Red: 3. A Chance Encounter… Or Was It A Dream?

The next several weeks became the same routine, workout in the ring with Sugah or Dante before a shower and work, another workout with Mr. Jackson himself, then one last check on the cameras before locking up and going home to toss and turn in bed with fantasies of him. Tonight was different. She skipped the second shower after her workout with him and went straight for the security room, suddenly very glad she did.

The muscles across his chest rippled as he flexed them. The workout was over, or so he thought! She had been watching. She squirmed in her seat as the camera zoomed out to a full shot of his form from head to toe. This man was powerfully built, he knew it, and was damned proud of it, but there was no arrogance in his pride. She, on the other hand, was arrogant, mainly because her first boyfriend had refused her advances. This had put her off for years. She was 5’7”, and being a bodyguard, was built like an Amazon princess. Except for that hair. It was long, red, and slightly wavy. It hung down to her knees when braided and all the way to her ankles when it was loose.

He walked out of the weight room and in to the locker room, he had no idea that he was being watched or that he had been watched nearly every day that he had stayed late to work out and close up. She clicked a couple of keys on the video controller and grabbed the joystick, camera #14 swung around to get a shot of him and her eyes lit up. There he was in all his glory, already completely undressed. He had broken his usual routine; all the outside doors were already locked except the locker room emergency door, which he headed to with the chain in hand. Suddenly the chain hit the floor and he bent over to pick it up. She almost fell out of her chair. By the time she regained her composure he had finished locking the door and was headed for the shower.

He was tired, but a good hot shower always invigorated him. He didn’t notice that cameras #19 and 23 were trained on him as he dialed the water temperature. The water streamed into the shower area as he stepped in from the men’s locker room and into the hot stream of water. She usually quit watching at this point, but this time she was determined to see what she was missing when the camera lenses fogged up. Before she realized it she was standing in the doorway from the women’s locker room that led down the short tunnel into the coed showers. He could not have been more oblivious to her voyeurism then he was right now. She almost couldn’t believe her eyes. He was only twenty “little” feet away. She wanted so badly to go down that little tunnel and have some exotic adventure with him, but she was too chicken. The man was her boss!

He was thinking about the possibility that one day she might happen to join him in a hot shower after their workout. He felt a tightening of the perineum as his heart rate increased. The inevitable process had begun. He felt the tightening of the skin as he began to swell. The change from the downward pointing, limp organ to a hard, upward, rigid, rod-like manly erection took only seconds and she marveled. She had to have him, she had waited long enough. She started down the tunnel, pieces of clothing landing as she went. Her hands slid up her thighs where they found her French-cut panties, bright red tonight, like her hair, and already damp. A quick rip and they fell to the floor, a shredded mass of silk.

He felt a presence in the shower with him. He opened his eyes and there she stood, wearing only a Red ribbon around her throat. He blinked and rubbed his eyes… I must be dreaming, he thought… her hot little hand reached out for his erection. She knew the changes she was going through all too well. Her nipples, fully erect, stood out, obvious against the flushed skin of her breasts. Her neck, chest and face all had a reddish rash-like tint to them. Her vulva was swollen and she was wet, her outer lips glistening in the harsh light. Her heart pumped hard and fast and she was breathing heavily. The expression on her face led him to believe that she was ready for anything. He tensed as her strong little hand gripped him, he reached out and his hands found her willing breasts and supported them gingerly. Then with blinding fury they embraced passionately, throwing their tongues down each other’s throats.

Whirling around, she now stood with her back against the warm tile wall, as his kiss trailed down her steaming body. First kissing each nipple then slowly, meticulously, sucking each nipple into his mouth, he trailed on, slowly licking the soft underside of first one breast then the other. His tongue ran back and forth along the crease below her left breast as she squirmed against the hot tile. His lips and tongue continued down her body until it reached her waist, where it slowed to an almost mind-numbingly slow pace. Following her treasure trail to its hot and inviting treasure, he ran his fingertips up the back of her legs, causing her to shudder. His tongue swabbed the widening pink gash with a practiced skill that had her squirming with ecstasy.

