Red: 5. A Revelation

Memories of another night so long ago flooded her thoughts as she walked up the stairs to the gym. It seemed a lifetime ago. It was a little over six months after they had met and she had started working for him. She had started to spend more and more time with him outside of work, and falling for him. They were supposed to meet for dinner that night, and she had planned to tell him how she felt. She was his now, and because of that, if he wanted her to continue working for him she had no choice. But being so close to him, not telling him how she felt, not knowing if he felt the same, was torture to her. Would he laugh at her and turn her away, or did he feel the same? The question nagged at her and she was determined to get that answer tonight. Her dress was laid across the bed, and she debated on wearing it or her usual tight black jeans and black turtleneck pull over that he had given her so long ago. The dress was black silk, accentuating her tanned skin, red hair, and piercing emerald eyes. The hem of the dress came to her slender ankles, with a split on each side that came up to her hip, showing off the well-toned muscles of her legs, and the curves of her body. The rest of the dress hugged her slim upper body but left her strong arms and her back uncovered, coming up from the front to a strip of fabric an inch wide that went around her neck. The low cut of the front showed off her ample firm breasts tastefully. She looked in the mirror again as she stood there completely nude, contemplating which would look better on her lithe form, before heading to the bed to pick up the dress. There would not be much left to the imagination in this, not that he didn’t know every inch of her body already, but she wanted to show it all off for him tonight. She wanted him to know her intentions just by looking at her. She wanted more than that, though, and she had every intention of getting what she wanted, one way or another.

She walked into the bathroom to turn the shower on, and as she turned to gather her hair up and out of the way, she looked into the mirror and froze. For a brief second she could have sworn that she saw him standing behind her. But when she turned to look, there was no one there. She shook her head and stepped into the now steaming shower. The hot water felt good cascading down her lithe frame as she stood there for a few moments letting the feel of the water wash over her like a rainstorm. Her thoughts wandered to him, again, and she could almost feel him standing behind her, caressing her skin. Startled she opened her eyes and quickly turned around, only to find she was indeed alone. It was strange. She had never felt anything like she did with him, had never before been able to feel someone there when they were not. Was it love? Or was it merely infatuation? Did he feel the same for her as she did for him? Well, she was determined to find out tonight.

Reaching for the shampoo off the shelf, she quickly washed and rinsed her long, thick fiery red hair then pulled it back into a loose knot to keep it out of her way. She then reached for the shaving cream and lathered one leg before reaching for the razor. She took long even strokes up her leg to make sure it was completely smooth. Once done, she repeated the process with the other leg. Next, she reached for the shower-head and took it down as she sat on the custom seat in the corner, spreading her legs and aiming the water directly between them. Moaning softly, she sat back and let the pressure of the water hit her clit, bringing her close to orgasm within mere minutes. Reluctantly she moves the stream up slightly, and brings the razor to her mound. She slowly, carefully, began to shave herself completely smooth. She smiled to herself as she put the razor down and ran her hand across herself. Slipping two fingers inside, letting one slide across her clit as she made sure there were no remnants of hair left anywhere. Slowly she slid the other finger deep inside, letting the other one join it seconds later, sliding them in and out slowly. Soon she added a third as she let her thumb caress her clit. Her head eased back to relax against the wall and she moaned softly as she continued stroking herself, pulling her legs further apart, resting her heels on the edge of the tub. Her mind wandered to visions of him, of having his throbbing hard cock sliding deep within her, as she stroked deeper and harder. Seconds later, she lets the shower-head fall, bringing her hand up to caress her firm breast, pinching the nipple slightly. She moans again, slightly louder this time, as she quickly approaches release. Slowing her thrusts, she kept herself on the edge for a few moments longer, her thoughts of him vivid in her mind, so much so she can feel him there, stroking her thigh with his fingertips. She closed her eyes tighter, not wanting the fantasy to leave as she continued stroking, bringing herself closer to the edge. She could actually feel his tongue tasting her, caressing her as she moved her fingers away, hanging on to the fantasy as her orgasm slammed through her body so hard she almost fell off the seat, a scream of pleasure ripped thru the room as she tumbled over the edge to that hard orgasm.

