Summer Solstice (June 21)

Also known as Midsummers Night’s Celebration. This is the longest day of the year. This is the time of year when the days begin to shorten, and the pagan marks the passing of the Sun father. The Goddess and the God have joined and She is now heavy laden with child. Wiccans traditionally pay homage to loved ones, throw parties for children and bask in the power of the seasons coming. The myth surrounding this holiday is that the Oak king has finally defeated the Holly King (who reigns from Yule until now) and the earth begins to enter a period of gestation–just as the Goddess and God have joined and the Goddess is now ripe with the seed of the new God, the Earth begins to gestate, to mimic the condition of the God and Goddess. A celebration of passion, success and The Sun God. The season between the planting and the harvest, June is also the “traditional” month for handfastings and weddings. Midsummer’s Night Eve is a time to commune with the field and forest sprites and faeries. This is the time of year when the veil that separates humans from the Faery folk is said to be its thinnest: therefore, this is the best night of the year to attempt to see or talk with a faery. magic involving business needs are stronger during this time. Sunflowers, and red and gold flowers are a good alter decoration for this celebration. A wreath can be made with red feathers (for sexuality) and yellow feathers (for prosperity) braided with ivy, is a nice decoration for the front door. Altar candles should be red and gold.

I have spent over two decades researching Paganism, and more specifically Wicca, and have combined that information in my own personal Grimoire. Back then, I had never thought to share my knowledge with anyone other than my own children, so I never kept track of where my information came from specifically.  Now that I am sharing my knowledge with you, I want that known up front.  If I have included information that is yours, please contact me so we can work things out.  Again, no copyright infringement is intended on this site.

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