What Pagans Are NOT!

Okay, it’s time to banish a few common misunderstandings and misconceptions about the pagan path. Yeah, I’ve probably got this same information on other pages, but there are certain things I like to repeat to stress, to make sure that the message is clear.

What Devil?

First and foremost, pagans are not devil worshipers. They never were. They never will be. Why would members of one belief system worship the bad guy of another belief system? Anthropologists have seen how the Gods (and Goddesses) of the old religion comes to be regarded as the evil ones or devils in the new faith when a culture changes religions.

Modern pagans try to take on a balanced view of history. They reject the propaganda that seeks to link the old Gods with the Christian devil, and in doing so, pagans are free to accept, learn about, and revere the old Gods on their own terms.

No Blood Sacrifices, Please...

Modern pagans renounce the practice of human and animal sacrifices. They reject the notion that their Gods require blood sacrifices. That is not to say pagans do not make sacrifices.  There are appropriate ways, which are defined as “offerings to the Gods.” These are usually in the form of prayer, song, flowers, oil, a token of food, or even pouring wine on sacred ground or leaving a small meal for wild animals, instead of shedding blood. Even giving up a bad habit can be a sacrifice if done in a spiritually intentional manor.

Pagans and Sex

It is very commonly thought –wrongly I might add– that pagan worship always involves a hot, sweaty orgy. If all you are interested in is group sex, you would have better luck at a swingers club! While pagan beliefs about sex are a bit more liberal than most people’s, their sexual behavior is pretty much the same. Pagans are just like everyone else in their opposition to adultery, rape and child molestation.

When it comes to such things as homosexuality, bisexuality, and sex between unmarried couples, pagans are probably more liberal than most, but that is because for pagans sex is natural and therefore good.

Some pagans, especially those who practice Wicca, sometimes perform rituals in the nude, also known as “skyclad”. This is not true of all Wiccans, and certainly not all pagans, but it does seem to get a lot of press. But even those Wiccans who do practice skyclad rituals tend to be as middle-of-the-road in their sexuality as most pagans. In other words: They think sex is great, but an orgy?  No thanks!!

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