It took her several long moments before she recovered her senses, and when she did she carefully stood, replacing the shower head, and finished her shower. That nagging thought in the back of her mind came to life again as she washed off, yet still eluded her grasp. She wanted tonight to be very special. She reached for the sponge and the body wash, smelling the strong scent before pouring some of the soap on the sponge and setting the bottle down. Once she worked the soap to a lather, she slowly moved the sponge across her skin with enough pressure to get the dirt and grime of the day off, leaving the intoxicating scent of vanilla on her skin. She nodded to herself in satisfaction. She wanted tonight to be something special. She hoped that he felt the same. When she was done rinsing the soap off, she reached over to turn the water off and opened the door to the shower. Through the steam, she swore she saw him standing there against the closed door of the bathroom. She reached for her towel, stepping closer for a better look as she wrapped it around her, but when she got there, there was no one in the room with her. She opened the door and a draft of cool air greeted her, reminding her that if anyone else had opened the door she would have felt the same cool draft from the other room. She shook her head slightly, thinking she was going crazy. Something was definitely off, and that feeling in the back of her mind kept nagging at her, still eluding her as she tried to concentrate on it further. This wasn’t the first time she had this feeling either.

She pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind, since it seemed the feeling wanted to stay there anyways, and concentrated on getting ready. She secured the towel around her then reached for the knot in her hair, untying it easily. Grabbing the brush from the counter, she carefully pulled it through her hair to get all of the tangles. Once she was done, she stepped into the bedroom and finished drying herself. Stepping in front of the full-length mirror, she stood there for several long moments thinking about him as she admired the lithe frame that stared back at her. Yes, tonight is going to be special. The vanilla scented body spray sat on her dresser a few steps away, and after she sprayed a little on, she opened the top drawer considering whether or not to wear panties under the dress tonight. There were several pair in the drawer that would be good for the night, a high cut bikini and a string thong among them. In the end, she decided against the panties and turned to the bed with her dress laid out. With the high cut of the slits up the side, stockings would look tacky, and the last thing she wanted was to look like a cheap five-dollar whore. The front of the dress left no need for a bra, leaving her nothing under the dress. Perfect. She looked to the dress again and frowned; the dress had been moved from where she had laid it out yet there was no one else in the house. That damned nagging feeling bugged her again, still remaining just out of her grasp. She shook her head and began to dress. Maybe if she just forgot about it she would figure it out.

Within minutes, she had the dress on and was back in front of the mirror, admiring the way the dress complimented her muscular curves, and she knew that he would like it. She looked over at the clock to check the time before stepping back into the bathroom to arrange her hair. She had decided that tonight she would wear it down for him, as she had rarely done, and pulled only the sides up, leaving the majority of it loose. He always enjoyed being able to grab her hair in one hand and pull it, and she knew tonight was going to be no different. Once he saw her he would have trouble controlling the lust, and she was counting on that. She also hoped that it was more than just lust.

Minutes later, she walked back into the bedroom and put on the black five inch spiked heels that matched the dress perfectly. She did not plan to have them on long, much less standing in them, just long enough to have the desired effect. A smile formed on her red lips as she looked in the mirror one last time. He would be putty in her hands tonight, and that was a very intoxicating thought. She grabbed the shawl off the bed, wrapped it around her shoulders, and headed for the door. Her purse and keys waited for her by the front door, and she quickly retrieved them as she walked out the door, locking it behind her.

She had put the top up on her Jeep earlier that day, knowing that she would most likely be wearing her hair down, so that was not a concern as she carefully slid into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle. Within moments, she was on the road, headed to his home. It was not a long drive, and she quickly found herself pulling into the driveway leading past the gates to the house, where she sat waiting for a few minutes as she made sure everything was perfect. She was a few minutes early, and the night air felt good against her flesh, so she took her time carefully sliding out of the driver’s seat, straightening her dress as she stood. Tonight is going to be very special, she thought to herself as she slowly walked up the walk to the front door. Little did she know then just how special it really would be.

