Tell me about your writing…

I started writing in high school. Most of my early writing was poetry or short stories for my English class, but I soon found that I had a passion for expressing myself through the written word. It wasn’t always great, but it is what I loved to do. I’m not the most eloquent writer, I just write what I think, what I feel, anything that comes to mind. It’s in the editing that the eloquence comes out. Unfortunately, back in 2001 all of my writing and most of my research was thrown away by an ex-roommate, but I did learn my lesson: always keep a digital copy!

In the writing section of this site you will find all of my writing that I have managed to put on the computer. Everything from the book I have been working on writing for the last 15 years or so, about my vampire, Red, to other character backgrounds. I might even have some of my poetry up there eventually, at least, what isn’t included in the book or in Valin’s story. There might even be some of my best friend’s writing excerpts up there, but I’d have to get his permission.

Where do your ideas come from?

Some of my writing comes from fantasies that I dream up (thus the name DreamWeaver) and some come from games that I play. One of the guys that I once dated was on what is known as a MUD (a Multi User Domain, if I remember correctly) which was a role-playing game site done purely in text. He got me into playing on it and within a few days I was hooked. I had found a place to use my imagination! I met another young man on one such site called Legends of Dracon. He played a character named Rikelus and we became good friends. A few years later he introduced me to a new passion: White Wolf’s World of Darkness (WW WoD), and more specifically, Vampire the Masquerade. Rike and I have played on several sites since then.

When we transferred our characters from the first site, a place called Obsidian County by PaperCut Dreams, to the second, Devil’s Macabre, the people in charge (Storytellers) wanted to know the character’s history and thus the story of Rowan Delaney was born. I have tried to keep up with her story – have hundreds of screen shots and word documents with pieces of her story – however there have been many times when I have been sadly lacking in my writing because of real life happenings, including being without a computer for many years and several hard drive crashes. I have since started trying to go back and fill in the blanks.

Most of my others stories are either characters I have played on White Wolf based chats or just things that I have made up.

My Short Stories...

I will try to add stories in order so they are listed in reading order if you start from the top and work your way down.

    **WARNING: Almost all of my writing is not intended for those faint of heart, under 18, or who get offended but reading about sex. I write mostly erotica fantasy, some of it can get very dark, and all of it is usually very graphic. If you don’t like reading very detailed, very juicy sex scenes, do not open any of the short stories.

    My Poetry...

    I haven’t written any new poems since shortly after high school, so keep that in mind as you read these. These come from the mind of an adolescent, a young woman hurt and lonely and growing into maturity. An ex-roommate of mine threw away most of my writing at one time and I haven’t had the desire or inspiration to write poetry since then. What I have managed to find or had saved someplace else (in a pack I once sent to my Grandfather which was returned to me when he died), I will slowly put up here.

      Visions and Nightmares...

      Once in a while I get off on these tangents, or rants… Everyone has them… things they want to get off their chest but just are not sure where to do it… It has become common practice for people to rant on Facebook and watch the fighting ensue. I’m trying to phase Facebook out of my life for anything other than the shop.  Here, if you don’t like my posts, my rants, then just as on Facebook, you can scroll right on by it.