Book Of Foundations

Just as you cannot build a lasting home without a strong foundation, you cannot excel at a subject without having the basic knowledge. Whether you are new to Paganism, are just investigating to find out what it’s about, or have been walking the path for a while and want to learn more, you need a solid foundation to build your knowledge upon. It is important to prepare your body and your mind, for they are irrevocably connected to your spirit, at least in this life.

The Sabbats are holidays on which Wiccans celebrate the male energy of the all, which is represented by the God and the Sun. These are days of celebration of the God just the way Esbats are celebrations of the Goddess. There are eight Sabbats. Unlike human made holidays, the Sabbats are naturally occurring events.

Esbats are the full moon celebrations Pagans celebrate every month.

    There are many tools used in Wiccan and Pagan rituals. Many of them are explained here.

    There are many terms and words that are specific to Wicca and Paganism, terms that are not used in everyday conversation for most people. Here is a glossary of many of those terms.