile that barely curved Raven’s lips as they had come upstairs now slowly turned into a wide grin, a twinkle coming to her icy eyes. A nagging within her told her she should not show emotions, but at the moment she chose to ignore that nagging, choosing instead to indulge herself. She closed and locked the door once they were both inside, latching two chains towards the top, more for the prevention of the mortal escaping than anything else, as she or her guest could easily break them with the yank of the door. She tilted her head slightly to the side as she approached the bed, her jacket dropping from her shoulders to slide down her arms, left in a pile on the floor as she stopped at the foot of the bed. The mortal crawled across the mattress to her mistress, coming up fully on her knees, which she kept spread at shoulder width as she knelt, her arms reaching up for the bar above her head. Raven licked her lips, tilting her head to the other side, as if considering just how much she wanted to play with her meal tonight.

Raven stepped to the foot of the bed in front of the mortal and watched her for a moment. With one hand, she stroked the woman’s face as she tilted her head to the side, the other hand slowly slid down her stomach with a teasingly light touch, until she reached her freshly shaved, completely smooth mound. The young woman began to shiver at Raven’s touch, to which Raven shook her head and paused in her caress. As soon as the girl stopped moving, Raven continued with her caress, slowly moving her hand further down to slide first one, then a second finger within her treasure trove, her eyes daring the girl to move or moan.

Watching them both the fire began to build up within his eyes. As from the days and nights of old there were just some things that did not die. Some fires remained, desires lusts satisfactions to be had. The behemoth took up enough of the room just by standing there, let alone the latent rage that began seeking escape within him. His immense frame tensed, muscles flexing beneath the skin. Large, calloused hands clenching into fists that could batter down steel reinforced walls, and much more with ease. He licked his fangs, watching the two at play here, as ideas began to develop, his gaze fell over the natural shape of Raven’s body.

Her eyes flickered for the briefest of moments to the ‘swing’ in the far left corner of the room before she brought her full attention to the nubile young thing in front of her. Raven walked around to the head of the bed, the young mortal turning as she did, watching, waiting for her mistress’ instructions. As she reached the head, Raven reached a hand up for one of the chains, a wrist cuff of steel 3 inches wide attached to the end. Her other hand reached out for the girl, who immediately crawled across the bed to her mistress and offered her wrist for the cuff. Once that one was locked, Raven reached for a matching one a few feet away and locked that one around the girl’s other wrist. A few moments more and both feet were locked in matching leg cuffs at the foot of the bed, leaving the girl suspended a couple feet off the mattress face down. Raven looked to him for a moment, licked her lips as she walked around the bed full circle, inspecting the girl. Once satisfied, she grabbed her jacket off the floor where she left it, stepped to a corner of the room where a single recliner rested, laid her jacket neatly over the back and slowly stripped off her jeans. After a moment, she turned her back to him, She stood there in her teal silk bikini for a few moments, watching his reaction, before stripping that off as well. She stood there a moment before turning a slow circle for his inspection. Silently she stepped to the foot of the bed, between it and him, presenting him with her back side before bending over to crawl up between the girl’s legs, leaving herself fully exposed to his eyes, and his attentions. The girl began to shake slightly, making the chains hanging rattle, giving off a barely audible jingle. She shook in a mix of fear, which could be smelled in the air, and anticipation.

“Your pick of the litter is…..petite. She would likely break if a monster such as I were to put member to her. It is hungry for not death, but abuse. Something that is capable of withstanding its punishment. Something that will bruise but not quite break.” Barca watched on as Raven toyed with her property. He reached out and caressed the buttocks of Raven, encouraging her as he spoke on his intentions for her. He guided her down with the press of his hand not even applying effort. He caressed the round of her cheek as he referred most to the thing that could handle his abuse. While doing so, kneading, massaging, he took a handful of hair and pulled her back and up to him, grasping her hip and lower back with such large a hand to force her back into an arc and press his girth against her behind. “While you satisfied your little one, tending to her tender petals with your tongue, I will take your ass and you will satisfy me. Let your hunger for me shine through in your effort. You have no shame for you are indeed mine my Raven. Allow me to fill you with my hunger too. Coax from me the very seed your body craves. Your beast prays for. The colossus upon which your ass will clench around in protest as each violent orgasm will rock the very fiber of your being.”

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