He greeted her at the door. Once again she found herself smiling at the effect she had on him. His usual emotionless features now looked at her with lust and admiration, and something else. She watched him as he lead the way to the living room, nodded when he offered her a drink, and sat carefully on the couch. They talked about small things for a little while, his schedule for the week, weaponry she still needed to acquire, the books he had given her to research, until one of his men stepped into the room and informed them that dinner was ready in the dining room. He stepped in front of her, offered his hand to help her stand, and escorted her to the dining room. As they sat, Dante entered the room, apologizing for the interruption. After a quick whispered conversation, Dante nodded and said good eve to them, and left them completely alone in the house.

“There is something I wanted to tell ye.” Her voice was low, but filled the room easily. He stood and stepped around the table towards her, and as he did, she almost lost her nerve. She took a deep breath and plunged ahead. “I have been thinking about how to say this for days, and now that I’ve got the chance, I’m not sure how to say it.” She paused a moment, looking up at him as he leaned against the table next to her. She pushed her plate back, sat back in her chair, and took another deep breath as he watched her patiently. “Either we have to stop seeing each other outside of work, or I have to quit working for ye.” As he raised an eyebrow, she continued. “I’m in love with ye. I have been for a long time now. I would die before I let anyone harm ye. But I don’t feel that I can effectively protect ye if I’m…” He cut her off with a kiss, and her resolve melted.

“Who better to protect me than one that I trust as I trust you. It is because of your love that you make the best person to protect me. That love makes you more vicious than Dante, JoJo or Sugar could ever be. I feel sorry for any fool who would dare come near me with you around.” He usually was not a man for many words, but tonight he said more than usual. “I see by the look in your eyes that you came here tonight to find out if I felt the same. I will say this much. I pity the man who dares harm you, for my wrath will make the worst tortures of hell seem like a pleasant vacation.” He looked at her and by the tone in his voice and the look in his eyes, she knew that he was not feeding her a line. He reached for her hand and pulled her to stand up as he pushed off the edge of the table. “I want to show you something.”

She stood when he pulled and followed him. Even with the extra height of the five inch heels, she was shorter than him. He led her to the gym in the back of the house for his private use. She smiled and raised an eyebrow at him as he led her through the door. “Have you been reading the books that I have been giving you?” She nodded, seeing no need to answer verbally. “And how much of what you have read do you believe is or could be true?”

Hesitating only a moment to gather her thoughts, she answered, “If you are asking if I believe in vampires…” Her voice trailed off and she stood there in silence for a few minutes, thinking. “I hadn’t really thought about it that much, to be honest. I suppose a part of me believes they exist, wishes they did. I mean, can you imagine being able to live forever? Or at least, as long as you wanted to, provided you took the proper precautions against the sun and didn’t piss off the wrong people… Not much different than the lives we lead now. To have all the time I wanted to learn everything I could.” There was a wistful tone to her voice now, as she was lost in thought, talking more to herself than to Ty now. She stepped over to the window, flexing her muscles as she stood there looking out it. “To be stronger than I am now, practically invulnerable. Hell, Ty, most fools wouldn’t be able to get through me to get to you! Unless they were vampires also. I mean, that is, if they were real. However, there is always someone stronger, someone better I suppose. But I would have decades, centuries – hell even millennia if I wanted – to learn more and perfect the skills that I have. I would be the best!” She slipped out of the heels as she stood there thinking aloud. He smiled as she turned to look at him, her eyes full of excitement at the thoughts. “I mean, shit Ty, if even half of what I have read from the books you have been giving me is true… It would be so awesome. The strength, the power, the ability to regenerate. To be practically invulnerable. Hell, the possibilities are endless.” She had only ever been talkative around him, and tonight, on this subject, her thoughts were spoken aloud almost as fast as she could think them.

