Sav: A Savage Fuck…

Sav purred happily as his blood smeared her red leathers. “You really shouldn’t push me,” she said almost sweetly, her voice soft and low. Before her was tied a poor soul she had captured earlier in the morning, bleeding from the multitude of cuts she had carefully inflicted upon the man. To either side of him were others, a man and a woman, the three all in the scant remains of Enforcer uniforms which had been slowly ripped from them to be discarded in a pile to the side. Each had a plethora of cuts and gashes carved into their bodies, the woman’s breasts had been almost completely cut off, the men no longer had their privates between their legs. “I asked you a question, I expect to be answered.” The man in front of her whimpered as she sliced her blade slowly down his chest, leaving yet another trail of blood to slowly coat her hand. Off to the side stood Elyzabet and Eva, watching in silence as she worked, a plate with four small flesh covered ovals lay at their feet. By the look on Eva’s face, you could tell she was having a hard time keeping her lunch down as she watched. Yeah, Sav was in a mood today…..

Osiris returned, after a long day’s hunt. The fresh kill was deposited on the fire pit, its first layers long since removed, and the wool sac was used to carry it back. He listened to the night, removing his marauder’s helm, then began to remove the rest by campfire. He would watch the ladies toy with their victims, before finally approaching them both. “Watch closely young Eva, something special is about to happen here. Are these two the worse of the worse?” He paused behind Sav purposefully. He drew her back by capturing her hip with his hand. The other cupped her throat as he pinned her back to his chest, his groin to her behind. He looked over her shoulder, being much, much larger than she. “And what have you fools to say, that she seeks to hear it upon -your- spoken words, rather than your screams?”

Sav groaned quietly, he would feel it against his hand more than hear, it was so low as he held her. Elyza looked over to the pair of lovers then back to the three captives. “They are, my Lord, the rest are dead, as is evident on our Queen.” Sav’s groan turned into a low purr. “They refuse to answer how they found us. Only that they were sent after the Scarlet Queen of the CHOTA.” She arched her back to push her rear against him, not overly open with the display, but enough that he would feel the pressure. The captives barely moved as Elyza took over for Sav since O had her attentions for the moment. “I’ve had to remind our Queen several times that if she removed their tongues they wouldn’t be able to answer, so instead she removed… other body parts,” she continued, pointing to the plate on the ground. “The rest is in her mouth,” Elyza motioned with her knife point to the female tied to a post to the left. Sav allowed Elyza to continue as she laid her head back against Osiris’ shoulder, stretching her neck to allow him a better grip. Poor Eva looked even greener as she watched her mother’s motions, doing good not to lose her stomach when she looked down at the plate again. Sav, on the other hand, merely purred louder.

“I see. So. Our Queen needs be reminded of her delicate touch again.” Sav was bounced hard, once though. Enough for her to feel the edge of his aggression riding a restrained touch. “Yes, she should be reminded. Eva my child. Take the scrotums of these men, place them carefully into their mouths then tape them shut. I have some words for this trusty torturer here. And it involves every orifice on her body being filled with my cock, and then my seed. I will make a dripping mess of both her trim little pussy, and most surely her even tighter little ass. What’s left? She’ll gladly suck and swallow.” His grip tightened enough to suggestively suffocate her before he whispered to her, “the primal in my blood screams for your release. Will you withhold from me in favor of your tortures? Surely they can wait…” Without awaiting an answer he nodded to Eva, in effect for her to hurry to do as she was told. But Sav, was kept captive and walked, encouraged with a growing arousal resting against her bottom as Osiris guided her towards his massive tent.

Poor little Eva’s face went from green to sheet white at his blunt words of his intentions for her Queen, and she hurried to do as he bid, not wanting to anger either of them. Elyza merely chuckled. “Fuck her well, my Lord,” was whispered under her breath, barely loud enough for him to hear, and probably louder than she intended. Sav growled against his hand, believing it was none of their damned business what her Lord did to her in private, though everyone knew it already. Oh but the reaction her body had to those same words was another matter altogether. Her nipples hardened almost painfully, her pussy already getting wet at the thought of his hard cock pounding her hard.

“Good girl” He awarded Eva as he disappeared within his tent with Sav’vannis. The thick heavy flaps slipped closed behind them, and once again they were alone in the dim, heavy warmth of the Lord’s rest. She was walked towards the support beam in the center, where her hands were placed above her head. Osiris made silent work as he wound a thick leather strap about her wrists and the beam itself. He licked the skin of her neck, growling at times, where he exchanged bites, nips, suckling. Once her hands were securely in place he began to roughly massage those stiffened nipples beneath the cloth of her shirt. His bare hands slipped low to untuck the edges, then unlace the cords that secured the leather girdle as he began to remove the foundation of her armor and clothing.

She willingly held her hands still as he tied them, trusting him completely. A sigh of pleasure escaped her at the feel of his lips upon her flesh, the sigh turning to a soft moan at his touch. Her head tilted back to rest against the pole as she closed her eyes slowly, enjoying the feel of his lust. She silently wondered if she would ever stop craving him, knowing in her heart that she never would. She was his, completely, willingly. When his lips left her neck, she raised her head again, opened her eyes and watched him, her eyes full of the lust she would always feel for him.

And silently he continued to work until the layers were at least free. Letting them hang, yet not off, he stepped in against her as he began to loosen up the belt and fasteners of her pants. The seam was split and his hand, warm yet rough, dipped in. He nudged her legs apart so as to give himself ample room to roam between them, and massage what wetness began within her sex. His bites were deliberate against her neck, and as he watched her face, her expressions soften and shift, he pulled the shirt portion aside, and exposed her breasts, which he began to knead and massage. “It is only fitting that after so long serving at my side, that my Queen be brought to serve on her knees, do you agree?”

