Red: 4. A Sparring Lesson…

He asked her if she was busy and if she could get out of here for a while. She was not sure what he had in mind, but she knew that she wanted to go with him. She was very attracted to him, and did not know why, but she would do everything she could to find out what the attraction was. She had no hesitations about being alone with him, and didn’t give it a second thought, until much later. She looked to the books for a minute, making a mental note of which ones she wanted to read again next time she was here. Apparently, he mistook her hesitation as he told her to grab a couple of them, he would make sure they were returned or replaced. After quickly picking out a couple of the more interesting ones and setting them aside, she quickly put on her knee length black soft leather jacket and grabbed the books, walking with him out of the library and to his Hummer. She looked to her vehicle for a moment, then decided it would be okay here for the time being, but quickly put her bag in it and hit the alarm pad to make sure it was set. She had worked hard to get her mint condition, antique Jeep, and did not want anyone messing with it. She apologized for keeping him waiting as she returned to him and the Hummer.

He took her to the boxing studio. She had been coming here before work since she started working for the man’s company several months ago, working out, making money from the guys who would bet they were better than her, earning the respect of most of the fighters that came through there. The lights were out and the place was deserted, but Ty unlocked the door and led the way inside, locking them back once they were inside. Looking around for a moment, taking in the enormous room, she was always impressed with the boxing ring and the amount of weight equipment around it, more than most gyms she had ever been to, and Red had been to quite a few. The ring was in the center of the place with several rows of folding chairs around it. Around those were placed the weight equipment. Impressed by the amount of money someone had spent on building this place, she raised an eyebrow and slowly walked around the place. Every weight-training machine imaginable was here, one for every muscle group in the body, along with ones for specific muscles. Yeah, this place had become like a second home to her since she started working here.

Pointing out a locker at the end of the wall, he told her there was a pair of gloves in there and asked her if she wanted to use them or bare handed, explaining that he wanted to show her a few new things, work with her more personally. It took her only a moment to walk across the room to the lockers, take her leather jacket off and put it in one of the lockers and a few moments more for her to consider whether she wanted to use them. She was used to fighting in her jeans and combat boots, but pulled her shirt off and put it in the locker, standing there in her sports bra and a tank top. She could feel his eyes upon her as she moved and it made her heart beat faster. She decided against the gloves, and told him bare handed as she walked back across the room to the ring where he stood.

A smile played across her lips as she felt him watching her, and that warm feeling began spreading through her again. It took most of her self-control to keep her mind on the task at hand as she silently cursed herself for letting him affect her this way. What was it about him that did this to her? Why was she so willing to give in to him, do anything he told her to, without question? She didn’t know, but she knew she had to find out. She knew the answers did not matter, but maybe they would help her to learn more about him, to understand him better. Why did she want to so badly though?

As she joined him in the ring, she pushed her troubling thoughts aside for the moment, concentrating on the task at hand. They had been sparring for almost a quarter of an hour when she realized that he was pulling his punches. Out of respect for him as a fellow fighter and an employer, she had not pulled hers, letting him see what she had and what she could do, what she had been learning from the other fighters. When she noticed that he was pulling his punches, it irritated her. He was making her work harder, pushing her on to show him not only her fighting skills and a little of her own style, but her self-control, her power and her determination. He pulled another punch, barely hitting her, pissing her off completely. She moved to the left, dropping her shoulder for a left hook, changing at the last moment to hit him with a right uppercut. The look of stunned amazement as he rubbed his jaw was priceless and she smiled at him.

“So you do have some fire in there. Good. Got anymore? Or is that it? Is that pretty red hair of yours all the fire you have, Firebrand?” He was goading her, and she played his game. He wanted fire, he got fire.

“I should ask ye the same thing. Ye have been pulling yer punches. Why? We have sparred for weeks now and suddenly ye are going easy, why? What are ye at, Mr. Jackson? Did ye all o’ a sudden have a change o’ heart fightin’ me? Ye know I can take a punch, so please stop trying ta insult me by pullin’ yer punches. If ye have something tae teach me, then show me, damnit!” He tried to take advantage of her talking to throw her off balance, and failed. She was used to fighting on the streets; she had made a living out of it. It was not so easy to distract her. She smiled. “It will take more than that to win, Mr. Jackson. Quit treatin’ me like a fragile piece o’ glass and fight me!” Her Irish accent became thicker, less covered, the more she spoke, her temper showing hotter with every word, every step in the dance of the fighters. “How am I tae show ye what I can do, what I have been learning, if ye are not going tae take me seriously? Or are ye afraid? Am I too much woman for ye all o’ a sudden, Mr. Jackson? Would ye prefer ta call someone else tae get into the ring with me?”