“And what would you say if I could show you proof that they were real?” Her excited ramblings instantly turned to stunned silence as she stared at him. In the heartbeat that it took for her to turn around to completely face him, he had moved across the room from the door to stand less than a hand’s width away from her. No human could possibly move that fast, and she knew it. He held out his arm between them as he spoke. “I have given you my blood daily for a while now. Do you remember reading about ghouls?”

She nodded, taking a few moments to find her voice. “Ghouls are the blood bonded servants of the vampires, stronger than mortals, but not immortal as the vampires are. They are the daytime protectors of the vampires since the rift between werewolf and vampires had made them enemies. Ghouls could still walk in the daylight, have some of the healing abilities of the vampires, and some of their strengths like slowed aging, but required the blood of their master regularly or the slowed aging would catch up to them very quickly. For younger ghouls who had not been dependent on the blood of a master for long, this was not that dangerous, but for older ghouls, who had been with their master for more than a decade, it could be fatal, especially if their mortal age was past the normal aging for mortals. Regular feeding increases the blood to vitae ratio, and if fed nightly a ghoul will eventually assimilate enough vitae that nothing remains of the human blood. The bond is true love. The master is the most important person in the ghoul’s life…” His words suddenly hit her. That feeling in the back of her mind that kept nagging at her, eluding her as she tried to concentrate on it further, suddenly came to the forefront of her thoughts with such force that she nearly passed out from the shock. He had already made her a ghoul, without her knowledge. She was unsure if she was angry with him, or delighted. With the same speed that he had crossed the room, she reached up and slapped him, hard. The sound of her palm connecting with his cheek resounded ominously throughout the gym as he looked at her. Her voice was deathly cold as she spoke again. “You son of a bitch! You could have at least fucking asked me!”

“Would you have said no?” His eyes had grown dangerously void of emotion as he considered her. He took a half step back away from her.

“You know I can’t deny you anything. It’s a pretty low thing to do to a person to toy with their emotions.” She was practically screaming at him in anger as she stepped away from him, crossing the room to stand by another window, one away from him. The emotions she had been having were not real, but that realization did not make them any weaker.

“Think about it, Red. How long have you been in love with me? Weeks? Months? How long, Red?” He advanced on her again, grabbing her waist and throwing her to the center of the room. As she landed, she immediately dropped to a defensive crouch. Thanks to the slits up the sides of the dress, this maneuver left her legs completely exposed, and the lust in his eyes grew stronger. She learned a very long time ago to use a man’s emotions against him when she could, and if it came to a fight, she would do just that.

Slowly she stood, facing him. Dropping her defenses, she answered him. “I…I…I’m not sure. I can’t be sure. I have wanted you since the day I first saw you in the library. And after that first night in the gym I knew I couldn’t stand to be far away from you. The more I was around you, the stronger my feelings got. I didn’t want to be in love with you for so long because of our working relationship. It would be fatal for one or both of us if I were to get distracted by my love for you. Then when I finally admitted it to myself, I couldn’t say how long I had been in love with you; I couldn’t remember ever not loving you.” She had realized that even if it meant losing her life, she could not, would not, fight him. She would rather die than harm him.

“Think about it. You have loved me for months. I have only been giving you my blood for a few weeks, a month at the most. Your bond to me is not the reason you love me. You were already in love with me.” His smile was enough to melt her heart and dissipate her anger. “I only made that love stronger. And I only did that because I care for you much more than any vampire should care for a mortal. It is because of how we feel for one another that I have given you this gift. I could no more stand to lose you than you could stand not to breathe. For a vampire in my position, that is deadly.” He took the steps across the room to stand before her, his wrist exposed between them again.

Suddenly the anger welled up inside of her again. “You still could have asked me, asshole!” She continued to rant at him, though she had unconsciously switched to screaming curses in the Irish Gaelic in her anger. When she was done, they stood there staring at each other for a few moments, him at her in confusion and her at him expecting an answer to what she had just asked him. Inhaling deeply, she looked away. “No, I probably would not have turned down the offer, but damnit! I deserve to have the chance to make that decision! Now you have my body so damned addicted to the blood that I have no choice!” Without warning, he kicked her. Hard. She fought back the scream that threatened to escape her lips as she felt the bones in her leg snap. Instead, she screamed words at him at she fought to remain standing. “Ye god damned son of a mother fucking cum swallowing gutter bitch!! How the fuck can ye say that ye care and then break me fucking leg less than a heartbeat later?” In her anger and pain her thick Irish accent came out in full force.

“Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones we have to hurt the worst.” His voice was still dead calm, and it was beginning to frighten her.

“So, because ye love me ye are going to kill me?” Emotions raged out of control. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched the man she had come to love. How could she have been so stupid, to trust him, to love him, only to be betrayed like this. The fear and hurt turned to anger and she tried to take a step before she realized she could not. Falling to her knees, she took a moment to look at her leg. The bone had snapped and ripped through the skin, leaving the jagged end of broken bone exposed to the air.

“That’s right, Red. Get angry with me. Hate me for all I care, but know that you are mine. Call me every name in the book if you want, but it is time for you to fucking learn to use the gift that I have given you! Learn to use that anger boiling in your blood. Concentrate on it, use the strength of the blood to heal the bone.” Placing one hand on either side of the break, she set her teeth against the pain and the scream she was sure would come even against her will. She had seen bones set before, had to set a couple herself, and with a sudden surge of energy she snapped the bone back into place. “That’s it. Set it, and heal it.” He watched her with cold, emotionless eyes as she glared at him. “I said to fucking concentrate. Now do it!”

Her eyes became just as cold as his as she felt the blood boiling in her veins. She concentrated on that warmth, directing it, willing it to her broken leg. “If this fucking scars, I’ll kick yer ass from here to hell and back, asshole!” She could feel the bones mending as she continued to set her will to the healing, the initial pain of it soon subsiding as the break healed, then the skin where the bones had come through. She concentrated more on the scar, willing it away to become perfect, unmarred, once again.

“If it leaves a scar, it will serve as a reminder to learn when to shut the fuck up and do as I tell you. Or shall I give you another lesson?” He raised his hand to strike her again, and by the time the blow aimed for her cheek fell, she stood fully to face him, resulting in him hitting her side instead. He smirked, knowing that she was capable of handling so much more than he had given her. “Damnit girl, I gave you this gift because I see the potential in you to strengthen the bloodline. And you are right, I cannot take it back now. The only way for you to end it is painfully, either by going through the withdrawals and hoping you survive, or by being killed. Is that what you want? Or, can you trust me that I know what the fuck I’m doing. You are worthy of so much more, and I can give it to you.”

As swiftly as his strike had hit her, she turned on him with a force that she never would have imagined she had before. The possibilities of what she could now do sprang to her mind with such vivid detail that an evil grin curved her luscious red lips, making her all the more attractive to him. He stood his ground, the emotionless expression in his eyes now replaced once again by the lust he had for only her. “I want more.” Her voice was amazingly calm compared to the frenzied pitch of anger just moments before, full of the same lust that he felt. Her eyes bore a fire in them that burned more intensely than a bonfire, and they showed him the passion that she felt inside.

“Good.” His lips curled into a truly vicious grin. “Because I plan on giving you more.” Without warning, he reached to strike her again, this time a blow that would have landed square on her jaw and most likely would have broken it if she had not dodged at the last moment, instead passed right by her head. He nodded, his eyes showing his approval. Within the span of three heartbeats they had exchanged a deadly combination of blows, some were avoided, some were not, and none of them did more damage than to leave the receiver with a painful reminder in the morning. The longer they went and the harder they fought, the brighter the lust and fire burned in her eyes. “Now do you understand what I have been trying to teach you, Firebrand? Use your anger, your hatred, all of your emotions. You know how to watch your opponent for any tells, any advantages you can use, now you will learn to use the strength and agility that comes with the rest of it. Why do you think I have had you fighting Dante and Sugah every night? Why do you think you are the best fighter in the rings? Have you not noticed that you have become quicker than them?” He continued to talk to her, to guide her as they sparred. Red soaked everything in like a sponge, putting most of it to practice almost immediately.

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