Spiritual Laws of Magick

1. Witches know that no truths are absolute. Indeed, the downfall of humanity relies on the belief that there is an absolute truth for everything. There is not one absolute way to interpret reality, to behave or to live. Therefore, there is no single correct way to practice magic, pray, celebrate the seasons, or reach our peak of spirituality. The idea that there is only one truth to any question leads to fanaticism, compulsion, and persecution.

2. Witches understand that the universe consist of perfect balance. Therefore, everything has an opposite, not necessarily equated to a negative. A perfect example to this is male and female — the two compliment each other in balance, yet one is not better than the other. Easy opposites that come to mind are light and dark, right and left, up and down, et cetera.

3. Witches realize that for every action there is a reaction. Most of us see this as the law of karma. Witches use the poem “Ever mind the rule of three, what you manifest comes back to thee.” Therefore, if you create evil, then you will receive evil back. If you create harmony, then you will experience harmony in kind.

4. Witches know that we are all one. We are all connected. Everything you do influences yourself as well as someone else. We are not as separate from humanity as we perceive ourselves to be; therefore, when we make decisions for one, we invariably make decisions about or for others.

5. The witch understands that the ultimate act of spirituality is the act of positive creation through love. Positive creations manifest harmony; negative formulations create chaos. As much as possible, we should attempt to concentrate our energies on positive creativity. In essence, all humans were born to create through love; this is our primary mission statement.

6. Witches realize that the energy created through worship and ritual manifests as a circular stream of positive energy. What we give to Spirit will return to us.

7. A witch should never close their mind to knowledge, because through the continuous process of learning that we raise our personal vibrations.

8. A witch uses the magical circle as a physical/non-physical representation of a church or temple on the earth plane. A witch needs to purify themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually before casting or entering a magic circle. There are no arguments, hatreds, or any sort of evil allowed inside the circle.

9. Witches use the energies of the elements around them along side their own energies to assist in raising power. Witches know that the greatest energy manifests as love.

10. Witches use common sense and do not share their mysteries with fools. Good energy was never meant to be wasted on idiocy.

11. Witches do not point out the identity of other Witches to the general public, as discrimination still haunts many of our brothers and sisters. If one Witch brings discrimination on the head of another Witch, then he or she is directly responsible for the harm and will reap the karmic consequences. It is also said that if a Witch knowingly breaks the Laws or Ordains, then he or she will not be permitted to incarnate on Earth again and will instead be delegated to the mythical hell that the standard religions have created. It is their thought form after all.

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