The Witches Pyramid

In some circles the Witch’s Pyramid is known as the Four Powers of the Magus or the Four Secrets of the Sphinx, whose energy is considered to be the foundation and four pillars of all practical and esoteric magick. Whether you are conjuring the weather for a great day at the beach or concentrating on empowering the Witch within, the basic building blocks are always the same: To Know, To Dare, To Will, and To Be Silent, known in some circles by their Latin names as Noscere (to know), representing the element of air; Audere (to dare), designating the element of water; Velle (to will), stands for the element of fire; and Tacere (to be silent) linked to the element of earth. Together they become voces mysticae. The most difficult lesson to learn of the four corners is the last, to be silent. When the four powers are gathered together, then the fifth sacred power occurs – that of quintessence, or Spirit, which represents the top of the pyramid, sometimes called ire, meaning “to go” – the movement of energy toward manifestation guided by the hand of the Witch. Without this solid foundation the cone of power will stutter and fall and the enchantment will break apart before it can reach your desire.

To Know means that you will strive to learn as much as you can in this lifetime and that you will apply this knowledge to your daily life. It also means that you will seek truth in all things and be willing to change your perceptions to meet your awakening spirituality.

To Dare says that you have pushed fear behind you and that you will be courageous and proactive in all that you do. You will believe in yourself and have faith in the universe and in your own abilities.

To Will means that you will learn to focus your thoughts and practice meditation and visualization in order to reach your goals. It means that you won’t sit back and let the world pass you by – you will work toward your dreams. You will meet obstacles and find positive solutions to overcome them.

To Be Silent is, perhaps, the most important. It means that you will keep your mouth shut about the magick that you do, lest your friends and others destroy the magick with their negativity before it ever manages to manifest. It also means that you will think before you speak, and you won’t give good advice to bad people. Finally, it means that you will follow the etiquette of Wicca and not blab about what happened in ritual (if you work with a group), carry gossip about the other members, nor harm others intentionally through your words. For adults and teens this is by far the most difficult promise to keep.

To Go means that you will master the four pillars (energies) of the base of the pyramid and use them in a positive way to help yourself as well as others. To Go is the ultimate meaning of the Witch’s Oath of Service.

If we trace the pentacle with our finger, starting at the bottom left point with To Know, up at To Dare, over at To Will, down at To Be Silent, up to Spirit, then finish by moving back down at To Know, not only have we made a pentacle, we have also worked through the four corners before moving to Spirit. Coming back down again at To Know, we have the occult maxim “As Above, So Below”. Not only must you begin by studying and believing you can do anything, you must end that way as well – faith followed by magick followed by faith.

Source: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch, by Silver RavenWolf

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