At that, he knocked her flat on her ass, and she sat there grinning up at him for a moment before laughing. She stood, nodding to him as they started to dance again. For the next hour they sparred, no more holding back, no more pulling punches. She would have bruises and sore muscles in the morning, but she would enjoy every moment of them! He instructed her in kick-boxing, showing her kicks and moves that she had only read about but not had the chance to practice. It was good to finally put theory to practice. She finally found someone who could keep up with her in the ring, someone who challenged her skill and knowledge, to help her learn more and perfect her skills. Now, if only she could get him to keep up with her in bed. As that thought invaded her concentration, he hit her solidly, and for a few moments she was afraid he had broken her jaw. They continued, her jaw aching badly, but since she could move it, she put the thought of broken bones aside and hit him with a renewed sense of wanton pleasure. A good fight, whether in the ring or out, had always made her hot, and this time was no different. The longer they went at it, the hornier she got. Something in the back of her mind told her that he could tell that her panties were wet and getting wetter with every hit, both taken and given.

After almost two hours, when she had worked up a good sweat and her panties were thoroughly soaked, he called an end to the session, complimenting her and showing her to the showers, and a clean change of clothes. How the hell did he know her size? She eyed the black turtleneck sweater as she reached for the black silk long sleeved shirt that lay on the bench next to it. She looked up to where he stood in the doorway almost twenty feet away. His expression told her nothing, his eyes were blank, but as she thanked him, a slight smile curved his lips. Next to the shirt was a pair of black jeans. She looked at the size and smirked. They would be tight on her, but she would be able to wear them. Something in the back of her mind told her that he wanted them tight, and the thought made her smile. Laid on top of the sweater was a set of black lace and silk bra and matching panties.

As she showered, she could feel his eyes upon her, and she wished he would join her. The hot water cascaded down her back, her eyes closed as she stepped into it and let it hit her face. The tiled wall was cool to the touch even with the steam in the room as she put her hands out in front of her, leaning forward slightly as she relaxed and let the hard pulse of the water massage her lithe muscular frame, slowly working out the beginnings of knots and bruises she knew she would have in the morning. The scent of the soap still lingered, but there was something else as well, something she had only smelled once before. Turning in the direction of the scent, she opened her eyes to see him standing directly in front of her and her heart leapt to her throat. It surprised and concerned her that he had gotten this close to her without her sensing him there. Not that she minded him being within arm’s reach, she liked that part. And the fact that he stood there in nothing but what the goddess had put him on this earth wearing was all the better.

The muscles she had seen threatening to rip his clothes apart looked even better without the clothes covering them. Tentatively she reached out her hand toward him, looking up into his eyes for approval. The slight curve of his lips was inviting as she placed her hand against his chest, feeling the taunt pectoral muscles flex at her light touch. The coolness of his skin slightly startled her and she pulled her hand back for a moment. He brought his hand up, taking hers in his, and placed her hand back on his chest above his heart. With eyes wide she looked up at him when she didn’t feel a heartbeat. What kind of man was he to have no heartbeat? Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, remembering the books he had given her to read which led her to further research. Could they be real? Could he be one? Why had she not noticed last time they were together? Had she been that wrapped up in the ecstasy at the time? Tentatively she began to caress the skin of his chest, slowly moving her hand down to his stomach as she looked up into his eyes to watch his reaction to her touch.

The hunger in her eyes burned brightly as she watched her hand caressing his ebony skin, and even though hers was darkly tanned it contrasted against his like a beacon lit on a dark night. Without further hesitation she slowly stepped around him, her fingers lightly caressing his skin as she moved them across his abdomen, over his ribs and up across his back to his shoulders. The all too familiar look of lust in his eyes as he turned his head and watched her told her he wanted more than the touch of her fingers, and she was more than willing to give it to him… in time. She was enjoying teasing him and was going to make him pay for teasing her for so long in the ring. The look in his eyes told her that he knew the effect he had on her and he was taking full advantage of it.