She willingly spread her legs for him when prompted, and moaned louder as his hands found her wet treasure. Her breathing quickened, heart racing with the pleasure his touch was giving her. “Whatever my Lord wishes of me, he has but to ask and it will be done.” Her voice was low, husky, and full of lust and desire. She tried to arch her back, to push her breasts harder against his hand. Her mind was trying to focus on the words, but it was difficult with the pleasure his hands were giving her.

His grin was evil and slow spread as he watched her. His fingers dipped into her wetness, teasing before sliding into a slow rhythm. Her pants were yanked, then pulled down to her ankles before he lifted one of her legs to draw off her boots, and pulled the pants free.

Struggling only slightly, she moved her hands as best she could in the restraining leather to grip the pole above her head and lift herself off the ground, her back full against the pole. Once her leg was freed, she smiled at him, a wicked little grin, as she raised her legs to wrap them around his waist. She knew she wasn’t strong enough to pull him against his will, but tried anyways, hoping he would be more than willing. She wanted him, she wanted a good hard pounding first, and then they could take their time for round two. All of her desire was written clearly on her face as she looked at him, watching his eyes closely.

He stepped in, simply from the motion of her pulling legs, he reached down between them, undoing the thick heavy belt of his own, then withdrawing his member, thick and ready in its length, and hungry. He ran it along the inside of her thighs, before he set the thick head against her folds, then plunged through. He lifted her legs from his waist, laying them over his shoulders as he scooted in, delving a deep thrust before several pounding thrusts followed behind. It was certainly in him, whatever it was, given he held back nothing as he continued.

Sav tightened the muscles of her legs slightly, pressing down against his shoulders to lift her ass to just the perfect position, allowing him to plunge in deeper, balls deep, with each stroke. She cried out with pleasure the first time he pounded deep within her, every muscle in her tightening each time he started to pull out, only to relax slightly as he plunged in again and again. Her hands tightened around the pole, knuckles turning white as she held on for what she felt was going to be the fuck of her life. Something deep inside of her began to awaken, something primal that she had never felt before, something very hungry for more of the attentions that he was giving her.

He was animalistic. Having no words for her, just a mindless, yet devoted grinding pound. He stepped in yet closer, deepening the angle in which they fucked. He grasped the pole beneath her up-stretched arms and behind her back. His breath against hers as he built up a devastating drive. He was pushing to his tipped toes which dug into the earthen floor as he thrust into her viciously.

“OH FUUUUUCK YEEAAAAAAHH” She screamed as he pounded into her again and again, that beast within coming fully awake as each driving pound brought her closer to climax. Everyone in camp could probably hear her, and at the moment she couldn’t care less. Let them hear, let them be jealous of just how good her man is. Her orgasm hit suddenly, every muscle tightening as she came hard on his pounding cock. She screamed again as it hit her hard, her legs pushed down hard on his shoulders as her toes curled in the most delicious climax she had ever had.

He held onto the pole as she came, writhing on his cock which still stood rod hard and thick inside of her. Until her pleasure ride began to diminish. He took a step back allowing himself to slide out just enough, then slowly let her down. He growled once her feet touched down, and he pressed her back to the pole and began to kiss her deeply. In the kiss, she was spun slowly to face the pole. Both of his hands slipped down to rest against her buttocks before spreading them, and allowing his thick tip to rest, still coated in her ecstasy, against her ass, here he would slowly inch in, breathing against her neck as he did so aggressively. The head dipped in, then slipped out of her tight spot, then back in, again pressing through the veil which tried to keep him out. Each time he sank deeper, until he was balls deep within. Here his hands raised to slip about her throat. What had been hard pounding fuck before, became a violent succession of hard rapid thrusts, beating her body into submission as he pounded her ass to own it.

She moaned softly as he kissed her, her tongue darting out to dance with his, stroke it, teasing him. Her screams of ecstasy echoed through the tent as he pounded her ass until her throat was almost raw. She’d arch her back as she lowered her upper body slightly, coming up on tip toes to bring her ass up as high as she could for him. After a few moments, keeping one hand on the pole for support, she moved her other hand to reach down between her legs. Slowly she brought her fingers to slip inside, stroking deep a few times before pulling them out to stroke two fingers on her clit in perfect rhythm with his pounding strokes deep in her ass. Oh yes, her body would definitely submit to his, not just now, but always.

He lowered his gaze to watch the violent impact of flesh, harsh against one another. His hands slipped to grasp her hips as she raised her ass for him, his heavy member disappearing between delicious mounds of flesh in eagerness. His growl emanated halfway through his building pace, as she felt him throb within. He spread her shirt up further along her back, exposing her shoulder blades and her lengthy spine as he breathed harder and harder as he neared his goal. Abruptly he withdrew, grasping her wrists by the leather straps, and with a severe pull, they popped under his strength. She was drawn to her knees here as he held himself, ready to stroke out the heat in which she caused him.

She moaned when he pulled out, not wanting him to stop. “Please, my Love, please don’t stop,” she’d beg him. With both hands now freed, she reached behind her, gripping her ass cheeks to pull them apart for him, her chest lowering to the ground as she did, leaving her ass high in the air, teasing him, ready for him. “Please!”

He was in rush to leave her, and as she settled into place properly, he mounted her again thrusting deep into her ass again to give her exactly what she needed.

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