Red: 6. A Reward

They went on like this for almost an hour before he called a stop to the spar. She ignored him, hitting him again with a roundhouse kick then a backhanded hit both aimed at his jaw. Before she could step out of his reach, he snatched her up by her waist, tossing her over his shoulder. “I said that was enough,” he said as his open hand came down on her ass hard. She squealed, begging for more, and he chuckled as he walked out of the gym, headed for the stairs. “You little nymph. You could be broken and bruised, on your death bed, and still want to fuck, couldn’t you? Vixen!” JoJo watched from the hallway, his lips curved into a smirk. As they passed him, she flipped him off and stuck her pierced tongue out at him, letting him know that she was right where she wanted to be.

“JoJo, I know that you are watching around the corner, see that no one disturbs us… for the rest of the week.” Ty climbed the stairs, easily taking them two at a time, even with her over his shoulder. At the top, he turned left and walked down the hallway. Opening the last door, he stepped into his huge bedroom and across the room to the bed, where he threw her down. The mattress was soft, cushioning her fall easily so as to not hurt her. She squirmed around for a minute, checking to make sure her dress was not harmed. “Remove it if you are so worried about it.” He stepped back to the door to close it, then turned back to face her. His eyes bore into her with a lust that matched her own as she slid off the bed to stand beside it.

“Is this what ye want?” She reached up, unfastened the collar of the dress then reached behind her to undo the short zipper and let the dress fall to the floor. He stepped closer to her, and she met him halfway across the room. His arms came up around her waist gently as he lowered his head to kiss her. His lips were soft against hers, and his kiss passionate.

“Red, it’s not about what I want right now. Is it what you want? To never be able to see the sun, never have any more children, having to survive by drinking the blood of others and most of all to never be able to see what remains of your family again? Could you stand to leave your daughter, you sister and your brothers behind? Is that worth the strength you will gain, the ability to heal, the time? Think very carefully, Red. Could you handle having to consume a mortal’s blood to survive?”

“Do ye think I have nae thought about it? Why did ye give me the books then? Why have ye been teaching me about these things? It’s like dangling the most luscious fruit in front of a man and telling him he can never have it. It’s cruel, Ty, and one thing I have learned about ye is that though ye may be heartless at times, ye are not cruel, not to me. Yes, I want it. I told ye before I could never say no to ye. Ye have already had me drinking blood for weeks now, at least this way I will be in control of it.”

A moment later, he released her, telling her to wait here as he walked out the door, locking it behind him. She stood there in stunned silence, unable to believe he would just walk out on her like that. Never before had he been able to resist her when she had been completely naked in front of him. What the hell was going on? Was he going to turn her? Or was he going to kill her? Even after that short conversation, she feared that she had let him down in some way. That thought made her fall to her knees and cry until she could cry no more. Somewhere in the midst of all her doubt, a thought slowly surfaced. He had said, “never have any more children”, that she would have to leave her daughter. How had he known? They were supposed to be well hidden, no one was supposed to even know about Lily.

She sat there, patiently waiting for him, wearing nothing at all. She wiped her eyes, and looked around the room she had come to know as if it was her own. Her fiery red hair fell down across her back to her ankles, and her eyes took in the details of the room. Lit only by the light coming from the huge fireplace, she could see that it was sparsely furnished. He had redecorated it since she was last here a few days ago. The bed and two chairs that she could see, along with the desk across the room, with its chair, all looked to be in superb condition. As she looked to the walls, she could see that he had added several paintings and tapestries, and there was no doubt in her mind that every one of them was an original masterpiece. On the floor in front of the fireplace was a large fur rug, no doubt some poor creature or two gave their life to make it, with a few blankets and pillows piled on and around it. Not wanting to detract from the beauty of the furniture, even though he had already thrown her on the bed earlier, she decided to rest on the rug, watching the flames of the fire dance as she waited.

A movement caught her eye, and as she turned to see what it was, her heart skipped a beat. He stepped into the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. The stark white of the towel contrasted with his ebony skin, making him all the more handsome. Her breath caught in her throat as he stepped closer to her, asking if she was sure about her decision. She nodded, only once, her eyes locked on his. He reached out to her, and as she took his hand he gently helped her to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her lower back, just above her hips, and a soft moan escaped her throat. She brought her hands up around his neck for a moment before sliding them down across his chest, under his arms and across his ribs to rest them around his waist. She laid her head on his bare chest, breathing in the scent of him.