A small smile formed on her lips as she leaned closer to him and lightly brushed her lips across his back. She was amazed at his self-control as he stood there unmoving as her hands gently massaged his shoulders for a moment before moving them across his bare flesh. Across his back they slid, down to his waist and around to the front to lightly caress the hard muscles of his abdomen. He felt so good to her touch; she wanted to stand there and tease him for hours, but she was unsure when someone would walk in on them. The thought suddenly excited her more than she had been before as she curled her fingers slightly, her nails digging into his flesh. She heard his soft moan and smiled. So he likes the pain does he? Well, I’ll just have to accommodate him. She smiled as she trailed kisses across his back, over his upper arm, and across his chest as she slowly moved to stand in front of him again.

As she stepped in front of him, he brought one powerful arm up to wrap around her waist, pulling her against him roughly. Her breath caught in her throat as his lips came down on hers gently. With the lust that had shown in his eyes and how forcefully he pulled her to him, she had not expected him to be so gentle when he kissed her. When his tongue lightly brushed against her lips, she willingly parted them, his tongue finding hers a willing partner in their own silent dance. He picked her up, gently guiding her legs to wrap around his waist and she surrendered completely to him. He stepped to the wall, pinning her against it and she inhaled sharply at the shock of the cold wall against her warm back, letting her breath out in a low moan of pleasure as she felt his hand begin to caress her leg.

His hand moved with agonizing slowness as he caressed her hip. As he did, she brought her hands up along his sides, moving them as best she could between them considering he was pressing against her, pinning her to the wall with his full body, his other hand against the wall beside her head. She moved her hands slowly across his ribs to his chest as his hand moved from her hip along her body to her firm breast. She moaned again as she felt his fingers gently caressing her soft skin, her hands moved upwards more to wrap around his neck, pulling him closer to him, urging him on with her tongue, her hands and her body. His body felt so good and she wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside of her. She had already surrendered herself completely to him.

They were completely oblivious to the water cascading down against them as they stood there, lost in each other’s touch. He slowly released her tongue, pulling his head back slightly as he trailed kisses down her neck. She thought nothing of the fact that he seemed to hesitate as he came close to her jugular. As he moved further down her neck and across her shoulder, her heartbeat quickened, sounding like thunder in her own ears. She fought hard to control her breathing in the steam-filled room, but his tongue flicked across her already stiff nipple, making it even harder under his ministrations. She moaned again as she arched her back slightly, pressing her breast against his mouth. Closing her eyes again, she laid her head back against the wall as his mouth engulfed her nipple, sucking on it gently. With another sharp inhale of her breath, her legs tightened around his waist as her nipple was caught between his teeth, gently at first then slowly becoming harder until he almost drew blood. The harder he bit, the tighter her legs got around his waist and the closer to orgasm she came. He keeps that up and he’ll have me cumming all over him soon!

Almost as if sensing how close she was, he slowly began trailing kisses from one firm breast to the other, letting his tongue taste her flesh as he slowly moved from one side to the other. A few agonizing moments later his tongue slid across her nipple, only to pull away suddenly. A soft groan escaped her as he stopped, turning into a scream of pleasure halfway through as he suddenly bit her nipple viciously, drawing blood. She sighed softly as his mouth remained there for a few very long moments drinking from her. He brought his hand along her leg to her knee for a moment, and then slowly moved it back toward her hip, caressing her skin lightly. He continued to move his hand beyond to her buttocks, grabbing one cheek firmly and pulling her even closer to him. She could feel his throbbing manhood against her flesh, and she wanted it. He brought his other hand down to her buttocks and began massaging them gently as he continued to suckle her breast. Slowly he moved one hand from her ass, lightly running his fingers across her hip, then her upper thigh. Hesitating only a moment, his fingers slowly moved between their bodies to caress the well-trimmed triangle at the top of her mound for a few minutes.

As he continued to suckle her nipple, biting it savagely every few minutes, he brought his hands along each leg to her ankles behind him. With a light pressure on her ankles, he told her to release him and let them drop to the floor as his mouth came back up to hers. Their tongues entwined again for a brief moment before he forcefully turned her around, grabbing her by the waist as he did. With his other hand he began to lightly caress her back, from her neck to her waist along the spine as he bent her over at the waist, her long fiery mane falling to the side. She put her hands against the cool wall in front of her for support as she felt his throbbing cock against her. With one hand, he pulled one leg up, giving him better access to her as he pushed against her gently. He pressed in fully, filling her up more completely than she had ever been. A smile formed on her lips as she sighed with pleasure. They stood there a moment as he let her get used to him, his hands moving across every inch of her flesh that he could reach. Suddenly he pulled his hand back, bringing it down sharply against one ass cheek hard, leaving a bright red handprint on her tanned flesh. A small exclamation of surprise issued forth from her throat as she turned her head slightly to smile at him, her eyes twinkling with excitement as she looked at him.