She clutched his shoulders as he made a frenzied attack on her clit, his long probing tongue worked diligently as his hands again found her ripe nipples. He caressed, he fondled, he did whatever came to mind while continuing to work on her sensitive clit. Her body heaved as she became prisoner to his oral technique. Her muscles tightened, her back arched and a long squealing moan issued forth from her lips. He stopped immediately as her pelvic muscles contracted strongly and rhythmically throwing her whole being into involuntary spasms. As she sank to the floor, worn out by an intense orgasm, she felt him penetrate her. She now sat straddling his lap as he knelt on the shower room floor. Slowly he entered her and she put up no resistance, unable to stop as her body recovered from its ordeal.

He was so hard that it hurt but he was determined to have her, pain or no pain. He was a fighter. No pain, no gain. There was definitely pain, and she was one hell of a gain. The pain would subside, and some serious work would be done, no doubt… His powerful arms pulled her close as her flexible body clung to him like a custom tailored suit. She spread her legs widely across his hips as he began a slow thrusting motion. He leaned her back so that they could both see him entering her. She placed one hand behind his neck and caressed him gingerly with her other hand. She began her own slow bucking motion to swallow his full erection even more deeply into her love canal. She wanted all of him, mind, body, soul, everything. She felt impaled, filled to her limits every time she met his thrusts.

Their motions increased and they bucked faster and faster. They stared into each other’s eyes, their bodies in perfect synchronization. Her pelvic muscles again began their contractions, tightening up around him to the point that she had to force herself down onto his erection the last time. He forced himself deeper into her as he came, hard. She hugged him tightly as his hands pulled down on her shoulders, keeping his erection buried deep inside her. He felt spent as his balls hung like molten golf balls, ultra-sensitive to the touch. She rolled off his lap, literally dragging her lips off of him. She seated herself on the floor directly below the unending stream of water, completely satisfied. He fought his way to his feet, never before having been a double hitter, he still felt ready for more. Lifting her from the floor, he walked to the center of the room. There he found the “drying bench”, towels laid out six deep, the perfect cushioned surface. He sat her down on the end of the bench and she lay back, exhausted. He then lifted her legs and put her knees over his shoulders then placed his head between her legs, with her rear right on the edge of the bench it was an easy task.

Nuzzling into her vulva and kissing the area at and around her mound, he went to work on her again. He ran his tongue lightly all over the area to tease and further arouse her anticipation of what was to “cum” again. Kissing her lips and taking each lip into his mouth one at a time, then running his tongue down the inside face of each in turn, starting at the top and sliding down, sucking the small lips and then running his tongue and lips up and down them. Furiously lapping, he ran his tongue around the opening, pushing firmly in and then going back to nudge his tongue in and out of her in the most teasing of ways. Her arched body lifts her pelvis to meet his tongue as if it were her savior. Moving back to the clitoris, which was still quite sensitive, gently licking and kissing all around it, he pushed her to “Big O” number three. Carefully his tongue moved, guided by the physical response as evident in her leg muscles and the ever present tug on his disheveled hair. Sliding two fingers in her, her caressed her “G” spot deliberately and sensually as his other hand caressed her breasts.

“Fuck me,” she said. He knew she didn’t talk much, so when she asked for something, she got it. He pulled away from her and raised himself with her ankles locked around his neck. She squirmed, but smiled up at him. Reaching down, she gripped his rear as he spread her thighs to thrust. The look of utter bliss on her face and the physical tightening said she was on the verge of orgasm number three. He grimaced and continued to thrust, pulling out all the way to the head and then thrusting back in until they met pelvis to pelvis. He ignored her ever tightening muscles. All through her orgasm he kept on at his task. This one lasted a good two and a half minutes before it began to subside. Moving her hands to her thighs she used the tips of her fingers to spread her lips even further while playing with her clit at the same time. He continued, the sight of her playing with herself bringing him closer. She reached up and grabbed the backs of her knees as she took her ankles from around his neck. He got into a semi kneeling position, at which point their only contact was his cock in her cunt and his lips on her nipple.

Orgasm number four for her and two for him hit at the same time. He lifted her rear off of the bench and fed his entire hard member into her as deep as it would go. She moaned loudly, uncontrollably, gripping his butt, trying to pull him deeper. Their orgasms subsided slowly and as they talked about what her future with his company might be, they semi dressed each other then went out to the main room for a short break, and a drink. Almost two hours of conversation later, Red looked at her watch and shook her head. She needed sleep. The sun would be up soon and she was exhausted. She said goodnight to Ty and headed out.

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