Slowly he brought one hand up under her chin, gently lifting it. She raised her head and looked at him. He softly brushed his lips against hers, teasing her for a moment. His hands began to caress the soft, smooth skin of her back as his kiss became more passionate. After a few more long moments, he parts his lips slightly, his tongue brushing across her lips, seeking entrance. Slowly she parted her lips and his tongue urgently sought hers out as they began a passionate dance of their own. They stood there in the firelight, drinking in the pleasure of each other’s touch. He let his fingertips lightly explore every bit of flesh he could reach. His touch sent chills through her, which caused her nipples to harden almost painfully. He brought his hands up over her with a gentleness she did not expect, slowly sliding his hands up her body.

He stepped away from her, and she stood there, completely exposed to him as his eyes drank in the full length of her naked body. He took another step back, and with one swift movement loosened the towel from around his waist and tossed it to the couch. Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes feast on the beauty of his well-muscled, and now completely naked, body. He stepped forward, once again wrapping his arms around her waist, at the same time her arms come around his. The feel of his bare skin against hers a slight shock, for it was warmer than she expected. He began to slowly run his hands across her back, lightly caressing her skin. She arched her back, inhaling sharply at the feel of his body against hers, and her hands pulled him closer. She brought her hands across his buttocks and down the top of his thigh, left them there a moment before she brought them back up, the very tips of her fingernails barely brushed across his skin as she did. A smile forms on her lips as she heard him moan softly.

As he lowered his head and began kissing her again, his fingertips continue caressing her back and hips. He teasingly brought his hand up her back, across her ribs and down her stomach before moving it back over her hip to rest it on her lower back. Without breaking the kiss, he eased her back to the floor to rest on the fur rug and blankets, resting beside her. Gently he took both her hands and brought them up over her head, breaking the kiss for only a moment as he did so, placing both her hands in the hand of the arm he was using to support himself. With his free hand, he began to slowly caress her skin, his fingertips barely brushing across her flesh. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply as his fingers brush close to her nipple, causing it to harden again. She let her breath out in a low moan as he continued down her body, across her ribs to her stomach, causing her muscles to tighten. He spent over an hour caressing and exploring every inch of her body that he could touch, and she was amazed at the tenderness and patience he was using.

His touch, barely felt, sent chills all through her, causing her nipples to stiffen painfully, and to remain in that state. His hand moved with agonizing slowness, torturing, teasing with every second. He brought his mouth down to lightly brush his lips across hers for a moment before moving slowly down her body to her throat, above her rapidly beating heart, then to her nipple. She inhaled sharply, arching her back, as his tongue flicked across her nipple for a moment before his mouth completely engulfed it. He began to suckle her nipple lightly, and her breathing became quickened and ragged.

After a few moments, he brought his hand down her ribs, across her stomach, and down her thigh. His tongue resumed flicking across her nipple as he began alternating between flicking it and suckling it. He moved his hand up her inner thigh, her mind reeling at where it was headed. He slowly moved it toward the bare treasure nestled between her thighs, his fingertips brushed past it and she moaned softly, spreading her legs slightly in invitation. When his hand continued to her stomach, she mumbled about him being a tease and he raised his head for a moment, chuckling softly. “Patience, my love, we have an eternity. I want this night to burn in your memory forever,” he whispered.

He released her hands, bringing his hand up her arm, lightly caressing her skin as he reached for her wrist, gently guiding her arm to rest beside her body between them. He lightly placed a kiss on her shoulder before slowly moving further down to her breast, once again flicking her nipple with his tongue. Slowly, teasingly, he brings his hand back down, caressing her shoulder, her breast, across her ribs, until he stopped at her stomach. He rested his hand flat on her stomach, just at her naval, for a few moments as his tongue, and mouth, devoured her nipple. Slowly he moved his hand down across her thigh, bringing it back up her other side, stopping just above the treasure between them. She held her breath for a moment, waiting for his next movement, not realizing that his mouth had released her nipple until she heard him whisper for her to breathe. As his hand comes down searching for her cunt, she let her breath out in a loud moan, parting her legs further as he finds it. He began caressing it, softly at first, then slowly adding a slight bit more pressure. After a few moments he stops, this earning him a slight throaty growl from her, before he resumes his attentions with his thumb instead of his finger. Slowly he slid a finger deep inside her, and began stroking in and out, adding another finger after a few minutes and yet a third a few minutes later. He asks if he was hurting her and a chuckle escapes her. He knew she could handle more than what he was giving her. She begins to purr, deep in her throat, in her chest. He slid a finger out, leaving just the two inside her, his fingers and thumb keeping a steady rhythm.