Minutes passed and he still had not moved. She moved forward slightly, letting him slide out of her until he was barely inside of her before she moved back against him again, a loud moan of pleasure escaping her as he hit the depths of her once again. Slowly she began moving back and forth against him, and he let her set the slow steady pace, resting his hands on her hips as she moved against him. Letting her head loll back, she moaned softly as she rode him, a small smile coming to her lips as she heard him mutter something about how tight she was. She tightened her muscles, enjoying the reaction from him. He groaned loudly. She looked over her shoulder to him, and the look in his eyes told her that he was definitely enjoying himself. She rocked back against him with a bit more force, slamming him deep within her walls. Picking up on her desire, he slowly pulled out then slammed back against her, causing her to yelp in surprise, her next breath coming out as a moan of pleasure as he slammed into her again. With one hand on her hip, he reached his other hand up to bury his fingers in the hair at the base of her neck, entwining them in her hair as he grabbed a handful and pulled back hard. A surge of excitement ran through her, bringing her that much closer to her release.

As if being driven by some unseen force, he continued to slam into her again and again. Each time he started to pull out, she tightened her muscles around him. When he thrust into her again, she relaxed. She soon had him on the verge of exploding, and the more he pounded into her, the closer she got. She reached one hand down and began stroking her clit. Seconds later, she screamed loudly with pure pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard. At the same moment, she felt him give one final hard thrust deep within her as he erupted deep inside of her. She continued to rock against him, making her own orgasm last a few moments more before she started coming down. Panting hard, her legs shaking as she stood there, she leaned back against him, his flesh still cool to the touch. He wrapped both arms around her waist, holding her, as he kissed her neck gently, whispering in her ear that he had enjoyed himself immensely. He slowly brought one hand up along her abdomen to her breast and began to lightly caress her skin, letting one finger trace around her nipple before taking it between his index and middle finger and pinching it. She smiled and chuckled softly, saying that she wanted more. He squeezed her gently, saying that it was getting late and that more would have to wait until next time, they needed to get dressed and ready to leave before the morning crews got here, if they had not already. He told her to go ahead and get cleaned up and he would meet her back in the main room. She sighed softly. She did not care if there was anyone else here—she wanted more. However, she respected his request and stepped fully under the stream of the shower. They had now been together twice and she was damned sure going to make sure it was not going to be the last.

As she stepped out of the shower, she reached for the towel lying on a bench and wrapped it around her then she stepped over to the clothes. The silk and lace of the bra felt good to her touch. It had been a long time since she had reason to wear something this sensual for someone. She let the towel drop and slowly put the panties on, looking around, hoping he was watching. After putting the bra on, she walked the length of the room and back, enjoying the feel of the air on her flesh. As she looked up again, she saw him standing in the doorway, watching her. The expression on his face told her that he was enjoying what he saw. He was already changed, and rather than making a gentleman wait, she quickly finished dressing. The jeans were tight, but they felt good. The lust in his eyes as he looked at her told her that the slight bit of discomfort was well worth it.

When she was done and dressed, she joined him back in the main room of the gym, where he led her back outside and to his Hummer once again, opening the door for her so she could get in. They talked more, and he complimented her again on her control and technique as he drove her back to the library and her Jeep. The slight smile that played on his lips when he looked at her told her that he was talking about more than just in the ring. When they arrived at the library, he parked next to her Jeep and again walked around the Hummer to open her door, letting her out. He asked her if he could find her here later. She said she would be here, and if she was not then he could call her on her cell phone if need be as she wrote it on a piece of paper from her notebook and handed it to him. He smiled slightly and thanked her for it as he opened her door for her, closing it carefully once she was in. Surprisingly, he moved close to her and kissed her passionately for several long moments before he took a step back. He stood there waiting as she started the engine, letting it warm up for a few moments before she put it in gear and drove off. Looking back as she left the parking lot, she saw him walking to his Hummer and getting in before she turned her attention to the drive home. She was slightly surprised when her phone rang as she turned the corner and smiled when she saw his number on the ID as she answered it. He told her to drive safe and that he would see her again soon. He really was a gentleman when it came to her.

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