Red: A Reunion

They say that when your life is coming to an end, memories of days past easily come to mind, reminding you of things you will miss, times you screwed up, but also of times you did damned good. This night was no different for Red as she remembered many nights so long ago. She had been back in Magid for over a month and had yet to get a chance to spend any time with her Sire.

Through the earpiece Red heard Ty’s voice, “Red better show her Sire that ass soon!” Red turned to him with a knowing glance, silently promising him soon. As Erris got into the Escalade, Red told Jessica to go with her, that she needed to speak with Ty and would get a ride home with him. As she spoke to her sister, Ty looked to the four, nodding for them to take off, see the ladies home and he would follow soon enough. When the tail lights had faded into the distance, Red turned her back to Ty and wiggled her ass at him, smiling at him mischievously over her shoulder. In an instant he was against Red, roughly taking her by the arm and pushing her down the deserted alley in front of him. Red pulled away from him and turned, reaching up both gloved hands to push back the hood to rest her shoulders, letting him see the lust in her eyes. A moment later she turned her back to him, dropped her pants and pulled the tails of her duster aside. “You mean this ass, m’love?” Red asked him as she wiggled it in front of him.

“Exactly… It’s been a long time gorgeous.” His deep voice, though low, reverberated off the walls around them, making Red quiver as she became instantly wet in anticipation.

She looked over her shoulder at him and frowned. “And whose fault is that?” she asked him, raising an eyebrow.

“My own, I know.” Ty rubbed one smooth, nicely rounded cheek lovingly. “I have lost time to make up for.”

Red smiled over her shoulder at him, teasingly wiggling her bottom in front of him. “Yes, you do, love…”

Ty smacked one side, the sound echoing through the alley, exciting Red even more. “And you remember just how I like it…” He threw the duster over her back, leaning back a little to admire what she offered him. Red giggled – a rare sound from her that only Ty could coax from her – and wiggled a little more. “Miss me?” he asked as he stood behind her, bumping a bit, teasing her.

Red bit her bottom lip and nodded, “you know I did. No one else touches me the way you do.”

“I think I have someone who wants to say hello.”

Red gave him an innocent look. “Really? Who?”

Ty unzipped his pants as they spoke, pressed the badboy tip against her exposed folds, teased her. “Hmm… no, not there…” He slowly, teasingly moved the thick shaft up between her spread cheeks she offered him. “Maybe there… if you ask nicely.”

She moaned softly, shaking with anticipation, her knees weak with desire. “Pleeeeease,” she begged as she wiggled against him and bent over slightly to give him better access to wherever he wished.

“That’s my girl… always…” He took a slow pressing trip, teasing at first with the thick blunt tip against her buttocks, a teasing smack with his girth against her cheek before slowly working his way into her tight home.

Red relaxed completely as she pressed back against him, urging him deeper within her, moaning her pleasure. Her eyes closed lazily as her passion is expressed in her features, her pleasure clearly seen on her face, in the curve of her full luscious lips as they parted slightly and her tongue slowly moved across them, moistening them to match the wetness between her thighs.

“Who’s ass is this?” Ty smacked the right side, then braced her for the hardest slam of his cock he’d ever given her. Absence does make something grow fonder. He watched the pleasurable ride on her expression. Ty cared not who watched in this darkened alley, just the sounds of his flesh on hers, the groan of indulgence and the feeling of his weighty cock shod deep in her tight little ass.

Red reached back one hand to grip his wrist, trying to keep from becoming off balance as he slammed into her, shifting her weight slightly for a moment as she moved her legs further apart to keep balance. “Yours! This ass is all yours!” She moaned loudly, wiggled that ass of hers for him just as she knew he liked it… all just for him. No one had touched her since she had been with him last, over a year ago, and none ever would. No one could love her the way he did, and that thought heightened her pleasure even more. She curved her back and went up on her toes as she bent over further to place her hands on the ground in front of her… she loved how limber she stayed and knew that he did too. Yeah… he could get good and deep now, and slam all he wanted… and she would stay right there and take all he could give her.

It could have been frustration, or anger, or lust, or a combination of all three wrapped into one, but when she bent over completely it was like an open invitation, which he took, and wouldn’t stop as he took out all of his emotion on her ass. “Goddamned right it is… And I’m going to fill it with so much fucking cum!” He reached forward and held her hips like controls as he grudge fucked her hard with each unbalanced heavy thrust that sent him deepest into her each time. Her flesh rebounding with each drive only encouraged him more and the familiar red of her hair that caught his eye the first time only urged the groan and near growls of pleasure from him. It would take all of her resiliency to walk this off in the end, and the first wave of his heat came rushing out, trying its best to escape her bottom, his girth only made it slicker.

The knee length fiery braids that was her hair fell to the side when she bent over and swung side to side as he slammed into her again and again and she pushed back against him each time, her passion growing with every vengeful thrust as she bounced back against him, wiggling her ass just for him, begging him not to stop, begged him to give her every bit of him that she had so sorely missed. As her own orgasm slammed through her body her muscles convulsed in ripples, tightening and relaxing in rhythmic waves, her knees almost buckling beneath her and her love as she locked them to keep from falling, her voice filling the area around them as she screamed out her passion. She continued to push against him, continued to beg him to fill her with more, not wanting him to stop.

“Good… good… Welcome home. I never properly did that. I’m glad I waited.” The powerful strokes continued, didn’t slow down as he did this to her in the alley. Theirs would always be strange, but it was what it was. When he did finally withdraw from her, the excess dribbled down her thigh and he watched it with some sadistic fascination.

Red didn’t bother to clean up the excess that ran between her cheeks and down her slit, merely reached to pull up her pants, knowing she would do straight to the shower when she got home. Yes, their time together, the places they chose to express their passion for each other, had always been what most would consider to be strange, but it had become the norm for them. The rush of excitement that someone might walk by and see them was still there, but no longer did she worry about it as she once had. She had come to accept that her lover would take her where and when he chose, and she loved him all the more for his spontaneity. She turned and licked her lips, her lust and desire for him still shining in her eyes as she reached a hand up to push her braids back over her shoulder to fall down her back, wondering if he had gotten his fill for now or if he wanted more before she buttoned the fly of her hip-huggers.

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