She felt him bring his head down, brushing his lips across her neck softly, sending chills through her. He nibbled her ear gently, whispering for her to relax and enjoy herself before moving his mouth back down to her neck. Her breathing quickened slightly and she moaned again. He moved his mouth slowly to her nipple, once again flicking his tongue across it, sending her to new heights of pleasure. Just as she began to think she can’t take anymore, he slowly slid another finger in to join the other two, never losing his rhythm. She screamed with pleasure as he began to nibble softly on her nipple, the combination of sensations bringing her to the edge of ecstasy. Slowly he moved his mouth back up to her neck, kissing it once before moving to nibble once more on her ear, then whispering encouragements to let herself go, before nibbling on her ear a little more.

Suddenly he stopped, flipped her over onto her stomach, and slid himself deep inside her in one fluid motion, another scream of pleasure echoed throughout the room as he did. He pulled out slightly, only to slam deep within her again. With one hand he pressed down between her shoulders, forcing her upper body down onto the soft rug, while his other hand came around her hip, between her legs to massage her clit. A few moments later, he brought his hands to her hips, pulling her back against him as he pounded into her harder and harder. The room echoed with her begging him for more, her screams of ecstasy and the slapping of skin against skin as his hand came down hard against her bare ass every few thrusts.

Closing her eyes for a few moments, she concentrated on the vitae running through her veins, using the strength it gave her as she suddenly pushed back against him, pushing him off her. Grinning at his surprised look in his eyes, she turned on him, pushing him again, causing him to fall back on the blankets around them. The hunger in her eyes burned fiercely as she descended on him, straddling him. She reached down between them to grasp his throbbing hardness. He raised his hips as she brought it close to her, trying to get her to bury it deep within her once again. Instead of letting him, she raised up enough that he wouldn’t touch her sweetness, her grin spreading as she heard his tortured groan. “Not there,” she whispered to him, and the lust in his eyes burned brighter as he realized what she was up to.

Slowly she lowered herself down, guiding his hard cock as she let it slid in her ass. A low moan of pleasure escaped her throat as the head of his throbbing prick slid inside her. She slowly lowered herself further down on his prick until all of it was buried deep within her tight ass. He had been the only man she had ever given the pleasure of being there, and now that she was his completely, no one else would ever know the pleasure she was giving him at that moment. She stayed there for a few moments, letting her body get accustomed to the feel of his huge cock before she started to rock forward a little, letting him slide out until just the head was within her. The feel of him in her ass was exquisite, and almost made her cum. Not wanting to end the pleasure just yet, she moved back against him, burying him in her once again, and rested there. She lowered her upper body, wanting to feel his bare skin against her tits. He wrapped his arms around her and started slowly moving his hips under her. The feel of him moving deep within her brought her to the edge and she asked him to stop. “Not yet,” she breathed in his ear before kissing him. He ignored her pleas as he sat up, allowing him deeper access to her. It was enough to send her tumbling over the edge to a long, hard orgasm.

Her breathing quickened, coming in short gasps now, every muscle in her body tightening as the waves of orgasm began to hit her. She felt his teeth sink into the flesh of her breast, and a scream of pure ecstasy escaped her as she felt him drink her life’s blood until she was on the brink of death. Slowly he removed himself from between her legs and brought his hand up in front of her. Weakly she watched in rapt fascination as he used his fingernail to make a cut from his wrist up his arm about two inches, along the vain. He brought his cut wrist to her mouth, telling her to drink. She did, eagerly and without hesitation. The sweet taste fills her mouth as her body died and was reborn again, the pain of which causing her to release him. She screamed again, partly in ecstasy, mostly in pure pain. The feeling was exquisite as she lay there on the blankets writhing in pain and pleasure for several hours.

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